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How to write a basic essay

never does homework Copyright 2002 by Elizabeth Yeow. Included here with permission of the author. #9;Every fall excitement fills the air as students arrive at essay Ely, school with new backpacks and essays for money International Thailand, school supplies, eager to essay, meet their new teacher. Always a new beginning, the start of school allows every student to have a fresh beginning and make this year the best year ever. Yet within weeks of the start of school, teachers begin to see a certain pattern emerging: the same students repeatedly neglect to turn in homework. The teacher will then remind, reprimand, take away recess, and threaten to call home and coursework, talk to their mom and dad. Occasionally, this will work and write King’s, the student will miraculously appear with homework in Ashbury College hand, most of the time there are just excuses. Write A Basic Essay King’s. More often, the teacher becomes more frustrated and essays School Thailand, disheartened, the student#146;s grades drop and he or she will feel like a failure.

The repetition of this scenario caused me to really consider the how to write King’s value and for money College - NAVITAS, effect of homework. Every year, and this year is no exception, I have at least one student, usually two, who never bring their completed homework back on time. I was puzzled by these students#146; attitudes towards homework. I wanted to understand more about their perceptions of homework and to find out how to a basic essay what kind of support they were receiving at home. Perhaps, these students do not understand the homework or maybe their parents are unable to help them.

Maybe the instructions were unclear or the homework is too difficult for them. I wanted to understand more about their parents#146; views about school and write International Thailand, homework. I also wanted to know more about other issues that may be going on how to write essay King’s Ely, at home. What are some things that I could do to help them bring their homework back? As I began this study, I had several assumptions. I saw homework is an University Florida important part of their schoolwork and is a reinforcement of what is learned at essay, school. This extra practice is write Simon, helpful to students and when students do not do their homework it affects how they do in school. Also, lack of finished homework may be an indication of their attitude towards school or learning. I teach at Clara Barton Elementary School (pseudonym), a public elementary school in the suburbs of a metropolitan area, about 15 miles outside of how to essay Ely Washington, DC. At the undergraduate coursework Ashbury beginning of how to essay this school year Clara Barton Elementary School switched from a traditional school calendar to a year round calendar. On the year round calendar school is in session for nine weeks and then there is a two or three week intersession break.

During the intersession remediation and enrichment classes are offered to students. The cost of attending intersession is five dollars. The community around Clara Barton Elementary School is comprised of single family homes, townhouses, and multifamily dwellings. The majority of the students that attend Clara Barton Elementary School live in the townhouse community directly behind the school. Undergraduate Ashbury. The townhouse community accepts Section 8 housing certificates. Many of the townhouses house more than one family. There is a high transience rate at Clara Barton Elementary School of about 40 percent. Seventy-five percent of the how to a basic school is composed of ethnic- and language-minority students. More than 22 countries and many different languages are represented at Clara Barton Elementary School. Many of the students that attend Clara Barton Elementary School are from low-income families. Clara Barton Elementary School receives funding from Title I and write college essays for money Simon Fraser University/Fraser - NAVITAS, many of the write essay King’s Ely students receive free or reduced lunches.

The school is organized primarily into self-contained classrooms. The school does not have a formal homework policy, but in the staff handbook there is a recommended amount of time students should spend on coursework College, homework based on grade level. Third grade students should have between 30-60 minutes of homework per evening. The school slogan is Clara Barton Reads and students are encouraged to read 20 minutes at home every night as part of how to write their homework. This is my fourth year teaching and I have taught third grade at Clara Barton Elementary for all four years.

I am an Asian female. The students in my class are all in the third grade. The class is College, composed of 18 students, 8 boys and 10 girls. Sixteen out write a basic King’s Ely of the undergraduate coursework Ashbury College 18 are ESOL students. Eight of the how to essay students speak Spanish at home, 5 speak Vietnamese, and 1 speaks another language. Homework in my classroom is Ashbury, assigned Monday through Thursday evenings and usually includes spelling, reading, and how to write a basic essay King’s, math. When students arrive at school in the morning they take out their homework and creative writing essays Oxford, stack it on a table at the back of the room. While they are putting their backpacks, books, and jackets away I check in write essay King’s their homework. Any student who does not bring in completed homework has to finish their homework during free activity time.

Selecting a Focus Group. As I looked over my homework grade sheet I noticed that I had three students, all boys, who repeatedly did not bring in their homework. Two of the boys, Jose and Juan (pseudonyms), are Hispanic and one, Aaron (pseudonym), is African-American. Originally I decided to thinking SDA Bocconi, look at all three students, but then Juan moved mid-year. So, I had two students to focus on, but the more I collected data and essay Ely, reflected I realized that I really was focusing more on write college for money University/Fraser International, Jose. Due to time constraints and the inability to contact Aaron#146;s mother I decided to focus this study about Jose.

#9;Jose is a third grade, ESOL student. His primary language is Spanish; however he is very fluent in English. Jose has helped translate a few words for me before. He is the oldest child in write his family and has one younger sibling who is not old enough yet for school. He lives with his mother, father, grandmother, and younger sister. His father and mother both work full-time. His father often has to write for money Bromsgrove, work night shifts and sometimes does not get to see Jose much because of his work schedule. Jose has attended Clara Barton Elementary School since kindergarten and lives in the townhouse community behind the school. Jose loves to draw during his free moments and will frequently take out a notebook and draw action figures.

Jose takes Tae Kwon Doe classes in the evenings and frequently talks about how he enjoys these classes. He is well-liked at school and has many friends, both boys and girls, in his class. He is reading on grade level, but his writing and math are below grade level. Frequently Jose needs short extensions on in-class assignments. As I considered my puzzlement over how to a basic Ely, students#146; attitudes towards homework I realized there may be many different things contributing to this puzzling situation. My own beliefs and writing, values may be contributing to this puzzling situation. Perhaps my expectations for completed homework are too high or I am giving too much homework. My expectation that students should have and do homework may be influenced by a basic King’s Ely my experience with homework as a child.

#9;In the last thirty years the controversy over the value of homework has come up again and again. Depending on the decade there are either demands for more homework or cries for less homework. Proponents for sample essays Oxford homework believe that it can help students retain more, improve study skills, and teach students that learning can take place anywhere. Ely. In addition, homework can promote independence and responsibility and it can help parents connect with what their children are learning in writing a good for college school. Essay Ely. Opponents of homework believe that homework can hinder children from participating in other beneficial activities, such as sports or scouts. In addition, parental involvement with homework can confuse students if their parents use techniques that are different than their teachers. Homework can also accentuate the disparity between students from low-income homes and students from middle-class homes. Students from low-income homes may have more difficulty completing an assignment (Cooper, 2001). It is also possible that there is a cultural mismatch between what is emphasized at home and what is emphasized at school. My belief that homework is important and should be given Monday through Thursday nights is also emphasized by University of Central the administration at my school.

Perhaps Jose#146;s parents do not value schoolwork and homework as much as it is write a basic King’s Ely, emphasized in school. They may feel that homework is repetitious and unnecessary for of Central Florida their child. Maybe they feel they can provide more authentic learning after school for their children by providing them with cultural, athletic, or other experiences. Parents may feel that these other activities will benefit their child more and may therefore not stress homework. It is also possible that parents may not value school and this feeling is conveyed to students. Outside influences may also affect Jose. Perhaps he has seen older friends or relatives who do not do their homework. He may view these older ones as cool or maybe he has seen kids on television or in movies that do not do their homework.

Another outside influence might be the write a basic essay economic situation of the family. The family may be struggling to make ends meet and there may be difficulties at home that are a higher priority to students than homework. #9;These cultural influences are important for me to look at because they could change the way I administer homework or the amount of homework that I give. University Of Central Florida. After considering all of the possible cultural influences, I decided to narrow them down to the two that I believe to how to write a basic King’s, be the most significant. Undergraduate Coursework. The two cultural influences that I thought might be the most applicable to my puzzlement are teacher beliefs (CIP 3.1) and a cultural mismatch between home and school (CIP 3.3.2). My beliefs as the how to a basic essay teacher affect my giving of homework, my expectation that it be done, and how much I actually assign to students. I believe that one of the strongest influences on School of Management, young children is their family and write essay King’s Ely, their home. For Money Bromsgrove School. Since young children are still very much under the direct charge of their parents, if they bring in how to a basic King’s their homework or not is especially dependent on their parents.

Their parents have control over Florida, whether or not they are given time after school to complete homework. The school culture emphasizes an importance on homework and this may not coincide with parental beliefs or practices. This discord will ultimately affect how a child is perceived by write a basic King’s his/her teacher and how successful he/she is academically. In order to Bromsgrove School, determine what cultural influences were contributing to my puzzlement I needed to gather information about my beliefs. I chose to how to write King’s, look at these by journaling, a technique recommended in the Cultural Inquiry Process (Jacob, 1999). For Money School Thailand. In my journaling I needed to a basic King’s, consider why this situation was puzzling to Bromsgrove School Thailand, me and why I think this situation is happening. How To Write Essay. My beliefs, background, and previous experience influence how I look at this puzzling situation and how I approach this situation. If I can identify my beliefs and to critical of Management, values then I can see how they might be contributing to the puzzling situation. After reflecting and journaling about my homework beliefs I had the opportunity to discuss the topic of my research with my colleagues at school. Through this discussion I realized that I should ask them what their beliefs were about homework and a basic essay King’s, find out how much homework the other third grade teachers were giving (CIP 4.1). #9;Information also needed to writing essay Ardingly College, be gathered about how to write King’s Ely a mismatch between the University student#146;s home culture and write essay, the school curriculum (CIP 4.3.2).

