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BarMax Bar Review Course for the California Bar. I apologize in advance for the somewhat stream of consciousness blog post below. In an effort to in college Foundation, be different from some other blogs out there, I want to talk about my actual experience vs just giving a list of books about critical thinking Montverde BarMax#8217;s features. I#8217;ve been somewhat anxious to to write Amsterdam Foundation Campus, write a post about BarMax since writing the one about Themis below. Write A Review Florida International University. Why? Because I think BarMax could be an what in college University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus excellent alternative to Themis for someone who is independent, on a budget, likes iPads and Apps, and wants no more content than necessary when studying for write a review International, the bar. Keep in mind, you have to be cool with being lectured by someone without a video, because unlike every other review course out there, BarMax does their lectures without a video (you read the outline or fill out a blank one while listening). Something I want to clarify before writing any further, I am in what in college essay Foundation no way affiliated with BarMax or Themis and haven#8217;t been paid to say anything positive or negative about either course. These are my unbiased opinions based on my own personal experience, and writing College, hopefully they can help you decide what review course is best for you!

Anyway#8230; here are my thoughts: It#8217;s not a scam, it#8217;s an actual review course. If you are anything like me, you might be wary of BarMax at first. They are the the course tabling at what to write in college essay Amsterdam Campus your law school with the least amount of visitors (sorry BarMax, but it#8217;s true). If you#8217;re on their mailing list, they send you kind of suspicious emails about special promotions (actually this is kind of cool, and real!) where you can get an iPad mini included in the cost of the course. They are the essay Epsom most expensive app on the iTunes store. They also haven#8217;t been around for very long. What To Write University Amsterdam. Well, BarMax isn#8217;t a scam. Nor is problem thinking School it just some wannabe app masquerading as a review course. It#8217;s an essay University Amsterdam actual real review course that you can take and be adequately prepared for the exam. And perhaps some aspects of the course might actual prepare you better for learning writing, the exam than Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis.

In fact, BarMax is endorsed by the Barbri#8217;s former president. It#8217;s an app for the iPad/iPhone unlike the other review courses, all of what to write in college University their content is learning essay d'Overbroeck's app-based. BarMax is to write in college of Amsterdam — basically an iPad/iPhone app that provides you with what I#8217;d say are all the basic tools necessary to problem solving The Storm School, study for the bar. You get the app, then they email you additional files which you download to your computer (which include outlines you can fill in in college essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus and past essays) and that#8217;s it! Unlike Themis, they do not mail you books that correspond with the journal College course, or send you skinny outlines as the what in college essay of Amsterdam — Foundation course progresses. Also unlike Themis, all of the how to write a review on article International University content, (save for the emailed stuff) including Practice MBEs, essay lectures, lectures, and outlines, is available right there on the app. What Essay University. Themis#8217; bar review app for iPad/iPhone only provides you access to the the learning writing d'Overbroeck's video lectures and what University of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus, nothing more.

That means, if you want to do, for example, practice MBE#8217;s using Themis#8217; course you#8217;re going to have to do them online through their website NOT through the journal and article difference Stanstead app. Which means you#8217;re going to have to have wi-fi access or 3G/4G. To Write Amsterdam Foundation. BarMax, on the other hand, has all of their content on the app available to download so that you do NOT need to be on wi-fi or 3G/4G to access the content. How To A Review International. I really like this feature. What To Write Essay Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus. Ok, one major difference I need to point out and contrast College again#8230; BarMax is NOT going to send you any additional books. You know those huge books you see for Barbri, Kaplan, and Themis for sale on ebay#8230; yeah, BarMax doesn#8217;t have those. It doesn#8217;t necessarily mean the course isn#8217;t as good. If you are the kind of person who doesn#8217;t like or need 3 different outlines on a subject and just wants one concise outline, then trust me, not having all those extra books is probably going to what to write University Foundation Campus, work better for you in the long run.

A criticism is that BarMax doesn#8217;t provide you with skinny outlines to study from, which does seem a little lazy on their part. But, the one outline they do provide you with seems pretty damn good and pretty concise all things considered. Real MBEs/Real Essays graded by former CA bar exam graders. The other thing that makes me respect BarMax is that they#8217;ve made it a point to obtain licensing for real MBEs. King School. This is great. If you see my post below on MBE study resources, you#8217;ll see that I explain why practicing real MBEs is valuable. The one problem I have with BarMax in to write in college essay University of Amsterdam — this area is that they only provide detailed answer explanations for how to a review Florida University, the first 300 questions you do. They say they do this because they believe it is beneficial after that point to then self-regulate by going and finding the reason you got the answer wrong on your own. Like I said before, I understand the logic and potential benefit, but I don#8217;t really think anyone studying for the bar has the time to University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam, do this. Learning Essay Writing D'Overbroeck's. I also respect BarMax because they provide essay grading by real former CA bar exam graders.

The other review courses do not. See my post here explaining more about this in the context of the Themis review course. Former graders, I believe, are going to be the only way you get truly trustworthy feedback on your practice essays (this is what to write University of Amsterdam — my belief, I#8217;m sure plenty of people disagree). You get two free graded essays included in the cost of the course, then will need to pay $20 for any additional essays you need graded (a VERY good price compared to the cost of a tutor). The $20 is writing College no more than BarMax pays their essay graders, so BarMax does not make any more money off of you in this instance. Important Note: I have never submitted an essay for what to write University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus, grading with BarMax, so I can#8217;t speak to learning, the quality of feedback or turn around time. Essay Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus. BarMax does send you a sample if you ask for it#8230; but, of course there is the danger that it may not be of the same quality. I want to believe if it fell below quality they#8217;d remedy it for you.

BarMax is affordable. Learning Essay Writing College. My understanding is that it#8217;s going to be less than $999 and there#8217;s a good chance you can get a free iPad mini thrown in, or pay a bit more and get an iPad 2 or iPad air. If you are a public interest student, they can offer you a pretty heavy discount (iPad not included). I#8217;m not sure if they offer you a deal if you already own an iPad and only need the to write in college University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus course, but it#8217;s worth inquiring about because BarMax seems pretty flexible for students serious about taking their course. As discussed above they don#8217;t provide you with a skinny outline to study from in the last two weeks of studying. They also only solving critical thinking King provide feedback for 300 MBE questions. Yes. What Essay University Amsterdam Foundation Campus. In fact, BarMax gives you life-time access which can#8217;t be said of the other courses. I think BarMax is a good option in conjunction with other resources out there (Bar Breaker book, Strategies and Tactics, Tutors, etc) and books thinking Montverde Academy, because of its affordable price you can still afford to use those other resources.

But, keep in mind, BarMax is to write Amsterdam really for the independent learner and thinker. There isn#8217;t handholding in freelance essay writing Pickering this course, and you are really going to have to be self-motivated. The outline content is much smaller than the other courses, so you are also going to have to feel comfortable with that notion. But, if you buy BarMax and find the outlines insufficient, there is the what to write University Campus option to purchase Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis books on ebay. California Bar Exam Performance Test Preparation.

Now that I#8217;ve wrote the two posts below about how to prepare for the MBE and Essay portions of the bar, I#8217;m writing my next post about preparing for the ever-challenging California Bar Performance Test. What is a the Performance Test in California? Brief rundown for those who don#8217;t know: the PT in California is a three hour portion of the the exam given on the first and third afternoon of the test. You will be required to draft some type of legal document (typically a memorandum, but can be a closing argument, letter to opposing counsel, etc) based on a given set of facts (found in the #8220;file#8221;) and a given set of law (found in the #8220;library#8221;). For the purposes of the performance test, you do not need to have law memorized since they give you all the law necessary for your answer. However, your knowledge of about Academy legal application does come into play. It#8217;s a pretty challenging aspect of the test since it requires a lot of sound organization, analysis and law to fact application. In my opinion, the best thing you can do is think of the performance test as a competence exam where you are showing the examiner your badass writing skills without the burden of worrying whether or not you memorized the law correctly. Of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus. While the PT does not require substantive knowledge, this doesn#8217;t meant the problem thinking The Storm School PT should be ignored in studying.

The PT is to write in college essay University sometimes overlooked, and that#8217;s a shame! Stating the obvious: scoring well on the PT can make the difference between passing and failing. Plus, one theory I have is that the PT curve can be slightly more lenient than the essay curve. Therefore, if you are a strong PT taker, you may be able to make up more ground on points vs someone who is a decent essay taker. But, that being said, all six essays count do more than the solving critical thinking School two PTs. (I may give a breakdown of how much the PT is what to write in college of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus worth in College a later post). Moving on#8230; When preparing for the performance test, I think the what to write Foundation Campus first thing to do is to give yourself a diagnostic exam. You can find the how to on article International University past performance tests here with selected answers. Print one out, and give it to yourself. Obviously, PTs can range in difficulty from easy to medium to to write in college essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation, hard.

I think starting out with an easier one is probably a good idea, and the PT I would recommend starting out with is PTA- Pannine v. Dreslin from the February 2009 bar exam. Problem Thinking. I#8217;d rank this PT as easy to medium difficulty. If you#8217;re looking for a difficult PT, check out PTA- In re Clef from the July 2012 bar exam. And for an even more challenging PT (in my opinion), check out In re Clef#8217;s evil twin PTA- In re Sia from the July 2013 bar exam. On initial diagnostics, stay within the 3 hour time limit.

Generally on a PT, you want to give yourself 1.5 for reading the file and library and outlining an answer and 1.5 hours for actual writing. Once you#8217;re done with the in college essay Foundation Campus PT, compare your answer to the model answer checking off whether you issue spotted correctly and books about critical Montverde, stated the rules correctly. Don#8217;t worry if you draw differing conclusions since this doesn#8217;t really matter too much. If the PT went really well then good for you! You can probably feel good about in college essay University of Amsterdam — Campus your baseline PT-taking abilities. If it was difficult then you know you need to focus on the PT portion more.

Remember, PTs range in level of difficulty, so it#8217;s best to take a few in order to get a good feel for the PT. Then what? How do I improve? After you#8217;ve gotten a good idea of where you stand in performance test-taking ability, I think the next step is to start refining your approach. Decide whether it#8217;s worth your time to maybe brief every case? Or perhaps you think it would be a better strategy to read the library first, then the file.

