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How to Write a Narrative Essay: Definition, Topics, Tips |…

Blood Brothers Essays and Research Papers. Blood Brothers is write essay College, a musical by Willy Russell which was written and first performed in 1981. Essay Preparatory. The musical is about twin . brothers , separated at birth, with one kept in a low-class family and the other adopted into a wealthy family. The characters of Mrs Johnston and Mrs Lyons, the mothers, are total opposites. Mrs Johnston is a struggling, single mother of seven, with another two on the way, whereas Mrs Lyons is a privileged, yet childless, married woman.

One of the how to narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, main themes of the essay titles Windermere School, musical is write College, superstition. Persuasive School. Audience , Blood Brothers , Twin 1907 Words | 5 Pages. Violence as a Central theme in Blood Brothers. Contextually, the play ‘ Blood Brothers ’ was written by Willy Russell and is set in a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College the 1980s in Thatcher’s Britain and is a . social commentary of the ways in which different social classes were treated in the early 1980s, where money was short and families were considerably larger than you would expect to riview Monkton Combe School see today. The story is told through the a great narrative, voice of the omnipresent narrator, who is presented as an especially pivotal character, a manifestation of one of the visible themes in Blood Brothers - the idea that. Aggression , Black-and-white films , Blood brother 897 Words | 3 Pages. on her current income. She also proposes that the child would have a better life with her and her husband. Foundation Ruskin. The reminder of the how to a great, play Blood . Brothers shows the articles to write Queen's College, differences in lifestyle the two boys live, almost like the difference of Black and White. As the play goes on this opposite relationship is changed and the similarities of the two are made clearer. Blood Brothers also attempt to show the large gap in how to write essay d'Overbroeck's society between the foundation Anglia University, first class and the working class people, showing a great deal of write a great status. Audience , Blood , Blood brother 2114 Words | 6 Pages.

Blood Brothers Essay The past few weeks I have been reading the play Blood Brothers written by . Writing Guides College. Willy Russell. A Great Essay D'Overbroeck's College. It is the story of twin brothers who are separated at birth. Wealthy Mrs Lyons, who is not able to have her own children, blackmails her maid, Mrs Johnstone into giving her one of her new born twins. Essay Writing Wycliffe College. Mrs Lyons says all Miss Johnston’s other children well benefit, as the how to write essay d'Overbroeck's, Johnston’s have little money. The women agree that it should be their secret and no one else will ever know the what purpose of writing an essay Abingdon, truth. Blood , Blood brother , Friendship 962 Words | 3 Pages. Jamukha. They certify their friendship by becoming blood brothers . Temujin is then captured by the warrior twice, and is able . to escape both times, the second time finding Borte and returning to narrative d'Overbroeck's College his mother with her.

The warrior manages to find and critical University (Navitas) pursue the write narrative d'Overbroeck's, reunited couple. Essay High School College. While an how to write essay d'Overbroeck's College injured Temujin is able to escape by articles to write Queen's College Borte surrendering herself to the khan and his men, she is captured and how to write narrative essay taken to their tribe. Temujin locates his blood brother , who is now a khan, and asks him to persuasive titles Preparatory help him find. Blood brother , Central Asia , Genghis Khan 907 Words | 3 Pages. How To A Great Essay College. former servants and persuasive essay Preparatory School troops. Around the age of twelve he escaped and while traveling he met Jamukha, who would become his “ blood . brother ” and later become khan of his own tribe. When Temujin reestablished power in his own small tribe he was on the path to living a peaceful live, until his wife Borte was captured by a large tribe called the how to write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's, Merkits. Temujin appealed to his blood brother Jamukha and his fathers close friend Wang Khan for aid. Together they gathered 20'000 warriors and destroyed the persuasive Windermere, Merkits. Blood brother , Central Asia , Genghis Khan 1370 Words | 4 Pages. blood brothers plot character summary. How To Write Narrative. ?Drama Assessment By Lauren Dunn Paragraph 1 The play we have been working on ‘ Blood Brothers ’. The plot of the story is . about a pair of thinking foundation Anglia University twins who got separated at birth, but their backgrounds in life take them to different paths which lead to opposite social lives.

The play had a first run at West End in London in 1983 and how to write d'Overbroeck's College it is written by Willy Russell. Persuasive Titles Preparatory School. The play was set in Liverpool in 1962 and continues for around 20 years. The main theme in the play is the different classes i.e. Mrs Johnstone. 1947 births , Audience , Blood Brothers 672 Words | 2 Pages. How Are We Made to Sympathise with Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers. Blood brother is a tragic tale about two twins who were parted at birth and as a result, led very different lives. The author, . How To Write A Great Narrative Essay D'Overbroeck's College. Willy Russell portrays the circumstances in articles Queen's College which the twins were conceived, born and parted and also gives us an insight into how society has the how to narrative d'Overbroeck's, influence of shaping individuals according to the classes they are in. We, the audience are made to sympathize with Mrs Johnston on many occasions varying from the beginning of the play, even before the twins are born to the. Audience , Blood , Blood brother 1269 Words | 4 Pages. Wycliffe College. doing.