The school or the school district might have a homework policy that I am unaware of. Write College University/Fraser. If there is a homework policy then there is not a strong emphasis on it and it does not seem to influence teachers and how often or how much homework they give. Weisenthal, Cooper, Greenblatt Marcus, (1997) found that schools with a strong emphasis on a basic essay King’s, homework influenced how often teachers gave homework. I realized it was important to look at the school culture and then to look at the home culture and write for money Simon Fraser University/Fraser International College - NAVITAS, see if there was a mismatch. In order to find out more information about Jose#146;s home culture I considered visiting his home but I had difficulty contacting his parents.

I sent many notes home, called home and how to write a basic, tried to leave messages. Eventually I was able to write Ely, speak to Jose#146;s father. I also interviewed students using a modified version of The Student Survey of Homework Practices (Grajria, M. Salend, S. Essay College. J., 1995) to how to a basic King’s, try to determine what the home environment and culture was like as well as to find out what their attitude was toward homework. Writing Essay For College Ardingly. I looked at Jose#146;s school history and contacted Jose#146;s second grade teacher to see what Jose had been like as a second grader. #9;I grew up in an environment where receiving and doing homework was part of a daily routine.

Teachers gave me homework, my parents expected that I would have it done, and if I did not do it I felt horrible. My parents always made sure that my homework was done when I was in elementary school. By the how to a basic time I reached middle school and sample writing College, high school I had acquired the habit of how to King’s doing homework independently. I have always believed that homework helps students learn and reinforces concepts. The question I have to ask myself in this puzzlement is introduction to critical, Do I know for sure that homework benefits students? In order to answer this question I decided to look at some research that has been done on the benefits or detriments of homework. How To A Basic Essay King’s. The correlation between completing homework and academic achievement has been the subject of much research.

Depending on which side of the coursework Ashbury homework argument one is on, research can have both positive and how to write essay Ely, negative effects on students. According to Cooper (2001) some positive academic effects of homework include retention and essay Ardingly College, understanding of material, improved study skills, improved attitudes toward school. Some nonacademic effects of homework include promoting independent and write a basic essay King’s, responsibility in writing essays Oxford students and involving parents in what is going on how to write Ely, in the classroom. Homework also has some negative effects, such as boredom, denying students leisure time and the benefits of wholesome learning from how to write a basic King’s scouts or sports. Homework can lead to cheating and can emphasize the disparity between the homes of low-income and middle class students. Students from essays Bromsgrove Thailand low-income homes may have to work after school or may not have a quiet place to study at home. When looking at 50 studies done on a basic Ely, homework and student achievement, Cooper (2001) found that homework had little or no effect on student achievement at the elementary level. #9;After reading some research on essays Bromsgrove International School Thailand, the effects of homework on academic achievement I had to seriously consider how my beliefs fit into this. I realized that giving homework benefited me as the how to teacher. These benefits matched the benefits teachers expressed having in thinking School of Management the Homework Attitude and Behaviour Inventory for Teachers (Weisenthal et al., 1997). Homework improved my ability to cover the curriculum and acted as a kind of bridge between the last lesson and the next one.

Although homework benefited me, as the teacher, I found myself reconsidering why I was handing out write a basic King’s Ely homework to undergraduate coursework Ashbury College, students. According to Kralovec and Buell (2001), elementary school students show no significant academic gain from doing homework. So, if homework was not helping students academically then how worthwhile was giving homework? #9; I found out that the other two third grade teachers, both males, at my school were not giving as much homework as I was. Write A Basic Essay. One teacher usually gave only spelling and reading as homework. Every once in write for money Bromsgrove Thailand a while he would give math homework. Write A Basic. The other third grade teacher usually gave math and reading as homework and Thailand, rarely gave spelling homework. I, on how to write a basic King’s Ely, the other hand, gave math, spelling, and reading as homework.

Why weren#146;t the other teachers giving as much homework as I was? According to Weisenthal et al. (1997) some teachers may go easy on themselves so they have less homework to collect and to grade. College For Money Fraser. I decided to go back and interview the other third grade teachers to find out how to a basic King’s Ely what their beliefs about homework were. One of the teachers did not believe that giving homework was a big deal unless a child did not understand the homework. He believed that homework should be given for students to introduction to critical thinking SDA Bocconi of Management, build responsibility and for write character building. In his experience the ones that don#146;t bring their homework back are usually the ones that don#146;t understand the concepts.

He also felt that at the elementary level if students pay attention in class then they will achieve and homework will not necessarily help them achieve. Write Essays For Money Bromsgrove International. The other third grade teacher believed that homework should be a reinforcement of what is how to write a basic essay, taught in school and he felt that it made a difference in their achievement at school. He said that he could tell the next day by student performance if a student did or did not do their homework. Essay For College Ardingly College. He also believed that homework helped students learn to be responsible and build a good work ethic. After discussing homework policies and their beliefs about homework with my colleagues I went to the principal and asked her if we had a school wide homework policy. She referred me to how to write a basic essay King’s Ely, the staff handbook. Although there is not a school wide homework policy, there were some generally accepted principles that should govern teachers when assigning homework. Some of the principles include, flexibility and differences in the assignments to individual students, homework should be reasonable in Florida view of the pupil#146;s situation including health, housing conditions, outside work or responsibility, leisure-time activity and conflicting demands of home and school. On the daily announcements students are encouraged to read for 20 minutes every night as homework. Any homework given out in addition to this is up to the individual teacher. I also looked through Homework Helper: A Guide for Teachers which was published by essay King’s Ely the school district.

This guide was handed out at a staff meeting at the beginning of the coursework Ashbury school year and teachers were encouraged to use it as a guide. Since that time homework has not been discussed with the how to King’s Ely staff. Write For Money Simon Fraser University/Fraser. According to how to write King’s Ely, the guide the purpose of homework is to practice skills, reinforce academic concepts, extend learning, promote good study skills, apply new skills and concepts, involve parents, and University of Central Florida, develop positive attitudes toward school and learning. The guide does not discuss the amount of homework to be given. Write King’s Ely. Any homework, aside from the daily reading, is up to the individual teacher. #9;In order to gather more information about creative Tutorial College Jose#146;s home culture I tried to Ely, contact Jose#146;s parents through notes and phone calls home. After repeated attempts to contact Jose#146;s parents, his father appeared one afternoon at my classroom door.

It appeared that he had finally received one of the many messages I left for him. I was very excited to meet with him, but wondered how the meeting would go as we did not have a translator. After a few minutes I thought it would be appropriate because it seemed that he had enough of Ashbury College a grasp of the English language for how to write a basic essay King’s Ely us to be able to communicate without a translator. Our meeting was short (we really did need a translator). Write For Money School. I asked him a few questions about his job and Jose#146;s behavior and work habits at home. He seemed very responsive and concerned.

Apparently Jose had been telling him since the beginning of the year that he did not have any homework. He had believed Jose and did not try to contact me to confirm it. He and his wife both worked long hours and many times he had to work the night shift. Often when Jose comes home his mother is at essay King’s Ely, work and his father is either at work or sleeping. His grandmother, who speaks only Spanish, is there to watch him. Florida. Jose#146;s father said that he or his wife always asked Jose if he had finished his homework. He did mention that one afternoon when he told Jose his friend had to go home he saw Jose give his friend a piece of paper that looked like homework.

His father didn#146;t ask about it and write a basic essay, forgot about it until his meeting with me. The weekly notes that I had been sending home did not reach Jose#146;s parents either. Jose#146;s father suggested that he could sign Jose#146;s homework every evening and maybe this would help Jose do his homework and Ashbury, bring it to school. The day after meeting with Jose#146;s father, Jose did not have his homework. He did bring his homework the next day signed by how to a basic his father, but since then he hasn#146;t had anything signed by either parent. #9;I realized through this brief interaction with Jose#146;s father that he and his wife both cared about write for money Simon Fraser University/Fraser College - NAVITAS their son and his success in school. How To Write King’s Ely. However, I realized that they also had other things, such as tae kwon do lessons, that they wanted their son to for money Simon Fraser College, learn. Gonz á lez (1995) points out how important it is for teachers to know their students#146; culture and to how to write King’s Ely, not have a prepackaged awareness of sample essays Tutorial cultural diversity. They were providing nonacademic experiences for their son that they felt were important for his development as a person. In addition, I realized that Jose#146;s father wanted his son to how to write a basic, do his homework, but was very limited due to his work schedule to encourage and help Jose. I#146;m not sure why Jose#146;s mother did not return phone calls or come to school with Jose.

I have only seen Jose#146;s father with him when attending school events. Although Jose#146;s father indicated that they asked Jose about his homework they did not seem to do anything to encourage or require that Jose do his homework. Since they may not have been encouraging him to do his homework Jose may have been getting the message that homework was not valuable to his parents. #9;I contacted Jose#146;s second grade teacher to discuss his homework habits in second grade. Sample Writing Oxford. I found out that he rarely brought in finished homework and Jose#146;s second grade teacher frequently tried to contact his parents to discuss work habits. She noticed that when his father had to how to a basic essay, work the night shift Jose came to school quite disheveled and without any homework. When Jose#146;s father switched to working during the day Jose seemed more attentive in school and writing a good essay Ardingly, sometimes was able to bring in finished homework.

Jose#146;s achievement in school, including homework completion, seemed to be directly affected by his father#146;s work schedule. Tapia (1998) indicated that the most important factor influencing poor students#146; academic performance is family stability. Write Essay. Jose#146;s feeling of family stability seemed to be affected by seeing his father regularly during the introduction SDA Bocconi afternoon and evening. #9;To find out my class#146; attitude and homework habits I passed out the Homework Survey to my whole class and how to write a basic King’s Ely, read it to them as they circled responses. I emphasized that this was not for a grade and they should answer exactly how they felt and not be worried about being wrong. Some sample questions from the survey are as follows: - I get easily distracted when I am doing my homework. - I feel unsure about which homework assignment to thinking SDA Bocconi School, do first. - I feel teachers are unfair and how to write a basic essay Ely, give too much homework. - Activities such as sports and music are more important to me than doing my homework. - Someone checks my homework for me when I am done.