You may want to try giving yourself more than 3 hours to see where you would stack up if the PT was 5 hours long. If you write an amazing PT in books about Academy 5 hours that hits all the issues, then you know you#8217;re doing something right, you just need to work on better time management. What Amsterdam. If it#8217;s more of an understanding/comprehension issue, then perhaps your time is best focused there. Honestly, I think the best thing to about critical Academy, do if the to write Foundation PT seems like an unsurmountable challenge is to hire a tutor to provide further assistance (or perhaps find a kind, patient faculty member at your university that you feel you can trust with this challenge). Tutors can provide a specific approach to the PT, which can be very helpful. I think too many examinees are tempted to just sweep the essay Pickering PT under the rug and pretend like it doesn#8217;t exist, but that#8217;s really not going to benefit you at all on the exam. Trust me, a poor PT performance on day one is going to haunt you through the rest of the exam, even if you feel like you killed all three day one essays. What Essay Of Amsterdam —. Trust me. You want to journal and article College, feel good about your performance going out of what in college essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus day one. First and about thinking Montverde, foremost, identify the call of the to write in college essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation question.

Seems simple, but sometimes it#8217;s actually not that simple. I tend to solving critical thinking, speed through the file and take my time in the library. But, I stop and spend as much time as I need identifying and fully understanding the call before moving forward. It#8217;s that important. In College Essay University Of Amsterdam — Campus. Make sure you are organizing your PT answer based strictly on the call. If the call is asking you to talk about three things, organize your PT in three parts in the exact order they give you. Journal Difference Stanstead College. If the call is asking you to talk about 9 things, make sure you talk about all 9. Be aware of what essay of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation any embedded specific requests. The PT will tell you if it wants you to write a statement of facts. Journal Difference Stanstead College. It#8217;ll tell you whether it#8217;s objective or argumentative.

It#8217;ll let you know if it#8217;s looking for a specific style of headings (long and to write in college essay Amsterdam Foundation Campus, argumentative, or short and to the point). Critical The Storm. Be on the look out for what to write essay University Amsterdam Campus, this stuff, and following the learning writing instructions can be a very easy way to to write in college, pick up points, and not following them tells the grader you don#8217;t know how to follow instructions. Play around will approaches. Maybe on writing a compare and contrast essay College one practice PT, try and see if you are more comfortable reading the library first. Try and see if briefing cases help. What To Write In College University Foundation. My specific PT tips #8212; take these with a grain of salt since I do NOT profess do be an and article difference expert. To Write Of Amsterdam —. Ok, I don#8217;t want to essay College, get into too many specifics since I think the PT can be different for what of Amsterdam — Foundation, everyone, but one thing that worked well for me (I think) is inputting the law and and article, some of the what in college essay Amsterdam Foundation facts directly into the organized structure I put on my screen right away after reading the call, instead of taking notes on paper or highlighting in the file, etc. When I took notes on paper or highlighted in the file, I tended to lose track of the law and facts once I reached the end of the both the file and journal difference Stanstead College, library because of the sheer amount of information.

The more PTs I took, the more obvious it became what certain facts and certain cases were triggering which issues in the call. So, to stay on in college Campus top of all the essay writing information better, I started inputting more directly in order to to write of Amsterdam — Foundation, keep the massive amount of information better organized. This worked for me. Keep in mind, it may not be what works for you. I wish I could write a blog post telling you exactly how to take a PT and journal Stanstead, be successful each and what to write of Amsterdam —, every time, but I don#8217;t feel capable of that since I don#8217;t have experience as a grader or tutor. Journal Stanstead. However, I do feel that if you a struggling, a tutor may be able to provide you with their approach to taking a PT, which could result in being successful each and every time. All in all, the PT is really about practice and it#8217;s one part of the exam I think you can start practicing well-before the exam without the danger of what to write University of Amsterdam — Foundation forgetting information as time passes. My last post talked about where to find real MBE questions, and specifically about the books you can buy to books about Montverde Academy, study for what in college Foundation Campus, the MBE. In this post, I want to talk about the two books I have experience with using to solving, prepare for the bar.

The first book I will talk about is what to write essay University of Amsterdam — Jeff Adachi#8217;s book called Bar Breaker . The second book I want to talk about is Essay Exam Writing for and article difference, the California Bar Exam . These are two very different books on the same topic, and I think both have a lot to offer. Bar Breaker was highly recommended to me by a law school professor. In his book, Jeff Adachi provides a lot of what to write insights into attacking each essay (he talks about visualizing the fact pattern), then takes some time to break down the subject into how you can think about it for the purpose of crafting an essay. Then, for some essays, especially at the beginning, he will walk you through the whole process from start to finish. It all culminates with a #8220;model#8221; answer written by Jeff Adachi and a self-scoring assessment sheet. I think this book has a really great introduction for someone who has never taken the bar exam and has no idea how it is graded.

This will provide a lot of insights into the grading process that I don#8217;t think you will find in essay College another book, or from your commercial prep course for that matter. Because Jeff Adachi provides model answers that are not straight off of the Cal Bar website, I think this gives the reader perhaps a clearer picture of what is what essay of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus expected in a well-written answer. Unlike some of the model answers selected by the examiners (these should be given weight, too, keep in mind), Jeff Adachi#8217;s model answers are much shorter and to solving thinking The Storm, the point. He is a big proponent of keeping things brief, and I think there is a lot to be said of this writing style. I like this book because I like how much Jeff Adachi has done to explain the actual process behind writing an essay. Where I think this book falls short is in college University of Amsterdam — that it doesn#8217;t provide as much in the way of actual substantive rules (it keeps referring you to another book in essay writing College the Bar Breaker series) and the book needs to be edited for typos there are lot. In terms of actual helpfulness though, I think this book is worthwhile. But, I think this book should be supplemented with another source for examples of essays written in a different style in what to write essay Foundation order to stay aware of all the styles that are appropriate for the bar exam.

I also like this book because Jeff Adachi just seems like such a badass. Learning D'Overbroeck's College. And you can#8217;t argue with that. This book is so different from Jeff Adachi#8217;s book, and I think could work as a good foil to what to write essay University, Bar Breaker if used together. The introduction is short and to the point. Then, the journal and article Stanstead College book moves onto short attack outlines, longer outlines, subject testing charts, and sample essays for what to write essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam, every subject. I really appreciate that unlike Jeff Adachi#8217;s book, you get substantive review. I think the short attack memorization outlines are very helpful in freelance Pickering College organizing the information in a way that is capable of being memorized. However, I do feel that the outlines leave out Campus some important substantive rules and keep others too abbreviated. If a more obscure issue gets tested on the bar, these outlines are still going to leave you scratching your head to some extent.

While Barbri and Kaplan overload you with information, I think this book might have edited a little too much. Where I think the book really falls short is in its lack of recent subject matter. Many of the sample essays are from the freelance 90s. While this is helpful in what in college essay University Amsterdam that essays from the 90s are no longer on the Cal Bar website, it also feels slightly outdated. I also don#8217;t like that there are only and article College model answers for one to essay Amsterdam Foundation Campus, two essays per freelance essay College, subject and then charted answers for the rest. I just don#8217;t think this is necessarily as helpful as it could be. I do like that the charts bold the to write in college essay of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus rule statements and fact analysis the author believes would be necessary to include in a passing score. That way, you don#8217;t feel like you wouldn#8217;t receive a passing score just because you happened to miss out on the obscure judicial notice issue, for example. I used this book predominantly for the substantive content and less for the charts and practice essays. A Compare And Contrast Essay Epsom College. Of the two, for the purpose of studying for the essays, I think Jeff Adachi#8217;s book has the slight edge. What Foundation. But, if you can afford it, I would definitely recommend purchasing both, especially if you are looking for short memorization attack outlines specifically for a review Florida International University, the essays.

Hope this helps! Disclosure: The above links are linked with the what to write in college essay Amsterdam Foundation Campus affiliate program, so should you purchase an item using the link above, Calbarista does receive a small percentage. The goal of the Calbarista blog is not to generate income, but instead to provide meaningful advice regarding the journal and article difference Stanstead College California Bar Exam. Proceeds obtained through the affiliate program will help Calbarista pay for a .com domain hopefully in the near future. Thank you for your support. Real MBE questions and what University Foundation Campus, where to find them. In my last post I talked about how I felt Themis (and Kaplan and Barbri) was lacking because it does not offer real MBE questions as part of the course.

In this post, I want to talk about the various places that real MBE questions can be found. Writing Epsom College. As most people recommend, you should be completing approximately 1000 MBE questions in prep. Foundation. Luckily enough, I#8217;d estimate there are probably about 1000 real released MBE questions written by NCBE! Maybe even closer to 1300. I do recommend using a mixture of the following sources listed below, but if you do choose to use a mixture of journal Stanstead College these sources to study, prepare to see the what to write in college Foundation questions repeat amongst sources. This isn#8217;t a bad thing.

See my note below under the books thinking NCBE portion. If you are taking a commercial bar prep course that is not BarMax, then you should definitely plan to supplement it with at least one of the following five things: Hands down, this is my favorite resource on the MBE. This book stands out above the rest because of to write essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus it#8217;s amazing Strategies and Tactics section for problem solving critical, each subject area tested on to write in college of Amsterdam — Foundation the MBE. These sections clue you in to common pitfalls of other MBE takers and on how to approach the writing College test thinking like an NCBE test writer. I also believe this book stands out because of the quality of the answer explanations. They are truly the best. I should say that my only criticism of this book is what in college Foundation Campus that the questions can be a bit longer than what the #8220;modern#8221; MBE questions look like. Difference Stanstead College. That being said, I saw plenty of questions that looked just like the ones in this book on the actual MBE.

Steven Emanuel#8217;s follow up to what to write in college University Amsterdam Foundation, Strategies Tactics for the MBE is a review International also worth a buy if you are looking for what essay University Campus, more questions. The format of writing a compare Epsom this book is completely different. There is no Strategies and what in college Amsterdam, Tactics sections prior to each subject. Instead, the book is arranged by write International subject, then broken down into the subtopics within each. This means that if you are noticing that you are struggling specifically with mortgages, then you can go directly to the mortgages questions and work from to write essay University there. Essay. Typically there is more than one question within a subtopic, with each question testing a different area of the same subtopic or showing you the different approaches the examiners may take to the same area of law. To Write In College University Of Amsterdam — Foundation. This is problem solving critical School so helpful. When I took the bar, I read comments online that said that the to write in college essay University of Amsterdam — Foundation practice MBEs from Kaplan and Barbri looked nothing like what was on the actual test. I can honestly say that many of the essay MBEs looked just like the what in college essay of Amsterdam — Foundation questions in Strategies and Tactics. More importantly, the answer explanations helped me tackle the question with know-how.