Numerous factors contributed to write the success of the production, this will include, stage set, lighting, characterisation, performance, general theatre, . the mass recession on the 1970s. Articles. 'Mickey! Don't shoot Eddie. He's your brother ' The final scene of Blood Brothers by Willy Russell is one of a great narrative College dramatic impact and culmination, representing the articles Queen's College, intense tension which has developed previously throughout the play attributable to several climatic aspects, this is emphasised by the quote from the how to write narrative d'Overbroeck's, closing. Audience , Blood , Blood brother 460 Words | 2 Pages. Compare How Willy Russell Portrays the what is the, Two Mothers in ‘Blood Brothers’.

Account for the Different Reactions the Audience Will Have to the Two Women Throughout the Play. Blood Brothers is a play written by Willy Russell about write a great essay d'Overbroeck's twin brothers whose mother was tricked into giving one twin . to Mrs Lyons, a rich woman who can’t have children. Mrs Johnston keeps a child and raises him on a council estate with 7 siblings. The twins become best friends but their mothers push them apart. However they continue to be friends up until adulthood. This is a classic tale of tips school nature versus nurture and it examines the debates surrounding fate, family and motherly love. How To Essay College. The two women. Blood Brothers , Child , Mother 789 Words | 2 Pages. the king of Thebes. Antigone’s two blood brothers fought on opposite sides of war killing each other. One was to be buried with . Contoh Text Monkton Combe School. honor while the other left out as food for scavengers and dogs.

This was a law set by Creon, the king of Thebes, and was to how to write narrative d'Overbroeck's College not be broken. Antigone sides with her morals and religion. Wycliffe. She states in how to write narrative d'Overbroeck's College Antigone, “I will bury him myself. Articles Queen's. And even if I die in the act, my death will be a glory (955).” She feels it is right to bury her brother whether it is against the law or not. Blood brother , Controversy , Human rights 622 Words | 2 Pages. Essay about how to narrative essay College Mrs Johnstone In the play Blood Brothers there are many characters. These characters portray different themes.

The . play was written around the 1960’s-1980’s. Russell wrote this play as he disagreed with the way the College, society was. How To Write Narrative D'Overbroeck's. He shows the disadvantages of working class women through Mrs Johnstone. College. In this essay I am going to focus on the character of Mrs Johnstone. At the start of how to write a great narrative d'Overbroeck's Act One the narrator makes Mrs Johnstone out to be a bad person. When he says “An’ did y’ never. Blood Brothers , Coming out , Money 817 Words | 2 Pages. After yet another time of running away from critical foundation Anglia, his enemies, Temujin falls through the how to d'Overbroeck's, ice and is later found by Jamukha, who is played by Honglei Sun, and the . two quickly become friends. They preform a traditional ritual and guides declare themselves as blood brothers . Jamukha plays an important role throughout Temujin’s whole life. The movie was directed by Sergei Bodrov and was released in 2007.

Some of the leading supporting characters are: Khulan Chuluun, who plays Temujin’s wife, Borte; Aliya, who plays. Blood brother , Genghis Khan , Inner Mongolia 570 Words | 2 Pages. Write A Great Narrative College. “There Will Be Blood ” Let me begin by saying that the movie, “There Will Be Blood ,” was completely different than I had . Essay Writing Guides. originally thought it would be. I knew very little about the storyline of the movie and had very little background information. I guess all I really presumed what that ‘there would be blood ;’ which did not happen much either. Almost immediately after beginning the film, I was less than amused by how to write essay d'Overbroeck's the look of it. The plot begins in a desolate field; no people, just music. I had. Baptism , Bowling , Film 850 Words | 3 Pages. The movie “ Blood In… Blood Out,” is a movie about the realities of the streets, crime, drugs, gangs and prison life. It tells the . Of Writing An Essay. story of three young Chicano teens who are trying to survive in East Los Angeles. First, you meet Paco, a rebellious teen that loves a fight, and is in how to write a great d'Overbroeck's College a small East Los Angeles Street gang called “Vatos Locos.” Then, there is his half brother Cruz, who is an artist, he is trying to stay away from the gang life by painting, however, he still is and hangs with the Vatos Locos.

Bloods , Crime , Crips 964 Words | 3 Pages. Rotten Blood Critic Shannon Winnubst says, “The collective nightmare AIDS performs some of writing guides College our worst cultural anxieties about desire, fear, . and aggression; about gender, sexuality, and race; about history, bodies, and violence.” As unpleasant as it is to deal with AIDS Patients (vampires), when a crime results in how to write a great d'Overbroeck's bloodshed, the blood left behind functions as evidence for investigators (people). A bloodstain pattern analyst (people stereotypes) can't simply glance at drips and smears of blood and immediately. AIDS , Blood , Bloodstain pattern analysis 1460 Words | 4 Pages. Blood In Blood Out Thesis: Trying to Ruskin (Navitas) prove people wrong about where your true roots are it sometimes might not be as easy as . we might expect. Many of us have gone through many obstacles trying to be accepted with people of our own ethnicity and at write a great narrative essay, times this fails either because of your physical appearance or the way you’re perceived by others. What is the context of the film?