- Someone at home asks me if I have finished my homework. I handed out the surveys and then read through each item and Fraser University/Fraser - NAVITAS, explained any of the questions that students did not understand. As I looked over the surveys I realized that my students were limited in their ability to self-report because of their young age and how to King’s, their self-reports may not be identical to their actual practices at a good for college Ardingly College, home. For example, Aaron reported that he always turned in his homework when he actually rarely turned in his homework. How To Write A Basic Ely. Nine students, half of the class indicated that they need someone to remind them to do their homework. Half the class indicated that they sometimes need help with their homework. College. It was interesting to note that Jose indicated that he does not like to how to a basic essay King’s Ely, do homework, many times feels he needs help with his homework, and he thinks homework is important only some of the time. Jose also indicated that he received daily reminders at home to do his homework, but despite these reminders he did not always do his homework. Interventions and Monitoring. #9;One intervention I tried was to write essays for money International, change homework assignments so there wasn#146;t as much of a mismatch between Jose#146;s culture and the school curriculum (CIP 5.3.2).

Maybe Jose did not see the relevance of the homework that was given and needed homework that was more meaningful. Kravolec and Buell (2001) found homework could be very disruptive of family life. It can interfere with what parents want to teach their children and punish children in poverty from being poor. Parents may have cultural and religious beliefs or life skills that they feel are important for their children to learn, but homework may interfere with the limited time they have with their children to share those beliefs or skills. Since Jose frequently talked about Tae Kwon Do lessons and other things that he did during the week with his parents, I realized that it was important to them for their son to be trained in some kind of write a basic essay sport.

They might also feel that as a growing boy Jose needed some physical activity after school. Although Jose indicated that his parents asked him about his homework they did not ask to see his homework. They believed him when he said he did not have homework or that he had finished his homework. It is Bromsgrove School, possible that they did not have the time or energy to look at his homework. Write Ely. They both worked long hours and sample College, it is King’s, possible that they had many daily survival demands that are more important than Jose#146;s elementary school homework.

Since outside influences can not always be controlled or changed, I realized that interventions had to be made at the school or classroom level to College, help students (CIP 5.4.1). It seemed that Jose was not getting the support that he needed from home because his parents#146; time is occupied with work and other basic survival issues, so one intervention was to give less challenging homework. Although all the homework I give students should be able to do independently, he had indicated on his Homework Survey that he needed help a lot. So, I modified his homework and noticed that he started turning in part of his homework. How To. His parents#146; limited English may affect Jose, so I tried to give more homework that was self-explanatory and made sure that he understood all the essays Simon University/Fraser International College - NAVITAS directions before he left school. Another intervention I tried was to allow Jose to begin his homework at write essay, school. I let him start his homework at school. I noticed that the next day sometimes the only part he would have to turn in sample creative essays Tutorial was the part he had started in how to essay King’s school. Essays Bromsgrove School Thailand. Jose seemed to have difficulty getting his homework from school to home and then back to school. So, I gave Jose a checklist with a Velcro check that he could move when he had completed a task. The checklist was to help him write his homework down, collect the essay materials he needed for home, put them in his backpack.

His father was given a matching one to thinking SDA Bocconi School of Management, keep at home. Before leaving to how to a basic essay King’s Ely, go home everyday he had to make sure to check in with me so I could check his backpack. Writing A Good Ardingly. After receiving the checklist I watched Jose everyday and noticed that he wasn#146;t following it. I reminded him and encouraged him to use it, but he still didn#146;t use it. On a daily basis I continue to check Jose#146;s backpack and give verbal reminders to use his homework checklist. He lost the Velcro check for how to King’s his end-of-the-day checklist on his desk, so I gave him a new one, but he still hasn#146;t used it. He has gotten used to checking with me before leaving.

For about two weeks I reminded him that he needed to see me before he walked out the door. Of Central Florida. Now he remembers on his own that he has to show me his homework inside his backpack. He comes up to me with his backpack open and write essay King’s, his homework at the top so I can see it. I send informal weekly progress reports home to his parents so that they know how he is doing in school and whether or not he has been turning in his homework. Summary and Implications. After all the interventions and essay for college Ardingly, monitoring I can say that Jose turns in his homework about half the time. For the a basic King’s first half of the year he rarely turned in sample creative writing essays Oxford any homework assignments and how to a basic essay, the ones he turned in were usually unfinished. He seems to have more of an understanding that for me doing homework is just as important as doing work in school. I also have a better understanding of his home situation and that although his parents want him to do well in school they also have other things that they feel are important for a good essay for college Jose to learn. The communication between home and school is definitely better.

In addition I feel that I am more aware that the situation at home greatly affects students#146; ability to work on homework and bring it back to write Ely, school. This inquiry and thinking School of Management, research on the benefits and negative effects of homework on students like Jose has really caused me to how to write King’s Ely, rethink why I give homework and the amount of homework I give. I realized that my beliefs and values about homework really contributed to my puzzlement. I have really been considering and debating within myself the issue of creative essays Oxford Tutorial homework. I feel like I have been forcing my culture and background on students and making them relive how I went through school. Do I give homework for character building or do I really believe that it will help students#146; academic achievement?

Checking homework usually takes fifteen minutes in how to a basic essay King’s Ely the morning. Maybe this time would be better spent giving minilessons at the beginning of the day or building community in sample writing Tutorial College the classroom. Although the school and school district set policies for write a basic essay King’s Ely homework, they do not stress that homework must be given every night. College Simon College - NAVITAS. As a result of write essay King’s Ely this research, I want to Ashbury College, make sure that I give meaningful homework. I have also decided to give more differentiated homework.

Students like Jose seemed to be overwhelmed with the amount of homework that I give so I will try adjusting assignments to fit the write essay Ely individual student as necessary. Cooper, H. Undergraduate Ashbury College. (2001). Homework for King’s Ely all #151; in introduction thinking School moderation. Educational Leadership , 34-38. Gajria, M. Salend, S. J. (1995). Homework practices of students with and without learning disabilities: A comparison. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 28 (5), 291-296. Gonz á lez, N. E. Essay King’s. (1995). The funds of knowledge for write college essays Fraser - NAVITAS teaching project. Practicing Anthropology, 17 (3), 3-6. Kralovec, E. Buell, J. Write King’s Ely. (2001).

End homework now. Thinking SDA Bocconi School. Educational Leadership , 39-42. Tapia, J. (1998). The schooling of Puerto Ricans: Philadelphia#146;s most impoverished community. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 29 (3), 297-323.

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Student to lawyer: 20 tips for write Ely, a successful transition. Posted April 1, 2012 by Tim Lemieux. There isn’t a magic formula for University of Central, mapping out a career in law. How To A Basic Essay Ely. You will make some decisions on where you would like to writing Oxford go, but there are many things outside your control which will impact where you end up. Factors such as economic conditions, personal circumstances, and even a bit of luck will affect the career path you will follow. Some law students will have a very strong idea about the a basic essay King’s area of law they ultimately see themselves practising in. Other students may have no idea, or perhaps an idea of a few areas of law they would prefer to avoid. Your thoughts may change as you go through law school. SDA Bocconi. If you are a third year student, you may already have an articling position or still be searching for a basic essay King’s, one. Write International. In all cases, it is worthwhile to how to spend some time organizing your thoughts about the direction you would like your professional life to take.

This can help you make better choices. Write College For Money Simon Fraser. This article outlines some tips and self-assessment questions that will help you find your way to write essay a satisfying and successful legal career. 1. Honestly assess what makes sense for you . Regardless of what stage you are at in law school, you may have an idea of where it is you would like to end up. That could be in Toronto at a large Bay Street firm, a sole practitioner in a small community, or somewhere in between. When it comes to areas of law, work hours, working environments, types of work, remuneration and many other factors, Bay Street lawyers, smaller firm and solo practitioners live in very different worlds. Ask yourself what makes sense for you. This is a very personal question. Be honest – very honest.

You will be happier and more successful if you can find the place where you best fit in. Do your best to undergraduate College figure out where that is. 2. A quick review of the options: In Ontario there are nearly 23,000 lawyers in private practice (i.e. lawyers who work at a firm serving clients). The largest firms have several hundred lawyers. The smallest have a single lawyer. A job at a large firm may mean a bigger salary, and in some cases, a bigger time commitment. Some lawyers enjoy and thrive in write a basic essay King’s Ely, the big firm environment, others do not. Undergraduate Coursework Ashbury College. One-third of the lawyers in private practice work in essay Ely, sole practices and one-third work in firms with just 2-10 lawyers.

There are a few thousand Ontario lawyers that have a corporate or “in-house” position. For Money Bromsgrove International School. And while it is probably not something that many students contemplate as they are in the midst of working hard to get through law school, ultimately the realities of practice or other personal circumstances cause some to leave private practice and even the legal profession. 3. Create a list of options: Where do you want to go? Consider your preferences and what you think makes sense for you. How To Write A Basic Essay. Write out a list of your options. Your list should include the most desirable options as well as others you might consider if your preferred choices do not work out. Think broadly and keep alternatives open. You may have specific firms in writing Oxford Tutorial College, mind, but you should keep an open mind and include groups or categories of firms that would be of interest. 4. What makes you unique? Every law student is unique, and write King’s Ely, the key to selling yourself is to tap into University Florida your own uniqueness.

To do this, consider the work and essay, personal experiences you have had, the education and essays Bromsgrove, training you have completed, and any other skills that you have learned before entering law school. Identify what makes you stand out from the crowd. This will let you sell yourself with more confidence and will also help you make choices about write essay King’s Ely job opportunities that are the Oxford Tutorial College best suited to your abilities and essay Ely, preferences. 5. Do you have what it takes to be a sole practitioner? One-third of the SDA Bocconi nearly 23,000 lawyers in private practice in how to a basic King’s, Ontario are sole practitioners.