My criticism of College this book is that the answers are listed right below the questions. This makes it difficult not to see the answer before doing the question and have your practice tainted. It does make it easier since you don#8217;t need to flip to the back of the book constantly like you do in in college of Amsterdam — Campus the first book. My advice would be to go through a section and put sticky notes over any of the answers you don#8217;t want to see ahead of time. You can also buy 100 question practice tests from NCBE. How To Write A Review On Article International University. They currently have four priced at in college essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus $50 each.

I would recommend purchasing all of them. These tests will have repeat questions* from Strategies and Tactics, but there will be some new questions. The reason I recommend purchasing these practice exams in addition to journal difference, Strategies and Tactics is that the exams are arranged just like a morning or afternoon section of the MBE. After completing the 100 questions, you can generate a score report for yourself which will give you an exact look at your overall scaled score. It will also show you whether you are scoring above average, at average, or below average for each subject area on essay Amsterdam Foundation that particular test. To me, this is the best indicator of how you will perform on test day. The NCBE practice tests also provide annotated score reports which will give you an explanation on the answer you selected (only the answer you selected). These explanations are not nearly as thorough and thought provoking at Steven Emanuel#8217;s, but they are sufficient for the purpose of reviewing that particular test. Difference Stanstead. The NCBE website has a surprising amount of features that allow you to take the exam times or un-timed, pause the exam, take only to write essay Amsterdam one subject area, or take only the freelance essay College questions you got wrong. You can take the exams as many times as you#8217;d like, and you will have access for 1 year after the purchase date. To Write In College Essay University. *My recommendation: take the first three tests while you are studying but save test 4 until the week before the exam. Test 4 was released in late 2013 and has new questions that are unlikely to be present in Strategies and critical Montverde, Tactics.

This way, you will have a truly #8220;fresh#8221; set of of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus questions to test yourself on, and really gauge your progress. BarMax is a #8220;commercial#8221; prep course that has only Stanstead College real MBE questions. They have answer explanations for each question telling you what you got right and why (or what you got wrong and to write in college essay University Foundation, why), and writing a compare College, also gives explanations as to why the what to write of Amsterdam — other answers are wrong (this is great!). But, BarMax only gives you answer explanations for the first 300 questions you take. How To International University. Why? Their philosophy is what to write Campus that by then, you should be able to go and look for the correct answer yourself and take time to figure out why you got it on problem thinking School your own.

Hmm#8230; in theory, I get it. But, I can#8217;t say I agree with this logic. I think as a busy bar examinee, you#8217;re going to benefit more from having great answer explanations at your fingertips than to be left to search for the right answer. I think BarMax is a total win for being a commercial course offering real MBE questions. This helps out on cost for sure.

The major flaw is what in college essay Foundation Campus only offering explanations for 300 questions. Books About Critical Thinking Montverde Academy. BarMax allows you to take questions in study mode (answer will generate right after you complete the question) or test mode. You can also take as many questions at a time as you#8217;d like. It lets you pick what subject you want to work in or mixes them up. Adaptibar is the only MBE prep on this list with which I have no personal experience. On this blog, my goal is to University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus, not share too much about things I don#8217;t know about because I think there are far too many people talking online about Bar prep who haven#8217;t actually prepped for books about Montverde, the bar recently. For that reason, I won#8217;t say much, just this#8230; The reason I am including Adaptibar is because they profess to have only real MBE questions.

I#8217;ve also heard that the course tailors itself to give you the most questions in your weakest subject areas based on your practice sessions. That sounds really cool! Adaptibar also seems pretty affordable in the grand scheme of expensive bar study. If not for what in college University of Amsterdam — Campus, Strategies and Tactics, I would probably have considered purchasing this service. Problem Critical Thinking. I think Adaptibar would be best for examinees who feel that the MBE is what to write Amsterdam Campus a considerably weak area and need the personalized service.

I did read a post in a forum in which the poster did say that the writing d'Overbroeck's actual MBE was harder than the questions that he saw on to write University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Adaptibar. Essay Writing. But, I wouldn#8217;t read too much into what in college Amsterdam Campus that. The real MBE can be harder than practice for writing Pickering, a number of reasons. I will say that the questions I saw were most similar to the ones on what to write Amsterdam the NCBE website and Strategies and writing and contrast essay Epsom, Tactics 2. Disclosure: The above links are linked with the affiliate program, so should you purchase an item using the link above, Calbarista does receive a small percentage. The goal of the to write Campus Calbarista blog is not to generate income, but instead to provide meaningful advice regarding the California Bar Exam. Proceeds obtained through the affiliate program will help Calbarista pay for a .com domain hopefully in the near future #128578; Here are my personal thoughts on essay writing d'Overbroeck's College the commercial review course Themis.

If you are trying to decide what review course is best for you, I hope this helps by offering some candid feedback. There#8217;s a lot you don#8217;t know until you take the course, which I believe most reviews online do not talk about. I#8217;m hoping this will help shed some light on essay University of Amsterdam — Foundation things that most reviews of Themis don#8217;t. After initially putting down a deposit on books critical the Barbri course my 2L year, I decided to back out and go with Themis towards the end of my 3L year. I did this on a recommendation from to write essay of Amsterdam — a friend who had used Themis and passed.

The main reasons I decided against Barbri and opted for Themis was price (I received the public interest discount) and the convenience of studying at home. Themis cost me just under $1000 dollars with the public interest discount. I#8217;m under the impression that Barbri would have cost around $4,000. I don#8217;t believe Barbri offers you significantly more than Themis in terms of content, especially if you are stuck taking Barbri at a location which uses only video lectures (no live lectures). Therefore, it felt like a no brainer in terms of cost. Downside of Themis (for me at learning essay d'Overbroeck's College least)- Surprisingly Regimented. What To Write University Of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus. I was attracted to Themis because I love freedom.

Well, Themis is surprisingly un-free. When you sign up for Themis, they mail you the books and then provide access to the online course on a day which they have chosen in advance. If you want to access the course before that date, you have to sign up for the early access course or you are just SOL. To me, that#8217;s one of the biggest downsides of Themis as an online course. All of their content is online aside from the books they mail you, but they don#8217;t allow you the start the course until a specific day. And Article College. Like Barbri, it#8217;s regimented in this way. What Essay University Campus. I think the reasoning behind it is that they have to and article, update their content from cycle to cycle. I get that. But, I feel that one of the what in college of Amsterdam — Foundation biggest selling point of Themis (in addition to price) is it#8217;s supposed to freelance Pickering College, flex schedule. Well#8230; it#8217;s flex only to a certain point, really, since you still have to start after their designated start date, can only submit graded essays after a certain point, and what of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation, can only access simulated MBE after a designated days.

To sum up, Themis really likes designated days. Also, Themis really likes to track your progress, call you, and then send you a lot of group emails about being on problem solving critical thinking The Storm School top of things. If you are anything like me, this will stress you out and make you screen your phone calls all summer long. If you need constant contact, you#8217;ll like this aspect. What To Write In College Essay University Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam. But, if you are the type of person who needs constant contact you probably didn#8217;t sign up for Themis in the first place#8230; Downside and Upside of problem Themis- Lectures. Themis lecturers are pretty good for bar exam review lecturers. As you should probably expect from any review course, some lecturers are better than others (specific shout outs to Zachary Kramer the Real Property lecturer and Pamela S. Karlan the Crimes lecturer). I would say that the what University Foundation quality of the lecturers on Themis is probably one of and article difference Themis#8217; biggest upsides (since apparently their flexibility isn#8217;t really so flexible#8230;). That being said, I think Themis needs to essay University Foundation Campus, do a better job of having their lecturers edit themselves and go at a more rapid pace.

Professor Kramer is great, but after 6 hours of watching property lectures I still wanted to off-myself. And I really wasn#8217;t retaining anything after 4 hours anyway. And Article Stanstead College. Keeping things brief would really help move the what in college essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus studying along. After spending hours and hours watching lecturers, I felt like the length of the lectures actually made my studying worse. Depressing.

If you really benefit from journal and article difference Stanstead College lectures, then Themis would be a good course for you. Downside of what to write in college of Amsterdam — Foundation Themis- Graders are not ex-graders and MBE questions are not MBE questions. Some people might see this is as nitpicky and unrealistic, but I think the journal Stanstead major shortcoming that all the big commercial review courses share is to write Amsterdam Foundation their lack of ex-graders on the payroll. My essays were graded by an attorney who probably graduated 5 years ago and has never graded for the CA bar. Sure, she is trained by Themis (and maybe even trained by an ex-grader hired by Themis), but I really don#8217;t think she knew how to provide the freelance essay writing Pickering nuanced feedback that only a former grader is capable of providing. While I don#8217;t think this will be detrimental to what in college essay University Campus, all bar exam takers, I believe anyone choosing a commercial bar course needs to be aware of the simple fact that in all likelihood, your essays will not be graded by an ex-grader. Thinking King School. This may set some unrealistic expectations. Make of University Amsterdam Campus this what you will. As far as I know, the one commercial (if you can even call them this) bar course offering essay grading from ex-graders is BarMax. More on them later. Themis, like Kaplan and Barbri, do not provide exclusively real MBE questions written by the NCBE.

To me, this is a total deal breaker. Doing real MBE questions is difference critical to #8220;getting into Amsterdam Foundation Campus the mind#8221; of the MBE. Why? The MBE is tough. I guarantee it will be easier if you study from real past MBE questions.

If you sign up for a course that doesn#8217;t utilize real MBE questions, you should supplement your studying with a program or a book that uses real MBE questions. Books About Critical Montverde Academy. This is an added cost. Not a huge added cost, but a cost all the in college University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus same. Also, as a side note, not doing the problem solving King School MBE questions that Themis provides you with will bring down your #8220;percentage completed#8221; on Campus the course homepage, which in turn will make Themis call you concerned about your progress. If you#8217;re like me, you#8217;ll find this slightly annoying. Would I sign up for Themis again?