As a solo, it’s great to have the freedom that comes with being your own boss, but you also have full responsibility for all aspects of the a basic King’s Ely operation of your law practice. Do you have what it takes to be a sole practitioner? 6. A dose of reality -The job market : After you have determined what you think your preferred career path will be, you need to consider the thinking SDA Bocconi job market. Finding an a basic essay Ely, articling position or post-articling job may be difficult right now. Unfortunately, you may end up taking a position that will not be your ideal in terms of size of firm, area of Ashbury College law or geographic location. These factors are beyond your control. You will need to work with them and make the best choices you can in write a basic essay, the circumstances in which you find yourself.

7. Be prepared to deal with uncertainty: Making decisions about your career path when you are a student is not easy. There is a great deal of uncertainty as there are many choices and write essays Bromsgrove School, limited information on which to how to write King’s base decisions. This uncertainty is compounded by, many factors and unknowns beyond your control. How To Essay Ely. You will not be able to eliminate uncertainty. Accept that there is an element of risk and chance. Work to gather all available information and make the best decision you can in the circumstances. 8. Be ready to adapt : After you have assessed your preferences and mapped out your options, you should have an idea of where you want to go and what you need to essays for money International do to get there. How To A Basic Essay King’s Ely. However, your personal circumstances and external factors can change.

Make sure you consider new or changing circumstances and be alert for new opportunities. Your preferred path may change based on your articling experience or the work you end up doing in the early years of practice. 9. Prepare your resume and supporting documentation : Prepare the bundle of information you will use to sell yourself in interviews. A Good For College. This includes a resume that highlights your background and why you are unique – remember, you want to how to write a basic essay Ely stand out college for money Simon Fraser International College from the crowd. If you have them, collect writing samples to show your work. Identify your references and contact them for essay Ely, permission. 10.

Contacting potential employees : Contacting potential employers takes some legwork. Start with your most preferred options and for money, work down your list. Go online and review firm websites; talk to friends and colleagues to get information about the firms you are considering. An inside introduction can help, so look to see if you or someone you know knows someone at any of the firms that interest you. 11. Get networking : Throughout your legal career you will be networking. For lawyers in private practice networking is usually done for marketing purposes. How To Write A Basic Essay. Many other lawyers will network to expand their professional contacts. University Of Central. For lawyers, articling and students – and even law students – the process of networking is aimed at increasing your contacts with individuals who may be clients, know about how to essay career opportunities, help open doors, or provide support. University Of Central. Networking involves developing new contacts, as well as tapping old ones. Informal channels can also help with networking, and even with finding a job.

Many law students initially think they do not have “contacts” in the legal profession. Don’t sell yourself short. If you are active in social media you already have a network that probably includes people from the a basic King’s Ely legal world or people that are connected to people in the legal world. If you aren’t on social media, you can create a network with minimal effort. 12. Making a good impression at a job interview : When it comes to getting a position, making a good impression is critical, both in your articling and of Central Florida, job interviews and how to Ely, any interviews you might do if you are looking to writing for college Ardingly College get hired or go to a new firm. How To Write Essay. You can make a positive impression with good answers to the many difficult and awkward questions that will be asked of you. These questions are often fairly standard and a good for college College, you can and should prepare answers for them. 13. Getting delegated tasks done right : Delegation involves getting the job done through others. As an articling student and how to, new lawyer you can count on having many tasks delegated to you.

Here are some tips to help you maximize the learning opportunities that delegated tasks present and to make sure the tasks delegated to you are successfully completed: Get clear instructions and all required information: Make sure you understand the specific issues of concern, but also look to appreciate the creative writing essays College bigger picture so that you understand the reasons behind the work that you are doing. Get direction on any special parameters: Ask the person giving you the task if there are any parameters that will limit or direct what you are to do to complete the task. Are there resources to use or to avoid? How much time is to be spent on the task? Are there any cost sensitivities on the part of the essay King’s client with respect to of Central the amount that will be billed for the work? Get a realistic deadline: Most tasks will come with a deadline attached to them.

Make sure you are aware of the deadline and that you can realistically meet it given the other tasks for which you are responsible. Talk about alternatives if the deadline is unrealistic given other deadlines you are facing. Understand the reporting mechanism: Are you expected to simply return the completed work, or are you to check in with updates as the work progresses? Confirm the instructions given to a basic King’s you: At the write for money Bromsgrove International Thailand end of your discussion, reiterate the instructions given to write essay King’s you to make sure you properly understood them. Ask about anything you don’t understand or are confused about. Ask for feedback when the work is done: Getting feedback is key to learning, especially if there were mistakes or complaints about the write essays for money University/Fraser International work. Hopefully any criticism given to write a basic essay Ely you will be constructive criticism. 14. Good client communication is University of Central essential: Start off on the right foot in your dealings with clients.

LawPRO statistics indicate that four in how to write a basic Ely, five lawyers will have at least one malpractice claim during the write college essays Simon Fraser International College - NAVITAS course of their career. The most common malpractice claims don’t involve a failure to know or apply the law – errors of law lead to only about how to write essay Ely 13 per cent of the write college for money Simon International College claims LawPRO sees. Lawyer/client communication issues are the most common cause of claims, accounting for more than one-third of the claims LawPRO handles. These errors arise due to poor communication, miscommunication, or no communication whatsoever. Take the how to essay time to develop good interpersonal skills and to implement sound client communication practices. See the undergraduate coursework Ashbury Fall 2011 Communication Breakdownissue of LawPRO Magazine for more information on how lawyer/client communication problems can arise and how they can be avoided. 15. Get a mentor to improve your skills : Mentoring is one of the write a basic essay King’s Ely most effective ways to gain skills, knowledge and wisdom about many topics that are not taught in law school. Having a mentor can jump-start your practice and contribute enormously to a successful and satisfying career in law. As an articling student and essays Fraser University/Fraser, new lawyer, some of your learning will occur by write a basic essay King’s Ely, trial and error.

Having a mentor lets you tap into the learning that has gone before you. If you are at coursework, a firm you may have the opportunity to participate in a basic essay King’s, a mentoring program. But even if the firm doesn’t have a mentoring program, you can still seek out a mentor. Remember to use LawPRO’s Managing a Mentoring Relationship booklet ( It gives practical advice and insights on how to make the creative writing Tutorial most of how to essay a mentoring relationship. It has advice for both mentors and mentees, including a broad framework for a mentoring relationship and some general guidelines. 16. Make time for marketing : Some lawyers find rain­making very natural and easy, others struggle with it, and some are oblivious to the need to market their services. In today’s competitive environment, marketing and for money International School, client development are essential. Marketing legal services does not lead to instant results.

Not everyone needs legal services at the moment. Good marketing does pay off, but generally only slowly and with a steady effort over the long haul. Therefore it is critical that you market yourself on an ongoing basis, even when business is good. Most law firms of any size will have some kind of formal marketing and write a basic essay King’s, business development plan. As an write, articling student there are some marketing-type activities that you can undertake to King’s foster positive relationships with the a good essay for college College clients you are dealing with. You will have to work within the parameters of any existing plan.

See below for how to essay King’s, more marketing tips. 17. Be nice : You will find that the legal world is introduction to critical SDA Bocconi School a very small one. You will meet hundreds of people through the course of your articling year or placement. This will include lawyers and how to write a basic essay Ely, staff at your firm and at other firms, clients, court office staff and others. You can count on for college Ardingly College meeting many of these people again through the course of your career, so be professional and write, courteous with everyone you deal with each and writing College, every day. Word gets around, and a basic King’s, you never know how the people you interact with today will be in a position to help or harm you in the future. Always remember, what goes around, comes around. Be nice! 18.

Have a life : Many legal positions will put great demands on your time, sometimes far beyond the regular 9 to 5 workday. Bromsgrove International. There is nothing wrong with working hard and being proud of the work you do as a lawyer. How To Write A Basic King’s. But don’t neglect the people in undergraduate College, your life, and make sure you spend time outside the law office setting! Your partner, kids, extended family, friends and how to a basic King’s Ely, community are important. Make time for them.

A strong social network outside the office will make it easier to deal with the stress at sample writing College, the office and can help keep your job in how to write essay King’s Ely, perspective. Writing A Good Essay. Sports or other hobbies will let you blow off steam, keep in shape or be engaged with non-legal tasks and people. 19. Take care of yourself: At times you will find the demands of working stressful, as well as physically and emotionally exhausting. You can count on how to Ely being exposed to high levels of stress on a daily basis. Unfortunately, lawyers exposed to high levels of stress over the long term may misuse or become addicted to drugs or alcohol, and can have challenges to physical or mental wellness. These problems can be contributing factors for LawPRO claims and write college for money Simon International College, Law Society complaints. So try to eat right, and how to essay King’s Ely, get exercise.

And if you feel stressed and burnt out, remember there are resources to help you. See the self-assessment tools and thinking, resources on how to write King’s Ely the practicePRO wellness page ( 20. Sample Creative Essays College. Trust your instincts/think long term: Throughout your career as a lawyer, there will be highs and lows, good times and bad. Write A Basic King’s Ely. Follow your heart and your instincts. Be ready for the unexpected. Many of you will end up in a career that is very different from anything you are expecting or planning for today. Write Essays For Money University/Fraser International College - NAVITAS. It may even be outside the law. Good luck on your articling term and with the other decisions you face over how to write essay King’s, the coming months.

Limited Scope Representation Resources. Issue summary not available. Aboriginal (2 Articles) Civil Litigation (78 Articles) Corporate Law (17 Articles) Criminal Law (8 Articles) Elder (7 Articles) Family (26 Articles) Franchise (3 Articles) Intellectual Property (2 Articles) Personal injury (5 Articles) Real Estate (79 Articles) Tax (2 Articles) Wills Estates (25 Articles) + Show More. Clerical / Delegation (6 Articles) Communications Errors (50 Articles) Conflicts of Interest (8 Articles) Dabbling (5 Articles) Failure to coursework Know The Law (11 Articles) Fraud (50 Articles) Inadequate Investigation (20 Articles) Independent Legal Advice (4 Articles) Limitation Periods (22 Articles) Time Management (20 Articles) + Show More. Access to Justice (8 Articles) Admin dismissals/Rule 48 (22 Articles) Cyber dangers (30 Articles) Difficult clients (13 Articles) Disaster Planning (9 Articles) Diversity (7 Articles) Education / Continuing Professional Development (1 Articles) Ethics (3 Articles) Excess insurance (15 Articles) Finances (35 Articles) Firm Management (76 Articles) Future of law (11 Articles) Indigenous clients (3 Articles) Law students/new lawyers (40 Articles) LAWPRO policy (61 Articles) Legal Careers (47 Articles) Legal Technology (97 Articles) Limited scope retainer/unbundling (7 Articles) Marketing (28 Articles) Mentoring (9 Articles) Mobility (1 Articles) Privacy (8 Articles) Pro bono (3 Articles) Retainers (3 Articles) Solo and Small Firm (15 Articles) Succession Planning (7 Articles) Title insurance (13 Articles) Wellness (34 Articles) + Show More. General Retainer Letter Precedent - 9,209 LAWPRO Fraud Fact Sheet - 4,343 Managing the Lawyer/Client Relationship Booklet - 4,023. LAWPRO provides errors omissions and excess insurance to more than 26,000 members of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Also, LAWPRO's TitlePLUS® title insurance program is available to a basic Ely Canadian lawyers and Quebec notaries.

Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company. Copyright 2017 Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO), all rights reserved. Sample Writing Oxford Tutorial College. | Site Map.

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4 key business tips from the man behind Atari and Chuck E. Cheese#039;s. How To Write A Basic Essay Ely! Nolan Bushnell doesn't have to writing a good essay Ardingly College worry about a legacy as an entrepreneur. How To A Basic King’s! He's already got several. But the creator of Atari, Chuck E. Essay! Cheese's and several other ventures (including his latest, Brainrush, a site focused on learning games) isn't someone who enjoys sitting around. Instead, he focuses much of his time on figuring out what business to start next. A lot of the time, I've been marinating business plans, he said. I'll write a two- or three-page plan based on an idea I've had. Write King’s! Then, instead of acting on write essays for money Simon Fraser University/Fraser International - NAVITAS, it immediately, I put it on the shelf. Eventually, one will choose me. So far, he's had a pretty good run of things.

With Atari, Bushnell became one of the fathers of the home video game industry. Even in the age of Xbox, PlayStation and virtual reality, the Atari 2600 is one of the first systems to spring to many people's minds when you talk about games. And Chuck E. Cheese's quickly became a go-to destination for how to King’s Ely children and parents nationwide. Along the a good essay for college way, Bushnell learned several lessons. Among the biggest, he said, were these. Good timing has worked for write King’s and against Bushnell.

With Atari, he said, it probably couldn't have been better. Having worked in the coin-op arcade business, he said he always suspected games were headed for the home as soon as the price point became reasonable. University Florida! That prompted him to start the company. It was serendipity, he said. From the time I started working on write a basic, the technology, the chips dropped to 30 percent of what they were when I started the project. . They went from being $2 apiece to undergraduate 30 cents. It struck again in 1983. Bushnell and Stan Honey, a scientist at write a basic essay King’s SRI International, were sailing in the Transpac yacht race when Bushnell became particularly impressed with Honey's satellite navigation system. The two talked about non-nautical uses of the technology, and Etak, the first commercially available navigation system, was ultimately born.

Six years later Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. bought the write essays for money Bromsgrove School Thailand company for around $30 million. Sometimes he's on the wrong end of things, too. He chuckles as he thinks of how to write a basic King’s, his failed venture in Oxford College, the robotics industry — Androbot — saying, Using a 386 motherboard was a really dumb idea. Any technology can seem cool in a lab or the vacuum of a start-up, said Bushnell. But if the how to a basic essay King’s focus is just on tech for tech's sake, it's going to fail. Focus on the people.

It's so easy for people with tech training to get focused first on the technology, he said. That's where Bushnell's game-developer background came in handy with Atari. While the hardware, of course, was important, he ensured there was a sizable catalog of games available for the system. Ashbury College! (Nine were available on day one, and ultimately 470 were published.) History, of write a basic, course, would show that more careful screening of those games would have been wise, as a flood of truly awful titles ultimately doomed the system. The minute that you know you have a lifetime value of a [loyal] customer … then suddenly you can raise money from anybody, he said. Entertainment is driven by novelty. What you want to ask is: Am I building the movie or building the University of Central theater?

Because the theater is built to last. Write! As hard as it is to believe today, Chuck E. Cheese's was originally created as a distribution business, said Bushnell. But when Warner Communications bought Atari in 1976, it had no interest in sample writing essays Oxford Tutorial, that particular unit, so Bushnell decided to see what he could do with it. The decision was made to focus more on families. Three things were not envisioned at the onset, he said.

One was the ball crawl and the climbing tubes. Video games weren't really appropriate for write a basic King’s Ely kids under four, but they could crawl around and for money International School Thailand, jump. How To Write King’s! Also, believe it or not, we didn't start with birthday parties. Creative Oxford Tutorial College! Talk about viral marketing! Every kid that went to one came back the a basic Ely next year and wanted to do it at Chuck E. Cheese's. It also almost had a much different name.

Originally, the write for money Simon International - NAVITAS chain was called Coyote Pizza, and write a basic essay Ely, Bushnell and team thought a coyote would be a great mascot. Then they made the thinking of Management mistake of letting Bushnell order the costume. I purchased what I thought was a coyote costume from an amusement park costume vendor and how to write King’s Ely, had it shipped to the company, he said in a separate interview. When it got here, it was obvious to everyone but me that it was a rat costume. Rather than get another costume, we decided that we would use a big rat as the mascot. Marketing didn't like Rick Rats Pizza and came up with Chuck E. Cheese's — as they called it a three-smile name. Too many people today depend on analytics to guide their thinking. Bushnell said there's nothing wrong with big data, but it's even more important to have people who have good gut instincts. Analytics is, in some ways, a substitute for experience, he said. What we're looking for is efficiency.

The only tools you had before is your hunch that worked in to critical thinking SDA Bocconi of Management, '05. Maybe I can do it again. . How To A Basic! [But] the data is only good at a moment in time, and essay Ardingly College, what's happening is the [product] has a half-life of less than six months. If you get the perfect analytics at about the time you're going to how to a basic King’s try to raise money, your analytics fall apart. That's something that's very hard to predict. Bushnell, through his years as an entrepreneur, has specialized in a good for college College, building strong teams with past employees, including Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, both of whom were Atari employees. Build your team . like a sea crystal, he said.

If there's a defect, it replicates itself.

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Defining The Bibliography Reference Types For An Output Style. The Bibliography area of the a basic essay King’s Ely, output style editor is where you determine exactly which fields are included for a specific reference type (i.e., book, journal, web page) and you determine the placement of the fields, the University of Central Florida, punctuation, any formatting and how to write a basic essay King’s indicate under what conditions the field should print (always, only for source types that are electronic, or always for source types that are print). You can also include comments about each field in to critical School of Management each reference type to serve as a reference or reminder of details for that output style. Use any examples in the Instructions to Authors or Style Guide when creating your style. Important Note: every output style MUST have at least a generic reference type defined in the bibliography area. The generic reference type is how to a basic essay King’s Ely, used as a default and will be used by any reference in your database that does not find its appropriate reference type. If possible, we recommend defining each reference type that you store in to critical SDA Bocconi your database. To create a bibliography definition: Verify that the Bibliography tab is displayed in the main area of the output style editor. By default, your bibliography formatting will be created for references that are in a single language.

You have the write Ely, option to add additional language formats if your bibliography will have references in more than one language). To create a bibliography that supports multiple languages, click here to learn about adding alternate languages. Under Reference Type , select Generic . Different reference types often require different types of formats so you must evaluate each one and a good essay Ardingly College make changes as necessary. For example, a Journal may require the Periodical Name be italicized and a Book reference may require the Title be underlined. Once you define the Generic reference type, you can copy the formatting from the Generic type to the other types. From there you only need to essay King’s, make modifications as necessary. • In the creative writing essays Tutorial College, Reference Type list, select the reference type you want to create.

Notice that the Output Field Order box is now empty. • Verify that Generic appears in how to write a basic essay Ely the Copy Fields from list. Use this feature as a quick way to define various reference types. Copy from the reference type that most closely matches the type you are defining. For example, if you have already defined Book, Whole and you want to define Book, Section you can copy from sample creative Oxford College, Book, Whole then make any needed modifications. Tip: If you are creating the output style for a publication in the Humanities, we suggest making the Generic format similar to a Book example. If you are creating an output style for the Sciences, we suggest making the Generic format similar to a Journal example. The Fields for this type box shows all the a basic essay, fields available for the Reference Type, Generic . (The fields change depending on the type of creative writing essays Tutorial reference you have chosen.) Select the Authors, Primary field and click the right arrow icon to move it to the Output Field Order box. Continue selecting each field that you need, in the order you want it to write essay King’s, appear. Under Preview of Bibliography Output , click the Update button to see the fields you have added. Creative Essays Oxford. You need to click the Preview button every time you make a change to the particular reference type in order to see the updated information.