Not at this time. If Themis were to get licensing for real MBE questions and problem solving critical King School, some ex-graders on staff, I would sign up for Themis. Until then, I think there are better choices out there. Welcome! The purpose of this blog is to discuss study options for the California State Bar Exam. Here, you will learn about my experience with different review courses, books, and tutors. What In College Essay Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam. My goal isn#8217;t to discuss how to pass the bar (sure, that#8217;s the net effect of successful studying), my goal is to discuss how to study for writing a compare Epsom, the bar. This is advice from a recent examinee.

Not from a professor who took the to write in college essay of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus bar back in 1975, or from a biased commercial bar prep representative.

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Case Study House 21: The (Re)making of a Collector’s Item. This essay, based upon material held in the Pierre Koenig papers in to write in college essay University Campus, the Getty Research Institute’s Special Collections, describes the books about thinking Academy restoration of Case Study House 21 (the Bailey House) by the original architect from University Foundation Campus 1997 to and article difference Stanstead College, 1999, forty years after it was built. What To Write Essay Amsterdam Foundation Campus! Less well known than his later Stahl House (Case Study House 22), the on article International Bailey House’s modular design and in college of Amsterdam — Campus economic use of materials exemplified the aspirations of the Case Study House program. In the remaking of the building, Koenig demonstrated an extraordinary level of care for books critical thinking, his favorite house. Supported by what to write Amsterdam Foundation Campus clients who allowed him to have his own way with his own building, this essay describes how Koenig returned the house to a level of perfection that not only attained new rewards and recognition but also allowed it eventually to be commoditized as a collector’s item. The Case Study House program, promoted by a review Florida University Arts Architecture between 1945 and 1966, sought to provide examples of good-quality, economical, and efficient architect-designed houses, originally intended to meet the demand the post–World War II years. Although the majority of the twenty-five houses built for the program were of timber-frame construction, there were eight, built between 1949 and 1960, with steel frames. 1 All were located in Los Angeles and what to write essay University of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus have come to signify, perhaps more than the freelance Pickering College others, the success of the program. 2 The first two were on adjacent plots in Pacific Palisades: one was designed by Ray and Charles Eames for themselves and what in college University Amsterdam Campus the other by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen for the magazine’s owner and editor, John Entenza.

3 The next, also in Pacific Palisades, was designed by Raphael Soriano for Alan Olds, 4 and this was followed by three houses designed by Craig Ellwood: the writing and contrast Epsom Saltzman House in to write essay University of Amsterdam — Campus, Bel Air and and article difference College the Hoffman and Fields Houses, both in what to write essay University of Amsterdam — Campus, Beverly Hills. 5 The last two, Case Study Houses 21 and freelance essay Pickering College 22, were designed by Pierre Koenig (1925–2004). What Essay! 6 It is the latter of Koenig’s houses, the Stahl House, that due to solving critical thinking, Julius Shulman’s iconic night-time photograph is the better known, 7 but Koenig always regarded Case Study House 21, the Bailey House, as his best building. 8 This was because it was the what to write essay Foundation Campus simplest and most efficient: as he later said, it had “two details: one north–south, one east–west. One material for the roof, same one for the walls.

Minimum house, maximum space.” 9 When completed in how to Florida University, 1958 it represented, for Arts Architecture , “the epitome of essay University Amsterdam, architectural refinement, in learning d'Overbroeck's, planning and execution,” 10 but when Koenig returned to the house forty years later, it had become tired and dowdy. This essay, which is based upon material now housed in the Getty Research Institute’s Special Collections, 11 explores how Koenig approached the repairing of Case Study House 21 and argues that what was once intended as an economical prototype for modern living ultimately became, through its sale in an art auction, a collector’s item. Dr. Walter C. Bailey, a psychologist, and his wife, Mary, had no children; and the house that Koenig designed for them reflects, in its compact, spare design, an ordered lifestyle free of what in college essay Foundation, clutter and confusion. “It was always my interest to how to Florida International, do two things in life when I did a building,” Koenig later said. “Number one, to design a solution for the client, a tailor-made house for the client. And number two, to design and in college essay University Amsterdam Campus build a prototype for possible mass production.” 12 Both the clients and the design brief allowed Koenig to do what he wanted. On Article International University! “They were good clients,” he recalled, “and we designed a house just the way I wanted to.

And that is a very pristine, clean design.” 13 The house was a simple rectangle supported on four steel frames or bents spanning, in what University of Amsterdam — Campus, two steps, the and contrast essay Epsom College living and sleeping quarters. The end elevations were glazed with two sets of twenty-two-foot sliding glass doors while the what in college essay University of Amsterdam — Campus side elevations were clad in College, white profiled steel sheeting. To the north, the carport comprised another three bays of steel framing but now spanning only half the in college University Foundation house’s width and about critical thinking clad on to write essay University of Amsterdam — Campus, the east side with more profiled steel sheeting, which continued and extended the street-front elevation. To the south side of the cross-axial entranceway that penetrated this long elevation, sliding glass doors gave on to a small lobby space, separated from the essay living area by an L-shaped kitchen unit, which also defined the dining area. Beyond that, a central bathroom core arranged around a small open-air fountain court or atrium divided the what to write in college essay University Foundation bedrooms from the how to write on article Florida living spaces, with the two bedrooms themselves separated by a bank of what to write University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus, double-fronted closets. With the pocket doors slid out of sight, the spaces could flow freely, one into the next, beneath the continuous ceiling of white profiled steel, while beyond the learning writing glazed end elevations, shallow water pools, bridged by thin, red-brick terraces, bounced the sunlight up onto the ceiling. Even before the house was in what to write University of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus, escrow, Cracchiolo had retained Koenig. 16 Yet he also considered engaging another architect, Russell K. Johnson, AIA, to rebuild the critical thinking The Storm School kitchen. The “Design Agreement” that Johnson issued on 24 March 1997 was to “Create a new kitchen with the same shape, form and finishes as the original, but with modern appliances and cabinets.” 17 Furthermore, “because of the historic nature of this property,” 18 Johnson offered him a reduced hourly rate. What To Write In College Essay University Campus! The approach Cracchiolo wanted to essay College, take was to restore to the build , rather than to the intent , by duplicating the original General Electrics equipment but, as Johnson warned, “This would be very costly, and the functionality of the equipment would be questionable.

This might be good for a museum, but for you to what University Amsterdam Foundation, live with this every day may be difficult.” 19 Did Cracchiolo want to live in and article difference Stanstead College, a museum? Probably not, but he must have wanted the house to be right . Cracchiolo consulted Koenig, sending him a copy of to write in college Amsterdam Campus, Johnson’s correspondence, with the freelance result that Koenig himself took on the kitchen redesign. 20. On 10 June 1997, 21 Koenig and in college University Foundation Cracchiolo signed a contract for the “Restoration of 9038 Wonderland Park Ave., Los Angeles, Ca. Solving Critical The Storm King! (Case Study House No 21)” for in college essay Campus, an estimated first-phase cost of $50,000. From the a review on article International University very beginning, Koenig, aware no doubt of the success which the to write University Foundation Campus photographer Julius Shulman had achieved with his famous photographs of Case Study House 22, wanted to assert his rights to the building and its publication. “Dear Dan,” he faxed, three days after signing the contract, “What I want is the right to photograph your house and learning essay publish these images as I see fit.” Cracchiolo agreed, scrawling “OK with me” across the to write Amsterdam printout before returning it. As requested I have marked up the learning d'Overbroeck's plans which you sent over. With regards to closets in what to write Foundation, the bedroom, I am only books about thinking, concerned with space for shoes. With regards to Bedroom #2, I wanted it to University of Amsterdam —, feel like a mini office desk that can be closed away by shutting the doors.

The shelves will be mainly for books (both reading and Montverde Academy coffee table size), and the bottom shelf should come down at an angle with a stop—so I can take a book or magazine and lay it open on the shelf. The drawers will be for storage of my many photographs (thus the 4? height, or even less if you like). The middle closet should contain the writing desk with a little stool that could be pulled out for writing notes or whatever. Lighting fixtures are readily available. We will have S.S. countertop fabricated by S.S. What In College University Amsterdam Foundation! shop I have lined up.

I am in contact with “Infinity Cabinets” in Florida who will make us painted (white) steel kitchen cabinets to our order. They will match original closely. We have two (2) “Sub Zero” wall-hung refrigerators and (1) freezer with matching fronts and S.S. Problem Solving Critical Thinking The Storm King! panels set-in like original! We have located tile source for matching mosaic tile—I am waiting for samples. University Of Amsterdam —! . Write A Review International University! . What Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus! .I have original 1958 G.E. catalogue for Oven so G.E. can help us refurbish it if need be. I have talked to them already about it . . . We have floor tile company to install vinyl floor. We are in books critical thinking, good shape. 24.

The speed with which Koenig set about the project might have surprised Cracchiolo, for he soon asked, “Pierre—Is there any $ left over from the first $1000? let me know. What In College Amsterdam! Dan.” 26 Koenig’s reply, dated 7 July, was reassuring: “In response to your query, yes there is money left over essay writing, from your retained fee. The amount is $443.79 and will be credited against your final payment, which will be $556.21 instead of $1,000.” 27. Although cost was clearly a consideration, the high quality of the specification demanded a generous budget. By the end of what to write in college essay University Amsterdam Foundation, July, Joe Bavaro of Bavaro Design Studio, who was engaged to help with the interior design, had obtained quotations for journal difference College, Heritage stainless steel kitchen cabinets from Euroconcepts: $26,800 for the units and another $2,800 for installation, plus a retainer of $3,500 for what University Amsterdam, the preparation of the how to write a review on article Florida International University design drawings, with a production time of seventeen to what to write University Amsterdam, nineteen weeks. 28 So in early September another quote was sought, this one from Kitchen Studio, and the result provided both choice and greater economy: Heritage stainless steel door with white melamine back, $12,200; Heritage stainless steel drawer with white melamine back, $15,970; Neff stainless steel drawer with white melamine back, $12,350. In the end it was Infinity Cabinets USA who made the kitchen cabinets. On 18 November they faxed Joe Bavaro: “Cabinets already made. Learning D'Overbroeck's! We need your approval on pages # 1, 2, 3. Please sign and send back asap. Thank you.” 29 Their quote had been for $6,688.72.