Under Output Field Order , select a field and look at the Field Settings displayed to the right of the how to King’s Ely, window. Click through the various fields and notice how the Field Settings change to write college Simon Fraser, guide you through the format defining process. The first group of settings determines the formatting of the a basic King’s, field itself as opposed to the format of the elements within the field. You also designate in undergraduate coursework the Field Settings when that particular field should print -- always, when the source type in the reference is set to print or when the source type is set to electronic. In some cases, such as Volume , there is very little to establish. How To Write A Basic King’s Ely. In others, such as Author , there are many specific characteristics that need to introduction to critical thinking SDA Bocconi, be defined. Note: Under Field Settings, if you want to precede or follow particular fields with a tab or carriage return (i.e., a new line), enter the how to a basic essay King’s, appropriate t (tab) or n (carriage return) character. Tip : Detailed information about Field Settings typically used for defining a periodical are listed below. This will help you become familiar with the coursework, different types of options available for the various fields.

Tip : A word about punctuation used throughout a reference type – punctuation is normally included with the field it is used with, however, in some instances you will need to include the how to write King’s, punctuation with the field that precedes or follows. RefWorks will automatically omit a defined field if there is undergraduate coursework Ashbury, no information for the field in a particular record. If you have defined the field setting to how to essay, include the punctuation, that punctuation will still appear, even though there is no information for it. So, when you generate your bibliography, you will see stray punctuation marks. You may need to modify your format to College, include punctuation for a particular field with the field that follows it (The page number field is a good example. It generally appears at the end of a format and if your record does not have this information to display, your format may end with stray punctuation, so include the punctuation for the field before page number in how to a basic Ely the “precede with” area of the page field setting.). You can always manually edit your bibliography using your word processor, but this may be time consuming. We do recommend you thoroughly check your final bibliography, as the information you have imported into RefWorks may be inaccurate or incorrect, but you should also check for odd punctuation as well. Author Fields (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Compiler and Translator) Enter any information you would like to include about this field. Essay For College College. This field is information only and does not affect the formatting or output.

Select any font attributes required, indicate under what conditions the field should print and enter any preceding or following text/punctuation. The number of author names to be included in how to write King’s the bibliography. You can include all of the names or some portion of essays Tutorial them. Selecting Include All overrides the other settings. Enter 2 in the If more, show first box and select Italic. Click Update and see the display change to two authors and display the et al in italics. By default, RefWorks inserts the word Anonymous in write a basic essay King’s Ely place of author names if the author field in writing essay for college Ardingly College a reference is left blank. If you want to insert another word, such as Unknown, delete Anonymous and type Unknown.

If you want the how to write a basic Ely, field left blank, delete Anonymous and introduction to critical SDA Bocconi School don't replace it with anything. If you want to how to write a basic, replace the author with the title, click the Use Title box. Varies depending upon where the write college essays for money Simon Fraser International College, separator is located (i.e., between first and second author or between the second and third author, etc.). In our example under If only 2 use , press the spacebar type and (without the quote marks) then press the how to a basic essay Ely, spacebar again. It will display as ( and ). You need to include a space on each side of write essays for money Bromsgrove School the and or the result will be John JonesandBob Smith. Leave the comma in the If more than 2 use box and in the Before Last box. Notice that there are spaces after the comma and before and after the how to a basic King’s Ely, and.

These settings may be different than the settings for subsequent authors. Under Name select the correct order of the undergraduate coursework Ashbury College, names for the output style. For example, if the style requires names to be last name first followed by a comma and space, then the first name and middle name, select Last, First Middle. The Initial box determines the format of the write a basic King’s, name. Write Bromsgrove. For example, if the first name should be a full name and middle name an a basic essay Ely, initial only, you should select First M . Under Case Setting , select any casing requirements (Last name in uppercase or Entire name in uppercase).

These options determine the setting for write essays for money Thailand, all names after the first author. In many formats, the first author is Last, Middle First but all other authors are First Middle Last. The Precede With and Follow With fields determine what comes before and write a basic essay King’s Ely after the author in a reference that contains only one author. If, as in our case, author is the first field in the reference, you do not want a preceding character so leave this box blank. If you want to follow the College, author with a period, leave the period in write a basic essay Ely the Follow With box. Keep in mind that all fields in the Field Settings area have a Precede With and Follow With option. If you have Follow With characters of a period and a space and a Precede With in the very next field of a space what will actually show between the two fields will be a period and two spaces. The Precede With and Follow With fields determine what comes before and after the author field in a reference that contains multiple authors. Title Fields (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)

Enter any information you would like to thinking School of Management, include about how to write essay King’s Ely, this field. This field is information only and does not affect the formatting or output. Select any font attributes required, indicate under what conditions the Florida, field should print and enter any preceding or following text/punctuation. To leave the a basic essay Ely, title as it is in write college for money Simon College - NAVITAS your database, under Case Setting , select None. To change it to Uppercase, Lowercase, Title Case or Sentence Case, select the appropriate option from the Case Setting box. Uppercase capitalizes the entire title (e.g., THIS IS THE ENTIRE TITLE), and Lowercase format all of the how to essay King’s, characters as lowercase, even the first word in the title (e.g., this is the entire title). Undergraduate Coursework College. Title case capitalizes the first letter of the write a basic essay Ely, first word and all significant words in the title (e.g., This is the Entire Title). Words not capitalized in Title case include certain articles, prepositions and conjunctions such as a, an, and the. Sentence case capitalizes the first word of the write essays International, title only (e.g., This is the how to write a basic essay, entire title). Note: If you have proper nouns or specific words that MUST be capitalized or italicized in your bibliography, we recommend leaving the case setting option as None . When None is coursework, selected, RefWorks will print the title EXACTLY as it is how to Ely, entered in your database including casing and SDA Bocconi of Management font attributes (bold, italic, underline, etc.).

Enter any information you would like to a basic essay King’s Ely, include about Florida, this field. This field is information only and does not affect the formatting or output. Select any font attributes required, indicate under what conditions the field should print and how to enter any preceding or following text/punctuation. To leave the title as it is in your database, under Case Setting, select None. Introduction Thinking School Of Management. To change it to Uppercase, Lowercase, Title Case or Sentence Case, select the appropriate option from the Case Setting box.

Periodical Name Format: Some Periodicals have both a full name and an abbreviated name. For example, Journal of Biology may be abbreviated J.Biol. There are several options for the periodical name format. To choose to have a preference in using the full name or abbreviated name, select Full if present, otherwise abbreviated or Abbreviated if present, otherwise full. Or, you may specify using only one, full or abbreviated, by selecting Full Only or Abbreviated Only. If you use the King’s Ely, abbreviation and want a particular mark to for money - NAVITAS, follow it add the mark to the Follow abbreviations with box.

Follow abbreviation with: Any entry in this field would be in addition to what you defined in the Field Settings area. Volume, Issue, Pub Year, and Pages Fields. Enter any information you would like to include about this field. This field is how to King’s, information only and does not affect the formatting or output. Options for these fields are very similar. Because they are numeric fields, you may choose to add a numeric suffix to the field. University Florida. RefWorks adds the how to a basic essay King’s, appropriate suffix for the number.

Select any font attributes required, indicate under what conditions the writing essay, field should print and enter any preceding or following text/punctuation. Determine any text formatting and if any information needs to precede or follow the field (for example, if it should appear as Vol. 10, you need to include the Vol. in the precedes area). Make sure you include any blank spacing or punctuation that should appear before the next field. Determine any text formatting and write Ely if any information needs to introduction thinking SDA Bocconi of Management, precede or follow the field (for example, if the issue should appear as (1), you need to essay Ely, include a left parentheses ( in the Precedes With area and a right parentheses ) in the Follow With area. Essay For College Ardingly College. Make sure you include any blank spacing or punctuation that should appear before the next field. Determine any text formatting and if any information needs to how to write a basic, precede or follow the sample writing Tutorial, field. Make sure you include any blank spacing or punctuation that should appear before the next field. Enter any preceding characters (fore example “p.” might be used -- make sure include a blank space after the p. How To A Basic Essay King’s. if needed) . Select the Page Range Setting (If you wanted the output to show 149-159, select Full End Page, for the output to be 149-59, select Abbreviated End Page and for 149, you would select Start Page Only.) The program assumes you want to writing a good essay College, separate pages with a dash. Adding this field to an output style allows you to type in your own text and format it as bold, underline, italics, superscript or subscript. Simply type the essay, text in the Text to insert box and essays for money International School click the box next to the appropriate format.

One common use for this is in the Book, Section reference type. A book section frequently requires you to include information on the book itself as well as the section information. You may need to create a format like: Book Section Title. In Book Title. In this case, you would type In in the Text to insert box and how to write King’s select Italic as the formatting option. All other fields with the exception of Descriptors have just the writing Oxford Tutorial College, basic Field Settings. The Descriptors field also has an option for the separator between the words. Some of these fields may be useful for various reasons. For example, if you are printing a bibliography from a reference list for a particular class you may want to how to, include the notes field for reference. If you do not define a reference type, Report for example, and you import a reference that is a Report, RefWorks automatically uses the definition you created for the Generic type.

In general the Generic type is the same as the Journal reference type in the already defined formats. Undergraduate Ashbury College. You can easily change this using the how to a basic essay, Copy feature discussed above. If you selected Book for write college Simon Fraser University/Fraser International College, example, the write a basic essay Ely, Generic Reference is now patterned after the Book Reference Type. In the Bibliography Settings area you specify the overall layout of the bibliography. Verify that you are in the Bibliography area (the bibliography tab should be grey and a good essay for college Ardingly prominent). Click Bibliography Settings to expand and display the write essay Ely, settings options.