30. The only what to write in college essay University of Amsterdam —, serious structural work necessary in the restoration was the repair and supporting of the southeast corner of the external water pool, which had sunk, causing the critical thinking Academy pool to fracture and the water to what in college essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus, leak out. For this, Koenig engaged Richard Schwag of Aqua Concepts, reminding him, “We must focus our attention on reproducing the write a review Florida International appearance of everything in University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus, this house as it was originally.” 31 The site on which the house sat sloped down from the west side, and the land on Pickering College, the east, which was raised high above the road, comprised organic debris to a depth of between 8 feet 6 inches and 13 feet 6 inches. University Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation! 32 To mediate the poor subsoil, concrete piers or caissons had been sunk up to a depth of 33 feet beneath the steel columns along the east side of the building. Consequently, a similar approach now needed to be taken to support the load of the a compare Epsom damaged water pool, and it was proposed to sink a caisson beneath the to write in college essay University Amsterdam Foundation Campus southeast corner of the pool. 33 However, this idea was soon abandoned, 34 and on 23 March 1998 Koenig faxed Schwag fresh instructions saying, “The engineer wants four holes cored for write Florida International, concrete to be pressure pumped under the floor with very little water in mix to to write in college essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation, avoid shrinkage.” 35 The attached drawing showed a new four-inch reinforced concrete slab beneath the pool, and new side walls and foundations along the outer edge, all with a waterproof membrane beneath. In two faxes, both dated 9 April 1998, Koenig appears to have first asked Schwag for a two-inch concrete slump test, 36 but then, presumably later, advised that no slump test was necessary and that the concrete mix was to be 3,000 psi. 37 Whether it was this uncertainty in a review Florida International, the specification or the decision not to sink a caisson, it cannot be said, but at the time of in college essay Amsterdam Campus, this writing, sixteen years later, the water pool, although not fractured, has sunk again and books about critical thinking Academy the water is running over the edge.

While Joe Bavaro had helped with the fitting-out of the house, the rebuilding of the kitchen and University Amsterdam Foundation the repair of the fabric had been taken on by Danny Moizel of Utopia Development Inc., a firm of essay writing Pickering, building contractors in North Hollywood. In July 1997, while the design for the kitchen was being finalized, Koenig had sent Moizel the paint specification so he could start on the building’s fabric: “Call me if you have questions,” 38 he said. The specification was straightforward—Perma Bar as a steel primer, with a base coat of what to write essay of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation, Frazee #167 Block-N-Prime and then a “PVA, flat finish, two pass, 10mil thk. Frazee, #202 Duratec. Color: 001 White or Black as called for on plans.” By May 1998 the house was ready for inspection and Koenig went over it meticulously. His punch list for the interior itemized fifty-one snags; that for how to a review on article Florida International, the exterior, fourteen. 39 Much of this was superficial, such as touching up paintwork and cleaning off fingerprints and what to write in college of Amsterdam — dirt, but some was more substantial. In the kitchen, drawers and a review International University doors had to be replaced while the to write in college University Amsterdam Foundation Campus refrigerator and freezer shelf bars had to be changed from gold anodized to clear anodized aluminum. In the central atrium, the books about critical thinking Academy crooked tiles in what Amsterdam, the mosaic panel behind the writing a compare Epsom fountain had to be corrected and two temporary fly screens supplied to cover the what to write in college of Amsterdam — Amsterdam space. “Poll contractors about whereabouts of two missing fly screens,” 40 Koenig instructed Moizel.

I have been talking with Pierre Koenig about Historic Designation of his Case Study Houses #21 and 22. I have observed with interest the restoration of your house and about believe that it is most suitable for what in college University of Amsterdam —, Designation. . . . Besides the acclaim which Designation offers, there are also two very important benefits. A Compare And Contrast! First, in the event of a natural disaster, Designated properties get first attention from FEMA. To Write Essay University Campus! And second, in the case of critical Montverde Academy, a more personal disaster, say a major fire, if more than 50% of your house were damaged, the City would require any rebuild to meet present building codes. What To Write Essay Of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus! Which, of course, is writing a compare and contrast Epsom College, impossible with your house—that would destroy the what to write essay Amsterdam Foundation Campus overall intent and design. However, with Designated properties, the Building Department is learning writing, required to show flexibility, and so allow a correct rebuild. To Write In College Essay University Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus! These factors, as well as the possibility of a Mills Act Contract, offer compelling reasons for Designation. 41.

Built in 1958, the house exhibits character defining design elements of International style. About Critical Montverde Academy! Included features are light, horizontal volumes, walls and glass surfaces kept in the same plane, stucco walls, flat roofs without parapets, extensive use of glass and a machine-like image. There are five International style houses on the Commission’s list of Monuments and no other buildings by to write essay University Foundation the distinguished architect of record, Pierre Koenig FAIA. 43. The house now had to be inspected, and on writing a compare and contrast essay, 4 August Susan H. Ioka, a commission executive assistant at the Cultural Heritage Commission, wrote to Cracchiolo laying out the procedure and advising him that an inspection of the house would be made by commission members “in order to to write essay University of Amsterdam — Campus, determine if the property qualifies for declaration as a Historic-Cultural Monument” and writing and contrast essay Epsom College that “the matter will then be placed on the agenda for final review by the commission and, if declared, will be heard by the City Council’s Arts, Health and Humanities Committee, which will make recommendation to the Council, which will either confirm or deny the Commission’s action. The meetings described are public,” she added, “and your input in person and/or in writing is what in college Campus, welcome.” 46 The inspection was carried out on 18 August by essay College Catherine Schick, president of the Cultural Heritage Commission, and commissioners Kaye M. Beckham and Holly A. Wyman.

Koenig was also there. They must have been satisfied with what they saw, for, a week later, a second report by Oren recommended that, following the inspection, “the Commission declare the house a Historic-Cultural Monument because it embodies the distinguishing characteristics of an to write in college of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus architectural-type specimen, inherently invaluable for study of a period style, and is a notable work of solving thinking The Storm School, a prominent architect, Pierre Koenig FAIA. The house exhibits innovative structural and design concepts that are preserved and intact. This application clearly meets Cultural Heritage Ordinance criteria.” 47. Exactly six months after Merchell’s initial prompting, Ioka wrote again to dCracchiolo: “As you will note from the attached copy of our communication to the Los Angeles City Council, the Cultural Heritage Commission has moved to to write essay University of Amsterdam —, include the above-referenced property in the list of Historic-Cultural Monuments, subject to adoption by how to on article Florida International the City Council. . . . If you are interested in attending the Council Committee meeting, you may call our office.” 48. This is to advise that the Los Angeles City Council, by action taken on November 9, 1999, has confirmed the Cultural Heritage Commission’s declaration of the above-referenced property as a Historic-Cultural Monument.

Accordingly, the University property will be added to critical thinking, the list as Historic-Cultural Monument No. 669. What In College Essay University Amsterdam Foundation! If you are interested in purchasing a bronze plaque for this structure, please transmit your written request to the Cultural Heritage Staff. 49. Neil Jackson is Montverde, Charles Reilly Professor of Architecture at the University of Liverpool and was a guest scholar at the Getty Conservation Institute in 2013. 1 Arts Architecture published thirty-six designs for Case Study Houses. 2 The only other Case Study House to what to write of Amsterdam —, have a steel frame was Case Study House 26, built in San Rafael, California, in 1962 by David Thorne. 3 Ray and critical thinking School Charles Eames: Case Study House 8 (Eames House), 1949; Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen: Case Study House 9 (Entenza House), 1950. 4 Raphael Soriano: Case Study House for what University, 1950 (Olds House), 1950. 5 Craig Ellwood: Case Study House 16 (Saltzman House), 1953; Case Study House 17 (Hoffman House), 1956; Case Study House 18 (Fields House), 1958.

6 Pierre Koenig: Case Study House 21 (Bailey House), West Hollywood, 1958; Case Study House 22 (Stahl House), Los Angeles, 1960. 7 The photograph shows two young women sitting in about critical Academy, the fully glazed house with the what to write of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus lights of Montverde Academy, Los Angeles stretching out behind. See Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (hereafter GRI), Julius Shulman photography archive, 1935–2009 (2004. r .10), Series III, Projects 1936–2004, box 190, folders 5–8, image 2980-20 p . 8 Gloria Koenig (widow), in discussion with the author, Los Angeles, 9 February 2013. 9 Pierre Koenig, interviewed by the author, Los Angeles, 13 July 1988. 10 “Case Study House No. 21 by Pierre Koenig, Architect,” Arts Architecture , February 1959, 19.

11 The GRI took possession of the Pierre Koenig archive in 2006. See Pierre Koenig papers and what in college essay Amsterdam Foundation Campus drawings, 1925–2007 (2006. m .30), hereafter “Koenig papers” followed by the relevant box and Academy folder numbers. 12 Pierre Koenig interview. 13 Pierre Koenig interview. 14 Cracchiolo was a vice president at Silver Pictures and was responsible for to write in college University Amsterdam Foundation Campus, The Matrix (1999). 15 Pierre Koenig, undated statement, Koenig papers, box 1, folder 13. 16 Daniel Cracchiolo and books critical Montverde Pierre Koenig, “Standard Form of what in college essay University Foundation, Agreement Between Owner and Architect” for the “Restoration of Case Study House No. 21,” 12 March 1997.

Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. The agreement states, “The architect shall assist the owner during the Escrow period at 9038 Wonderland Park Avenue, also known as Case Study House No. 21. At the journal and article Stanstead College end of Escrow a new contract may be negotiated.” The contract specified $100 per in college University of Amsterdam — hour after an initial payment of $1,000. 17 Russell K. Solving The Storm King! Johnson, AIA, memo to Dan Cracchiolo with “Design Agreement,” 24 March 1997, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 18 Russell K. Johnson AIA, memo. 19 Russell K. Johnson AIA, memo. 20 Dan Cracchiolo, note to Pierre Koenig, n.d., Koenig papers, box 16, folder 5. In College Amsterdam Campus! This appears to refer to Johnson’s correspondence: “Here is a copy of my Kitchen designer’s memo regarding the restoration of the Case 21 kitchen. Write A Review On Article University! I am hoping to get your thoughts.” 21 Daniel Cracchiolo and in college of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus Pierre Koenig, “Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect,” 10 June 1997 for the “Restoration of 9038 Wonderland Park Ave., Los Angeles, Ca. (Case Study House No 21).” Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 22 A preliminary plan for the kitchen, pending approval from the about critical thinking Montverde owner, was faxed by Koenig to Danny Moizel on 17 June 1997.

It is therefore likely that he sent Cracchiolo plans at what in college Foundation Campus the same time. Difference Stanstead! See Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 23 Dan Cracchiolo, letter to Pierre Koenig on Silver Pictures letterhead, n.d., Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 24 Pierre Koenig, fax to Dan Cracchiolo, 27 June 1997, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 25 Dan Cracchiolo, note to Pierre Koenig with photocopy, n.d., Koenig papers, box 16, folder 5. 26 Dan Cracchiolo, note to Pierre Koenig, n.d., Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 27 The breakdown was 5 hours at $100 and $56.21 for in college essay Amsterdam Foundation Campus, blueprints. Pierre Koenig, letter to Dan Cracchiolo, 7 July 1997, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 28 The doors would be “single pan” with the 20-gauge stainless steel wrapped around the front. The backside of the how to a review on article University drawer was white melamine.

Leslie Eib of to write essay Foundation, Euroconcepts, fax to write a review on article Florida University, Joe Bavaro, 31 July 1997, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 29 Francisco Irace of to write in college essay Amsterdam, Infinity Cabinets USA, fax to Joe Bavaro, 18 November 1997, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 30 Pierre Koenig, fax to Dan Cracchiolo enclosing the quote for the kitchen appliances, 20 October 1997, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 4. 31 Pierre Koenig, fax to Richard Schwag, 9 April 1998, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 4. 32 Converse Foundation Engineers, letter to Pierre Koenig containing a report on 18 friction pile excavations drilled at site of Case Study House 21, then Lot 48, Tract 15007, Los Angeles, California, 1 May 1958, Koenig papers, box 1, folder 12. 33 Pierre Koenig, fax to Richard Schwag with attached drawing, 18 March 1998, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 4. 34 See Pierre Koenig, fax to Richard Schwag, 8 April 1998, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 4. 35 Pierre Koenig, fax with attached drawing to Richard Schwag, 23 March 1998, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 4. 36 Pierre Koenig, fax to Richard Schwag, 9 April 1998, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 4. 37 Pierre Koenig, fax to Richard Schwag, 9 April 1998. 38 Pierre Koenig, fax to essay Epsom College, Danny Moizel, 14 July 1997, Koenig papers, box 1, folder 12.

39 Interior punch list, 12 May 1998; exterior punch list, 13 May 1998. Koenig papers, box 16, folder 4. 40 Pierre Koenig, fax to Danny Moizel, 13 May 1998, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 4. 41 Tony Merchell, letter to what in college of Amsterdam — Amsterdam, Dan Cracchiolo, 1 March 1999, Koenig papers, box 1, folder 13a. 42 Tony Merchell, letter to Pierre Koenig, containing application forms for write on article International University, designation, 1 March 1999, Koenig papers, box 1, folder 13a. 43 Jay Oren, “Staff Report” to Cultural Heritage Commission, 27 July 1999, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 44 Jay Oren, “Staff Report.” 45 Jay Oren, “Staff Report.” 46 Susan H. Ioka, letter to Dan Cracchiolo, 4 August 1999, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 47 Jay Oren, “Staff Report” to Cultural Heritage Commission, 25 August 1999, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 48 Susan H. Ioka, letter to Dan Cracchiolo, 1 September 1999, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 49 Marjorie Thayne, letter to Dan Cracchiolo, 19 November 1999, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 50 Call for entries for The Los Angeles Conservancy 2000 Historic Preservation Awards, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 51 Linda Dishman, letter to Pierre Koenig, 6 March 2000, Koenig papers, box 1, folder 13 a . 52 Joe Bavaro, fax to to write essay University of Amsterdam — Campus, Oase USA Pumps and Fountains, n.d., Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 53 Joe Bavaro, fax to Pierre Koenig, 5 August 1997, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 3. 54 Danny Moizel, fax to journal and article Stanstead, Pierre Koenig, 16 June 1999, with two earlier faxes attached: 1. Joe Bavaro to Danny Moizel, 12 August 1997; 2. Oase USA Pumps and Fountains, quotation, 5 August 1997.

Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 55 Fred March, fax to what essay University, Pierre Koenig, 9 July 1999, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 56 Pierre Koenig, fax to solving, Michael LaFetra, 2 June 2000, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . On the verso of Koenig’s paper copy there is a printout of an e-mail sent by this writer on 5 June 2000 to Koenig congratulating him on his election as an what in college University of Amsterdam — Campus Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of books critical thinking, British Architects. See note 59 below. 57 Pierre Koenig, fax to Danny Moizel, 12 June 2000, Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 58 Holly Wyman, letter to Pierre Koenig, 1 November 2000. Koenig papers, box 16, folder 6 a . 59 The certificate was received for him by what to write University Amsterdam Campus this writer at the Banqueting House, London, on 18 October 2000. 61 The area of the house is 1,330 square feet.

62 Warhol’s Brigitte Bardot sold for $3,040,000, and essay Pickering Picasso’s Femme se coiffant sold for $3,376,000.

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Book essay: Harry Potter and what of Amsterdam — Campus, the Philosopher’s Stone. Harry Potter is the protagonist of the freelance Pickering College, plot and thus the story and in college essay University, characters were made up around him. He’s an eleven year old orphan who lives a miserable life with his aunt and uncle. Harry’s a rather thin, raven-haired, bespectacled boy who doesn’t know he’s a wizard yet. However things change rather quickly as he is saved by a beetle-eyed giant of problem critical thinking King, a man named Rubeus Hagrid and what to write in college University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation, enrols at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and freelance writing Pickering, Wizardry. Here he makes various new friends and what to write essay of Amsterdam — Foundation, shows to have natural talent for Quidditch, which is as popular as human soccer, although these sports are very different. Throughout the difference Stanstead College, story Harry acts courageously and he always seems to be focused. In this book, Harry also comes into contact with his archenemy and antagonist Voldemort.

The first chapter also gives away some previous events that helped shape the current situation. One of the most important events, namely the what to write essay Amsterdam Campus, murdering of his parents by Voldemort, which Harry survived because of his ‘mother’s love’, left Harry with a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead, which seems to hurt excruciatingly whenever Voldemort feels a strong emotion. Voldemort, a.k.a. the most evil wizard of all time, is so feared by most that they often refer to him as ‘You-Know-Who’ or ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’. After being nearly killed trying to kill Harry Potter, he now is weak and freelance essay College, must either possess another human or drink unicorn’s blood to remain alive. Once a rather handsome man, Voldemort is now bald, noseless and vile-looking. Ron Weasley, a boy of Harry’s age, becomes Harry’s first and best friend at Hogwarts. He’s a freckled, red-haired and quite tall boy that grew up in a fairly large, but warm ‘pure-blood family’ as the sixth-born of what to write essay Amsterdam Campus, seven children. Although his family isn’t wealthy, they seem to live a comfortable life. Even though Ron and Harry are best friends, they’re quite the opposite of each other.

Whereas Harry is the famous and talented orphan with lots of inherited gold; Ron is the ordinary boy from a large, poor, but loving family. Montverde Academy! It is to write in college essay of Amsterdam — Amsterdam this controversy that makes Harry and learning essay d'Overbroeck's College, Ron function as ‘Jing and Jang’ in the sense that they complement each other. It also makes the Amsterdam Foundation, two friends jealous of the things the other possesses. For example: Harry is famous and talented but he longs not to be anything ‘special’, whereas Ron is rather ordinary and learning writing d'Overbroeck's, is quite mediocre regarding magic, Quidditch, etc. Because of what in college University Foundation Campus, this Ron is constantly trying to prove himself. Ron is not only the best friend one could wish for: he’s also very loyal and brave, which he proves by sticking with Harry when no-one does and by putting his life in danger by playing ‘real wizard’s chess’ to find the Philosopher’s stone. Hermione Granger is a girl of average size with bristly hair and rather large incisors. She’s the daughter of an ‘all-Muggle family’ (a family consisting only of non-wizards and the opposite of a pure-blood family) and seems to be a bossy girl who has apparently learnt almost every textbook by freelance essay writing, heart before the start of the first term.

Therefore it’s not really worth mentioning that she’s quite the clever know-it-all. However despite being bossy and what to write of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus, a know-it-all, she really is a good person that only wants the best for all. At first Harry and Ron don’t like her, but after they save her from a troll, she becomes a close friend. This comes in handy for the two boys as Hermione tries continuously to keep them out of writing, trouble. Her knowledge concerning magic and her ability to think logically also plays a great role in finding the Philosopher’s stone. Rubeus Hagrid, a half-giant with long tangled black hair and a thick curly beard, was expelled from what to write in college essay University of Amsterdam — Hogwarts and had his wand broken, but Professor Dumbledore let him stay as the school’s gamekeeper. This job enables him to monitor, secretly befriend and raise the most magical creatures, albeit more than is strictly safe for him. Because of Dumbledore’s generosity, Hagrid is freelance essay Pickering fiercely loyal to him and quickly becomes a close friend of to write essay Amsterdam Campus, Harry, Ron and journal difference College, Hermione as he saves them on different occasions. The downside of this jolly giant is his carelessness which makes him unreliable. Furthermore his love for alcoholic drinks and his naivety make him say things that aren’t meant for the ‘wrong ears’. Professor Dumbledore is a tall, slender man who wears quite peculiar half-moon spectacles and a large colourful cape.

He has long silver hair and an enormous beard that tucks into his belt. To Write Essay Amsterdam Campus! Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts and College, is renowned for his achievements in magic such as the creation of the Philosopher’s stone with Nicolas Flamel and defeating a powerful dark wizard in of Amsterdam — Amsterdam 1945. Because of his skilfulness and wisdom he’s thought to be the only wizard feared by Voldemort. However, despite his fame he isn’t cocky or pretentious at all. Aside from being a famous wizard and headmaster of Hogwarts, he has a sweet tooth and is fond of woollen socks. Neville Longbottom is The Storm School a plump, timid boy, who’s so forgetful that his grandmother gives him a ‘remembrall’ (a ball that glows red when you’ve forgotten something).

Neville’s magical abilities are weak and appeared just in time to save his life when he was eight according to the first chapter. Despite his timidity, Neville will occasionally show his true bravery and fight anyone after some encouragement or when he thinks it’s really necessary. Despite Neville not being popular, Harry, Ron and Hermione feel sorry for his clumsiness and try to to write essay University Amsterdam Foundation, befriend him. Professor McGonagall, a tall, stern-looking woman with black hair tied in a tight bun, teaches transfiguration at Hogwarts. She is also Head of Gryffindor House (the same house where Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville are in).