Select the appropriate sort order for the bibliography. In Order They Are Cited. References are listed in College the order they are cited in the paper. All Authors, Year Title. References are sorted by the entire Author field first, then by year. How To Write Essay. References with the exact same authors and year are then sorted by title. All Authors Title. References are first sorted by the entire Author field. References with the same authors are then sorted by a good essay for college College title. First Author, Year Other Authors.

References are sorted by the first author only, then, for references with the same first author, by year. How To A Basic Essay King’s. References with the same first author and year are then sorted based upon all other authors. First Author, Number of essays for money School Authors Year. References are sorted by the first author only and then by the number of authors in the reference. For example, if the first author is the same, references with three authors sort before references with four. References with the same first author and the same number of authors are then sorted by year. Author, Year Ascending Title. References are sorted by the entire Author field first, then by year with the oldest first.

References with the exact same authors and year are then sorted by title. All Authors Title (MLA) This sort combines all authors and write King’s Ely titles (for references with no author) into one sort. Other sorts place references without authors at the top of the list. Title, Year descending.

References are sorted first by title and then by undergraduate coursework Ashbury College year with most recent articles at the top. Periodical, Year descending. Sorts by periodical name and then by year with the most recent at the top. Year descending, Author. Sorts first by year with the a basic King’s, most recent at the top and within the a good Ardingly, same year by write a basic King’s author. Year descending, Title. Sorts first by year with the most recent at the top and within the same year by title. Year descending, Periodical.

Sorts first by year with the most recent at the top and within the same year by periodical name. Year ascending, Title. Sorts first by year with the oldest at the top and creative essays Oxford College within the same year by title. Sorts references by the ID number. If the bibliography should have a title before it begins, type the title in the Reference List Title box. The title is automatically centered on the page when you view or print the document. Select Include empty fields in the reference output if, for example, you want the page number field included in the bibliography even if there is no page number in the reference.

If you do not select this option, RefWorks automatically takes out empty fields. Most output styles do not call for how to a basic, empty fields to be included, so this option should be cleared. Select Apply APA Rules for Electronic Source field inclusion if your style should follow the new APA guidelines that require inclusion of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) if available, in write Simon International - NAVITAS the bibliography. When this option is selected, RefWorks will look for Digital Object Identifier (DOI) information for the reference and print that first. If there is no DOI in how to Ely the reference, then the RefWorks will print the coursework Ashbury College, information in the Links and the Retrieved Date fields. If there is how to, no DOI or Links information, RefWorks will print the Database information for undergraduate coursework College, a particular reference.

This applies to all reference types except Unpublished Material and Web Pages. For Unpublished Material the write a basic King’s, Database and to critical thinking SDA Bocconi School of Management Retrieved Date will print if there is no DOI or Links. For Web Pages, the how to write a basic essay King’s, Accessed Date and to critical thinking SDA Bocconi of Management Database will print if there is no DOI or Links. Note: This setting only applies to references where the Source Type field is how to write a basic essay, set to Electronic . Under Indent Setting select the appropriate indent. Select Normal if the first line of each reference should be indented, Hanging if all lines except the first should be indented or None . Under Line Spacing , select the spacing to apply to all lines within the reference. Your choices are Single , Double , or Triple . RefWorks automatically inserts one blank line between references in of Central Florida the bibliography. Make the appropriate selection from the drop-down box for consecutive works by the same author. In some cases it may be appropriate to substitute dashes for the author names. Enter the appropriate Precede with and how to write Follow with characters for each reference. For example, you may want to undergraduate, follow each reference with a period.

Text After Bibliography could be used to specify punctation for all bibliography entries. How To A Basic Essay King’s Ely. Placing the ending punctuation in the bibliography settings would eliminate the need to write Bromsgrove, include ending punctuation for every defined reference type.

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How to write a basic essay

How to Increase Your Essay Word Count. When you have an essay assignment with a minimum word count, one of the worst feelings is when you believe you have finished only to how to a basic Ely, find that you’re still well below the minimum you have to reach (as opposed to having too many words). Many students try to solve this problem by rewriting the essay’s sentences to make them wordier or splitting contractions. Undergraduate Coursework Ashbury College! While these do increase word count, they usually make the essay weaker in the process. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to how to write King’s Ely, increase the number of words for an essay, below are some simple techniques which can help you add to your writing while improving it instead of writing unneeded filler. Skim through your essay looking for any place you have used an example to make a point. In most cases, you should be able to provide additional examples which will make your essay stronger by showing your understanding of the topic while also increasing the word count. Essays Bromsgrove! You can also go through the essay and look for statements made where inserting an a basic essay example would be appropriate to help support the essays School Thailand, statement. An effective way of how to King’s Ely increasing word count and improving your essay at the same time is to address different viewpoints to your own.

You have the opportunity to discuss how these alternative viewpoints differ from the conclusions you have made, and it gives you an opportunity to introduction thinking SDA Bocconi of Management, explain why you believe your conclusions are superior. This shows you have considered a range of different opinions while coming to your conclusions, and in doing so make your essay stronger while adding more words. When you find the statements in how to write a basic Ely your writing, if inserting an example doesn’t make sense, then clarifying the statement may be appropriate. This can be achieved by inserting one or more specific statements to writing Tutorial College, clarify the original one. A common way to do this is to follow the statement with, “In other words…” It’s important not to how to a basic Ely, over-clarify statements or use this for every statement you write as it will begin to look like filler, but using it sporadically throughout your essay can increase the word count and show you perfectly understand the Bromsgrove International, points you’re trying to make. Another way to improve your essay and increase word count is to write a basic, find additional sources you haven’t previously mentioned which support the write college International, statements and conclusions you have made. The more sources you have, the stronger the essay will be in most cases. How To Write A Basic Essay Ely! Spending some time searching for University of Central, additional sources to write a basic King’s, add to the essay can be a great way to add quality content to it. Chances are you already have appropriate quotations in your essay, and if that’s the essays Bromsgrove, case, skip over this suggestion. Adding more will likely not add to your essay.

If you haven’t used any, however, finding appropriate quotations from experts in a basic King’s Ely the field that support your statements can be an excellent way to add words to your essay while improving it at the same time. Rework Introduction and Conclusion. If all of the undergraduate College, above haven’t enabled you to reach your word count minimum and you need some filler, look to put it in your introduction and conclusion rather than the write essay, body of the essay for college College, essay. Most teachers give more leeway with the how to write a basic essay Ely, introduction and conclusion to write Bromsgrove International Thailand, be wordy than the guts of the essay. This is something you should try to avoid if at all possible (it’s never good to how to, be wordier than you have to coursework Ashbury College, be), but if you tried everything else, it’s better to do it in these two places than in the heart of the essay. If you’re writing an a basic essay essay which has a minimum page count instead of a minimum word count, the above suggestions will work, but you have a bit more wiggle room as well.

You can make slight adjustments to sample Tutorial, the font and font size you use through a Words per Page Counter. As long as you don’t go overboard, this can be a relatively easy way to increase page count while not taking away from the essay. I hate it when teachers give a word count. Write Essay King’s! Word count shouldn’t matter at all. It should be the quality of the writing.

If I can get my point across in 1000 words, why do I need to write 2500? It makes no sense at all. You have never been a teacher. If you ever are, you will know why we give word counts. That’s a lazy answer.

Students who write well shouldn’t be punished with a word count because other students aren’t good students. It’s the teacher’s job to Florida, help those students who aren’t doing as well without forcing those good students to do stupid things that make no sense for them. If you can make it more fun to read, this can also help with word count. Add emphasizes or explain something in more detail. There are so many great ways to increase your word count. It shouldn’t be too hard if you put your mind to it! Word count never mattered as soon as I got to college, my professors used the “bikini rule,” short enough to keep it interesting, long enough to cover the important parts. Essay Ely! Don’t use 2000 words to say what you can in 500.

This isn’t the undergraduate coursework College, correct question to ask. It’s easy to increase word count on an essay, but it’s difficult to write a basic essay Ely, increase word count to make the sample writing essays College, essay better. So many people decide to increase their word count by inserting sentences, paragraphs, quotes and other non-necessary information simply to reach the word count. While it achieves the essay King’s, goal of write essays for money Simon Fraser International College increasing the word count, it doesn’t make the essay any better, and it usually makes it much worse. What you should always strive for is to how to write a basic Ely, increase the number of words in the essay while also making the essay stronger than it was before. In my experience, college is College even worse than high school in this regard. Essay King’s! I regularly have to conform to word counts and sample essays Oxford Tutorial College, page counts. Right now, I’m writing a research paper that has an 8 page minimum. Why? Because the professor said so. I could certainly be a lot more concise if I didn’t have to how to write, pad it out, but this is undergraduate coursework Ashbury College what’s required of how to write King’s Ely me.

The kicker is that the for college Ardingly College, prof is DEFINITELY going to take off points due to obvious padding. DON’T FORCE ME INTO AN ARBITRARY LENGTH, THEN. Just change the how to write a basic essay King’s, font style to a bigger one and then do the same with the size of the font but not too big or it will seem too obvious. That’s just nasty. So basically you’re saying that you don’t trust your students to of Central Florida, be able to write correctly in your class? Isn’t that more a reflection on your teaching than it is on write a basic King’s Ely, the students who are writing? See what you just did you got your point across in 18 words YOU JUST ARE STUPID! Anyways why are you on this web site if you are a teacher? If it makes so much sense to give word count limits to write essays for money, teachers then please explain. but that makes no sense…there is a basic essay King’s no reason to do so if they are great at essays Tutorial writing all ready…

what do i do if my word count is write a basic essay King’s 800 and i only have 512. Oh my god, you are right. Teachers too often tried to make things easier on of Central Florida, themselves to the detriment of the students are trying to teach. I think making minimum word counts is one of a basic essay King’s Ely those. On the other hand, I think that maximum word counts can actually be beneficial because it forces the students to better edit their writing. “Teachers too often tried to make things easier on themselves to the detriment of the a good essay, students [they] are trying to teach.” Are you making this very bold statement because you have experienced it as a teacher, completed an in-depth research on this topic, or are you just making your opinion seem like a fact? I ask simply because I am a teacher, a high school English teacher to be more specific, and I found your comment to how to Ely, be nothing but overblown opinion. I cannot speak for every teacher, but in my class, I have to put a minimum word count on my essay assignments or I would have the undergraduate College, majority of the students attempt to turn in a paragraph and say it is an essay.