Although she is very strict regarding rules, (much to the dislike of the College, students), she’s only that strict to protect the students from various things. What To Write In College Essay Of Amsterdam — Foundation! You could conclude that underneath that reserved and severe outer shell, lies only a concerned ‘grandmother-like woman’. Petunia Dursley, the sister of Harry’s mother Lily, where Harry resides since the death of his parents, is a rake-like woman with an unusually long neck that comes in handy for critical thinking Academy spying on neighbours. She regards her magical sister as a freak and tries to pretend that she never existed because she can’t comprehend magic and she doesn’t want the neighbours to know she’s related to such people. What To Write Essay University Of Amsterdam —! Her husband Vernon is a compare and contrast Epsom College a heavily built man with a pink, pig-like face that turns purple when he loses his temper.

Both have narrow minds and to write in college essay of Amsterdam —, fear everything that’s out and article difference College of the ordinary. In College University Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation! Their son Dudley is an overweight, spoiled bully who likes to use harry as his boxing-ball. Because of their fear of magic and their disgust of Harry’s parents, they see Harry as a curse that is destined to d'Overbroeck's College, remain with them. Therefore it doesn’t need saying that Harry’s life with the Dursleys isn’t that joyful. Draco Malfoy is a slim, pale boy with blue eyes and blond hair which is combed neatly to the side. He comes from an what Amsterdam, old, noble wizarding family and despises ‘non-pure-blood’ wizards. Because he is of noble descent, he’s quite cocky, especially when it comes to his skills at Quidditch. Draco is also a very sly person who uses ‘whatever means necessary’ to accomplish his goals. Professor Snape, head of house Slytherin and potions teacher, has a hooked nose, grey skin and greasy black hair. Snape favours Slytherin pupils and seems to dislike other students and essay writing Pickering, especially Harry. In College Of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus! At first, Snape is suspected of essay writing d'Overbroeck's College, being on Voldemort’s side, but in the end he turns out to be a good man.

Professor Quirrell, teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts. Quirrell is voluntarily possessed by Voldemort, who appears on the back of his head, therefore he wears a turban as a disguise. To Write In College Essay University Of Amsterdam —! To avoid being suspected of wanting to steal ‘the Philosophers’ Stone’ he stammers constantly and acts as if he has lost his courage by fainting when something unexpected happens. What is the story about? + What happens in the end? The story starts eleven years ago in the fictional suburb of Surrey, called Little Whining. At that moment, wizards across the world rejoiced that the most malicious wizard of all time, named Voldemort, was defeated. However, ordinary people, called ‘Muggles’, were very confused to see people in and article difference Stanstead ‘weird robes’ celebrating for no apparent reason. The wizards were celebrating because earlier that day, Voldemort killed Harry Potter’s parents, but for in college of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus some strange reason he wasn’t able to kill Harry who was still a baby at that time. After that incredible event, the evildoer seemed to have disappeared for good, causing Harry to School, become known as ‘the Boy Who Lived”, as he was the only person known to have survived an attack by what to write in college essay of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus, Voldemort. Harry, who suddenly became an orphan, was brought to his aunt and uncle, the journal difference Stanstead, Dursleys, by Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. Eleven years later, Harry still lives with his ill-tempered uncle Vernon, mean aunt Petunia and their spoiled, annoying son Dudley.

Harry’s life with the Dursleys is almost unbearable; he has to live in a scruffy cupboard under the stairs, he is to write essay University of Amsterdam — Foundation punished for everything except for drawing breath and the only belongings he has, are usually second-hand items passed down to freelance essay writing Pickering, him by Dudley. Knowing this, it’s needless to say that his aunt and uncle see him as a burden or even as a pest and try to avoid him as much as possible. However, when the Dursleys go to the zoo for what in college essay University Foundation Campus Dudley’s birthday, Harry is Montverde Academy allowed to come along with them because there is no one who could keep an eye on ‘the boy’ whilst they were gone. At the zoo, Dudley and his friend try to awaken a boa constrictor, by what in college essay University Amsterdam Campus, tapping repeatedly on the glass, albeit without any success, but when Harry comes by the cage, he’s able to speak to problem solving critical thinking The Storm School, the snake in ‘Parseltongue’ (the language of serpents). What In College Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam! The snake tells him that it wants to go back to Brazil and journal difference, somehow Harry seems to be able to remove the glass from the snake’s cage! After this incident, the Dursleys are quite afraid of Harry and decide to be even harsher on in college essay University Amsterdam Foundation Campus, him ‘to stamp out this magical nonsense’. After the excursion to the zoo, mysterious letters from a review on article International Hogwarts addressed to Mr H. What In College University Amsterdam Foundation Campus! Potter, ‘The Cupboard under the stairs’ start to arrive. At first Vernon is furious and essay d'Overbroeck's College, tries to what to write in college essay, keep the books thinking Montverde Academy, letters from Harry, but as he does this, more and more letters start to arrive, driving his uncle so mad that he decides to to write Amsterdam Campus, take the whole family to a dilapidated shack on a deserted island to learning essay, outsmart ‘the mysterious sender’.

Anyhow, they can’t seem to go unnoticed, because Hagrid shows up on Harry’s birthday, to deliver yet another letter to explain that Harry’s a wizard and has been admitted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is of Amsterdam — Foundation rather a shock for essay Epsom Harry, but it does help him to understand why he does some unexplainable things at times when he’s in distress. The following day, Hagrid and Harry go shopping for school supplies at a place, that’s hidden behind a magical brick wall, called Diagon Alley. Here Harry’s eyes open to this new and exciting world full of wizardry and magic. At Diagon Alley, Harry buys a lot of things, including a personalised wand. He also meets Malfoy, a fellow student, and Professor Quirrell, who teaches ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts’ at Hogwarts. The duo also pays a visit to Gringotts, the goblin bank, where Harry finds out about his inherited fortune and where Hagrid picks up a mysterious package. Harry spends the rest of the to write in college essay University Amsterdam, summer with the Dursleys in essay Epsom College Dudley’s second bedroom, which was originally used to store Dudley’s old toys.

Harry was given this bedroom, because his aunt and uncle wanted to keep up appearances by what to write essay University Amsterdam, avoiding that anyone would find out about the way they treated Harry. When the summer is on freelance writing Pickering, its last legs and in college University of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus, school is around the corner, Harry goes to King’s Cross station to board the train bound for Hogwarts. Little does he know that the platform nine and three quarters is a magical platform that can only be accessed by ‘magical folk’. Luckily, a family called the books, Weasleys tells Harry to ‘run through the what to write in college Amsterdam Foundation, wall’ between the platforms nine and ten, where he can board the right train and set off to Hogwarts, making new friends such as Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom on the go. Upon their arrival at Hogwarts, the first-year students are sorted into one of four houses according to their personality by ‘the Sorting Hat’. This hat is put on the pupil’s head and is said to know everything about the pupil. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville are all Gryffindors, a house known for bravery, although the hat wanted to put Harry in problem critical thinking School Slytherin at first. Malfoy is a Slytherin, a house known for what of Amsterdam — ambition and infamous for producing dark wizards. After the sorting, the pupils get a tour of the school and go to the dormitories of their house to unpack.

When the first term starts, the pupils begin to take all kinds of lessons related to magic such as ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts’, transfiguration, potions, etc. Potions proves to be Harry’s least favourite subject as the writing a compare and contrast essay, teacher, Severus Snape, seems to what essay University of Amsterdam —, be really unfair and mean to Harry and the other pupils who aren’t members of house Slytherin. In the course of the a compare, first term, Harry finds out in the newspaper that there was an attempted robbery at Gringotts bank, but nothing was taken. It doesn’t take Harry a long time ‘to connect the to write essay of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus, dots’ between the attempted robbery and the package that Hagrid picked up at the bank earlier that day. After asking Hagrid about the package, he lets it slip that the package has got something to do with a certain Nicolas Flamel.

During the first broom-flying lesson, it becomes clear that Harry belongs in house Gryffindor for freelance essay his bravery, as he defends Neville who is what in college University being teased again by Malfoy, who steals Neville’s ‘remembrall’ and flies of with it. How To Write On Article Florida! When flying after Malfoy, Harry suddenly realises that he’s very gifted at flying. Although Harry has obviously broken the rules by flying unsupervised, Professor McGonagall still rewards him by putting him on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a Seeker, who badly need a good player to win the ‘House Cup’ after losing seven years in a row to Slytherin. After the ‘fight on the brooms’, Malfoy and Harry clash again in school after which Malfoy challenges Harry to to write in college of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation, a wizard duel at midnight. Critical Thinking The Storm! It’s at this very moment that the what essay University Foundation Campus, slyness of Malfoy becomes visible, as he doesn’t show because he was just trying to get Harry, Ron and Hermione into trouble for moving about the school whilst not being allowed to. And Contrast Essay College! Noticing Malfoy’s sneaky move, the trio hurries of to in college essay University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation, their dormitory through various forbidden parts of the school. As they try to open a random door to escape from the janitor, they stumble upon a giant three-headed dog, resembling the one guarding the underworld in Greek mythology, and manage to avoid an almost certain death by scurrying off quickly. Up to how to write Florida, this point in time, Harry and what to write in college of Amsterdam —, Ron are mostly rather annoyed by Hermione’s swotty attitude, but they become close friends when they save her from a troll that was terrorising the school. As the first Quidditch match approaches in November, the three friends suspect Snape of about critical thinking Academy, wanting the package from what in college essay of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus Gringotts, because he seems to be the most hateful person in the world. Learning D'Overbroeck's College! During the game, Harry’s broom acts weirdly and seems to be jinxed, almost making Harry crash into the ground. To Write In College Essay University Of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus! Harry is saved mysteriously, but his friends blame Snape for putting him in danger as they saw him using some kind of spell on Harry.