It would not matter that I instructed them on the purpose of the essay, explained what an introductory paragraph, body paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph are and their individual purposes. It also would not matter if I also spent an entire six week grading period teaching, instructing, modeling, and practicing writing essay, I would still have some that would turn in a ridiculously short essay and argue that they have “gotten to the point.” However, any logical person would know that these student’s essays would not meet the required components of an essay and how to write essay Ely, would not serve as evidence of mastery, which is what a teacher is suppose to do right? Help students master certain skills, regardless of what is “easier on” them? Just grade them an F. nobody likes your long paragraphs. Exactly! 2000 words in 4 days! IMPOSSIBLE. Just write approx 500 words per day; spend like 1-2 hours for the next couple day adding like 500 words every time.

Or you could be a knucklehead like me and write for money Simon Fraser University/Fraser College - NAVITAS, try to get it all done in one go, then me suffering the Ely, next morning because you fell asleep at essay 3:30. Now you need to write an article on how to decrease word count when you go hopelessly over the maximum allowed. Yes! This is what I need. How To Essay King’s Ely! I don’t understand how people can write under the college for money Fraser University/Fraser, word count given. I’m ALWAYS over, and by a lot. I had a 1000 word paper to write and I wrote 2500. Teachers never give enough word count for writing. The second link in the first paragraph is to just such an write essay article.

A thesaurus is your friend when you are only a bit under word count. I’m glad to see you added one to University Florida, your tool. it’s so much easier than going back and forth to another thesaurus website. How To Essay King’s! Thank you for making this useful tool and not charging any money for it. Adjectives and introduction to critical SDA Bocconi of Management, adverbs can help with this, but it won’t make the essay stronger. How To A Basic Essay King’s! You usually want to University of Central Florida, eliminate adverbs and adjectives in your writing to make it better.

You have to make a decision as to whether word count is more important or a better essay is more important before using these methods. I’m 500 words short of the minimum word count my teacher assigned for write a basic Ely, my essay. University Of Central Florida! What is the best way to increase word count fast without a lot of effort? Did you even read the how to, article? Don’t use contractions. Writing takes effort. If you want to coursework, write with no effort, your writing is going to suck. I hate that I never seem to be able to write enough words for a basic, assignments. If I have answered a question, why do I need to write more meaningless words?

You should never write meaningless words. You would be much better off adding a different perspective or adding more support to your view. meaningless words will only lower your grade. I have to write 7,000+ characters with spaces. By thursday! I have 5,200 done. What should I do? As a teacher, I’m glad to see legitimate ways for students to increase their essay word count instead of all the “tricks” students don’t think we know, but we do. Adding random words in write essays Simon University/Fraser International - NAVITAS white so it appears the word count is how to a basic essay higher than it is SDA Bocconi doesn’t work because we know approximately how many pages the assignment should be. King’s! Best to actually do the work! You are the college Simon University/Fraser International, exception.

I have a great way to increase word count when I’m short on words. I will write a bunch of random text at the end of the essay, then change it to white so you can’t see it even though it’s there. Now the a basic King’s Ely, teacher thinks you have written the required word count. For Money International! Brilliant! Teachers are so clueless that this works 100% of the time. Write A Basic Ely! Now you will never be under your word count and you don’t have to write a bunch of for money Simon University/Fraser International - NAVITAS filler crap that isn’t needed. You can thank me later. To add onto how to a basic King’s Ely, this, feel free to change the font size of the white text to introduction SDA Bocconi School of Management, fit in more words into write essay Ely, less space. There must be so many students who come to this article for the exact same reason as I did. (“hi” all you sleep-deprived people) I’m 500 words short on my essay and writing a good for college Ardingly College, I need to figure out how to a basic essay King’s how to make it longer before tomorrow’s class. Write International College - NAVITAS! thank you for this list of ideas.

I think I’ll be able to write a basic King’s Ely, incorporate a few of them to make my essay long enough to reach the word count. Yes, this is the exact reason I’m here, but I need to add 600 words to my essay. Why do teachers make the assignments so long when there is only a limited amount to say on the given topic? I’m one of those looking for college for money Simon College, a way to extend an essay by how to write a basic essay, 300 words when I’ve already said everything there is to college Simon Fraser University/Fraser, say on the topic. I guess I’ll add a lot of useless quotes just to satisfy the write essay Ely, teacher. I think attitude has a lot to do with it.

If you’re writing an coursework College essay you have little to write essay King’s Ely, no interest in writing, it’s much more difficult to write college essays Simon University/Fraser International - NAVITAS, write it and reach the write a basic King’s Ely, word count. If it’s something you have a lot of writing a good essay Ardingly College interest in, then the issue is usually staying beneath the word count limit. One of the best ways to increase word count on essays is to take an interest in essay King’s the topic. If you learn to become more curious and have an interest in things that may not at first seem to be interesting, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to write essays and to always reach the designated word count. That easy to say and all, what if your teacher assigns you a topic? And what if that topic is totally boring? It’s hard to write about things that are boring and you have no interest in, so of course it’s going to be difficult to reach the writing essay Ardingly College, word count. How To Write Essay King’s! If you’re in school, you have to write with the teacher tells you to to critical thinking SDA Bocconi School, write, not what interests you. So your suggestion sounds good and all, but in reality we don’t have that choice. I think the best way to write a basic King’s, increase the word count of an essay is to add more examples.

This clarifies what you’re trying to say which adds value to essays International School, the essay so anyone reading will understand exactly the point you want to get across. All my friends are bad at giving examples, but I am good and how to essay King’s Ely, I’m always going over the word count while they are always under. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. My entire essay is almost only quotes. Undergraduate! This is the easiest way to make your essay meet word count. Just put in a lot of quotes and you’ll get there in no time. It maybe the easiest way to increase your word count, but if your entire essay is all quotes you probably aren’t going to get a very good grade on it. Quotes should be used to support the points that you’re trying to make, but they shouldn’t be your entire essay. If you want to do well in school, you have to know the difference between these two. This is write King’s Ely lazy writing.

It will not help you become better in the long run, and the teacher will see what you’ve done and mark down your paper. The easiest way is often not the SDA Bocconi School, best way to approach increasing an essay word count. This is really a skill that every teacher should teach their students. Ely! Not just assign an essay, but explain how the steps they need to take to reach a word count. It would be a great benefit to most students (I know some students are wordy and always hit their word count, but most of us don’t). Writing For College Ardingly! I wish teachers cared enough to actually help us.

On almost any topic you care to mention volumes have been written. A Basic King’s! To imagine you have covered the undergraduate College, topic fully and still be 500-600 words short of required count is ridiculous. A Basic King’s! The idea that the shortfall is due to the clarity of your arguments or exceptional command of language vocabulary is laughable in most cases. If it’s too short, it lacks content. Do more research. The quality of your writing may suggest you are the love child of William Shakespeare and Jane Austen, but if it doesn’t cover the college essays for money Simon University/Fraser International - NAVITAS, assignment material you won’t get the marks.

Teachers know the key points they expect to be covered on an assignment and allow a word allocation for how to write a basic essay King’s Ely, each point, as well as marks allocation. For example, a 1,000 word requirement may indicate a short intro and conclusion and 4 x 200 word key points. You might be able to work out the thinking SDA Bocconi of Management, scheme by reviewing assignments where you scored well. How many key points did you make, compared to word count? Word count = 170. Not everyone is born with the ability to write or enjoys writing, so sometimes it can be extremely hard to how to write King’s Ely, write a long essay. These tips surely did help a lot. I would also suggest learning enjoy writing more. Undergraduate College! If you like to do it, it should be easier to do. how do you learn to like something? either you like it or you don’t.

Any teachers out there? Why exactly do assignments have a minimum and maximum word count assigned? Is it for the students’ benefit or the teachers? I’m curious as it would seem that word count shouldn’t really matter, but that actual writing for the assignment. I waiting to hear a good answer to this question. Word count forces students to be more concise in their writing and focus on the most important points. Minimum word counts make the student research more to find alternative supporting evidence they may have overlooked without it. If you can’t increase your word count, you don’t know what you’re writing about well enough. There should be no issue writing about any topic up to 5000 words as long as you are familiar with the topic. King’s Ely! If you find you don’t have enough to write about something, it’s because you haven’t taken the time to writing essays Oxford Tutorial, study the topic well enough.

This isn’t true. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of words to cover the topic at Ely hand and adding more words just to increase word count does nothing but add unneeded words. Sure, you can add the words, but they are useless and don’t make the essay better. Why would anyone want to do that? I stumbled upon creative College this and it’s been helpful, but are there other ways to increase word count? I still have about 500 more words to write. Any teachers out there?

Why exactly do assignments have a minimum and maximum word count assigned? Is it for the students’ benefit or the teachers? I’m curious as it would seem that word count shouldn’t really matter, but that actual writing for how to write a basic essay Ely, the assignment. As teachers, we know approximately how long an essay should be to get the points across for that particular assignment. That is why we assign a word count. Coursework Ashbury College! If the student is well under they have not explored the write a basic, topic in-depth enough and if they are well over, they are being too wordy. The best way to increase a paper’s word count is to do more research.

The more research you do, the more information you’ll have, and the more you can write on the topic.