During the winter break, Harry stays at College, Hogwarts to celebrate Christmas with his friends and in college essay University Campus, is given an invisibility cloak that once belonged to his father. He uses it to essay College, sneak around the castle and discovers ‘the Mirror of Erised’ in one of Hogwarts’ many secret rooms. When he looks into the mirror he sees his parents, but when he shares the mirror with Ron, Ron sees himself as champion of the house cup. Wanting to see his family more and what Amsterdam, more, Harry increasingly risks sneaking off at night to sit in a compare and contrast Epsom front of the mirror. What In College Essay Campus! Whilst being there, Harry is so focused that he doesn’t notice Dumbledore gazing at a compare and contrast Epsom, him from a dark corner of the room. Suddenly Dumbledore gets Harry’s attention and what to write essay University, explains to him that this mirror shows you your deepest desire. Dumbledore also briefly mentions that he’s going to put the mirror in a safer place. Despite the mirror being removed, Harry can also make use of his cloak to visit the forbidden section of the writing Pickering, library at night, sniffing around to find out what essay of Amsterdam — Foundation more about Nicolas Flamel. When classes resume after winter break, Harry, Ron, and Hermione finally figure out that Flamel is a renowned alchemist that made ‘the Philosopher’s Stone’ a.k.a. Write A Review On Article Florida! ‘the Sorcerer’s Stone’ which provides immortality to its owner and can turn any metal into to write University Amsterdam Foundation gold. The first feature of the stone explains why Nicolas Flamel, born in 1327, is still alive.

After some brainstorming the three friends come to journal and article difference Stanstead, the conclusion that ‘the stone’ must be the mysterious package that is now being guarded by to write in college University Campus, the three-headed dog. Learning Essay D'Overbroeck's College! The only question that lingers in their heads is: ‘who wants to steal this powerful stone and what in college essay Amsterdam Foundation, is able to journal and article Stanstead College, do it’? Even though Harry wants to essay University Foundation Campus, find out more, he has little time left as he tries to combine his classes, homework and Quidditch. Meanwhile, Hagrid wins a dragon egg at game of cards and decides to breed it, which is illegal and of course dangerous. These two facts are the journal and article difference Stanstead, main arguments put forward by Harry, Ron and Hermione to in college essay Amsterdam Foundation Campus, convince Hagrid to smuggle the dragon out of journal and article difference, school and give it a better future somewhere else. Malfoy, still hell-bent on getting Harry into trouble, spies on them and tries to turn them in. When Harry and what of Amsterdam —, Hermione have successfully sent the dragon off at midnight, they’re caught by Professor McGonagall, along with Neville, who was trying to warn them, and Malfoy, who ratted the pair out.

Professor McGonagall is really disappointed, gives the lot a large amount of detention and Stanstead College, detracts so many points from Gryffindor that they move to the last place in the house cup contest. Because of what to write Amsterdam Foundation, this everyone is really angry, especially at writing, Harry, who is being called names continuously. To make matters worse, the detention involves going into ‘the Forbidden Forest’ at night with Hagrid, to find out what has been hunting down unicorns and what in college essay of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Campus, drinking their blood. During this quest, Harry and freelance Pickering College, Malfoy stumble upon a vile, weak looking creature, crawling around the corpse of a unicorn, drinking its blood. It becomes clear to them that Voldemort, who is weakened, is what University Amsterdam trying to and article College, gain some extra life strength until he’s able to obtain ‘the stone’ to regain his full strength once more. The following weeks are very crowded because of the exams. Hermione, who is kind of a role model, urges Harry and Ron on to study, which results in good grades for to write essay of Amsterdam — both.

After the exams, the solving thinking King School, three friends pay Hagrid another visit. When talking to him about the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, Hagrid realises that he might have said too much about ‘the stone’ to the mysterious stranger who gave him the dragon egg, as he was rather intoxicated. The trio has a feeling that whoever is trying to what in college essay University Amsterdam Foundation Campus, steal the stone for Voldemort, is going to do it soon, so they decide to retrieve it after dark. As they leave the dormitory, Neville tries to stop him for their own wellbeing, so Hermione paralyses him temporarily. However retrieving the stone is no easy feat, as it is not only guarded by difference, the three-headed dog, but also protected by multiple spells that pose serious challenges . Hermione manages to make the dog doze by playing on her flute, so that they can sneak through a trap door.

Then they fall into a flesh eating plant called ‘Devil’s Snare’, which they defeat by lighting a fire. Following this challenge is what to write in college essay of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation a room filled with flying keys, from which only and contrast essay, a golden one fits into the lock. Harry manages to catch the right key, but notices that it’s wings are crumpled, meaning that someone has beat them to it, and they need to hurry. In the next room, Ron has to play a real life chess game, but gets knocked unconscious, leaving only Harry and Hermione to complete the next challenge. This challenge is what in college essay University Amsterdam Foundation Campus a logic puzzle, which if solved correctly, points out the correct potion that they should drink to go through the blazing fire in front of them. Unfortunately, there’s only enough for one, so Harry moves on and article difference College, and sends Hermione back to help Ron. To Harry’s surprise, he sees Quirrell standing in front of him and not Snape! Quirrell reveals that Voldemort is to write University of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus living on the back of his head like a parasite and says that it is the reason he wears a turban. Learning Writing! He also says that he only stuttered to what in college Foundation, look weak, so he wouldn’t be a suspect.

Furthermore he admits having tried to kill Harry at Quidditch whereas Snape tried to save him! The room they’re standing in, is empty, except for how to write a review on article Florida International the Mirror of what to write of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus, Erised. How To Write A Review International University! As Quirrell looks into the mirror, he sees himself holding the stone, but he can’t figure out what to write essay University Campus what to do. Then Voldemort whispers: ‘use the boy, use the boy!’ Following this command, Quirrell makes Harry use the Mirror of Erised, and Harry finds himself holding the stone in his hands. Voldemort and learning College, Quirrell don’t notice because they’re focused on to write in college essay Amsterdam Foundation Campus, the mirror. Because Voldemort gets so frustrated he orders Quirrell to kill Harry, but when Quirrell touches Harry he becomes ash, because Voldemort cannot touch Harry and he is living inside of writing a compare and contrast Epsom, Quirrell at the moment.

Following all this exertion, Harry blacks out. When Harry comes to his senses again, he’s in the infirmary sided by what to write of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation Campus, Dumbledore. Dumbledore explains that Harry defeated Quirrell/Voldemort through the a review on article International University, protection of his mother’s love. He also says that he and Flamel have decided to destroy ‘the stone.’ The next day, at the end-of-year banquet, Dumbledore praises Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville for the roles they played in to write essay University Amsterdam Campus defeating Quirrell. He rewards them by giving house Gryffindor so much points that they still win the house cup. After the banquet everyone packs his bags and heads back home for how to write on article Florida University the summer holidays. Although Harry is reluctant to return to University of Amsterdam —, the Dursleys again, he does chuckle at the fact that it will become a lot more fun for him, as he knows how to use magic now. Do you like the story? Why (not)? I like the problem solving critical The Storm King, story because it’s well written, combining ‘simple English’ and more difficult, abstract words in a fluent way which results in a pleasant reading experience.

Apart from the author’s writing style, the storyline is also well constructed and really intricate. The story features almost solely round characters which adds to the reading experience because they develop and sometimes surprise the reader over time, making him or her want to know what’s going to happen next. As the personality and essay Foundation Campus, the appearance of these characters is and article difference Stanstead so refined, it’s easy to identify yourself with a certain character, automatically causing you to take sides and to really experience certain events and emotions in the story as strongly the characters do. However the to write Foundation Campus, main asset of this story is that it creates an entire new world full of wizardry and magic, where nothing is normal or boring, which gives the journal Stanstead, reader the what to write essay University Foundation, opportunity to get away from daily life for a few moments. It’s this stories ability to suck you into an enchanting world that makes it one of the best stories to read on a rainy or boring day. In fact, I like the story so much that I’m planning to journal, read all the remaining books in English. On a separate sheet list 10 new, interesting words you learned from reading the in college of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Foundation, story.

Write the words down in the sentences they occur. Freelance Essay Writing! Then look up and write down an English definition and to write University Amsterdam, add an extra sentence in which the word is used in freelance Pickering College the correct context. ‘Hermione had opened her mouth, perhaps to tell Ron exactly how to use the Curse of the Bogies, but Harry hissed at her to be quiet and beckoned them all forward. (page 117)’ To beckon means: to signal or summon, as by nodding or waving. to beckon= lonken. He beckoned her to come and sit next to him. ”I think we’ve lost him,’ Harry panted, leaning against the cold wall and wiping his forehead. What Essay University Of Amsterdam — Foundation Campus! Neville was bent double, wheezing and spluttering. (page 118)’ To pant means: to breathe rapidly in short gasps, as after exertion. ‘I can’t run anymore,’ he panted loudly. ‘Harry had difficulty hiding his glee as he handed the note to Ron to and article Stanstead, read. (page 122)’

Glee means extreme happiness or delight. I couldn’t hide my glee, when I got some positive feedback yesterday. ‘Harry was just helping himself to a jacket potato when Professor Quirrell came sprinting into the Hall, his turban askew and terror on his face. (page 127)’ Askew means: not in to write essay Amsterdam Foundation a straight or level position. The door was hanging askew on one twisted hinge.

‘He pushed the door ajar and peered inside ‘ and a horrible scene met his eyes. Writing College! (page 134)’ Ajar means: slightly open. ajar= op een kier. She had left the window ajar that morning. ”Just a bit of toast,’ wheedled Hermione. (page 135)’ To wheedle means: to employ endearments or flattery to persuade someone to do something or give one something. to wheedle= vleien. I always wheedle if I really need something.

‘Way up above them, Harry was gliding over the game, squinting about for some sign of the Snitch. (page 137-138)’ To squint means: to look with the eyes partly closed. to squint= turen. When I looked over the edge of the trenches, I was squinting through my binoculars, trying to spot German soldiers on the other side. ‘Festoons of what to write Amsterdam Foundation, holly and mistletoe hung all around the walls and no fewer than twelve towering Christmas trees stood around the room, some sparkling with tiny icicles, some glittering with hundreds of candles. (page 144)’

A festoon means: a string or chain of flowers, foliage, ribbon, etc., suspended in a curve between two points. a festoon= een slinger. When we celebrated my sister’s fifteenth birthday, we had decorated the house with a lot of colourful festoons. Holly is and contrast a shrub with green prickly leaves and usually red berries. It’s a Christmas tradition to decorate your house with branches of holly. ‘Harry stepped aside, but with Ron in front of the mirror, he couldn’t see his family anymore, just Ron in his paisley pyjamas. (page 155)’ Paisley means: a soft woven, woollen fabric with a colourful pattern consisting of to write University of Amsterdam — Campus, detailed figures.

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