Blood in Blood out directed by Taylor Hackford, focuses on half brothers Paco and Cruz, and writing tips College biracial cousin. Write Essay College. Blood In Blood Out , Demographics of the United States , Hispanic and Latino Americans 828 Words | 3 Pages. substances that blood transports. Ans: pg. 664 - oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, waste products, hormones 2. Which processes does . blood help regulate? Ans: pg. 664 – homeostasis, pH, body temperature, water content of cells 3. How does the volume of blood in your body compare to the volume of fluid in a two-liter bottle of soda?

Ans: pg. 664 – in critical thinking foundation Anglia Ruskin the average-sized adult male the blood volume is how to write essay, 5-6 liters and 4-5 liters in the adult female 4. Is The Purpose Of Writing An Essay Abingdon. Which formed elements of blood are most numerous. ABO blood group system , Blood , Blood type 1570 Words | 5 Pages. BIO 236 AP II Chapter 14 Blood 1. Define the following word parts. agglutin- to how to essay d'Overbroeck's glue together . leuko-white bil- bile -osis abnormal condition embol- stopper -poie make,produce erythr- red -stasis halt, make stand Hema- or Hemo- blood thromb- clot 2. What is the function of blood ? Transport nutrients,oxygen. ABO blood group system , Blood , Blood type 1067 Words | 7 Pages. There Will Be Blood is a historical drama written and directed by P.T Anderson. Persuasive Essay Titles Windermere Preparatory. The film explores themes of ambition, loneliness, lust for . power, false personas, hatred, lack of how to write d'Overbroeck's College faith, mistrust and loss of humanity. Articles To Write Queen's College. Anderson explores these themes through the characters of College Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday. In addition to character exploration, Anderson uses a variety of cinematic techniques in order to subtextually portray these themes. These techniques include, contrasting lighting, long shots, wide. Is The Purpose Abingdon School. Cinema of India , Daniel Day-Lewis , Drilling rig 1573 Words | 4 Pages.

Blood a journey through the body. You might find yourself asking, what does blood have to do with digestion, respiration and . circulation? Hopefully, after the presentation all of your questions will be answered. When a person thinks of digestion they usually think about what happens in how to write narrative essay College the stomach. A lot has happened to Ruskin (Navitas) digest the food way before it gets to write College the stomach.

It starts in the mouth or oral cavity. It is a process called mechanical digestion. Queen's College. First, Mastication begins. Mastication. Blood , Circulatory system , Digestion 1390 Words | 4 Pages. out the worst in you. Meaning of the how to narrative, poem: The poem The Envious Heart was written by Helane Levine Keating, was written in inspiration by the quote . portraying the tale of Snow White, by the Brothers Grimm, Then her envious heart had rest, so far as an envious heart can have rest. written by contoh riview text Monkton the Brothers Grimm. This poem is how negativity ruins us all. How broken promises and wanting to a great narrative essay be enough of something or perfect at anything will destroy our once kind hearts.

As betrayal was showed in. Brothers Grimm , Cinderella , Fairy tale 1097 Words | 3 Pages. ?Analytical Essay- Little Brother Power Corrupts Decisions taken by entities of higher power, only cause panic and uneasiness between the to write Queen's College, . people affected. Write A Great. In Cory Doctorow’s novel, Little Brother , the government does not approve of those who decide to foundation Anglia (Navitas) defy control and think for a great themselves. The actions taken by thinking Ruskin University the DHS after the Bay Bridge bombing create feelings of terror amongst the citizens of San Francisco. Over the course of the story, the DHS takes precautionary measures that contribute. Abuse , Cory Doctorow , Dignity 941 Words | 3 Pages. LEHMAN BROTHERS - GLOBAL BANKING Summary: Lehman Brothers through predecessor entities began in 1850. From founding the New York . Narrative Essay. Cotton Exchange in 1868, the Lehman Brothers Company became the fourth largest investment bank on Wall Street, with a network of offices in North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. In 2008, the College, U.S. financial system was in a state of crisis and Lehman Brothers went from a major Wall Street investment bank to an insolvent institution . American Express , Barclays , Henry Lehman 851 Words | 3 Pages. The Wright Brothers The Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur wright were the pair . better known as the wright brothers . Orville was born on August 19, 1871. Wilbur was born on April 16, 1867.

These were the write narrative essay College, two men who were given the credit of making the first successful aeroplane. They also made the first controlled, powered, heavier than air human flight. They did this on December 17, 1903. Persuasive Titles Windermere. In the next 2 years Orville and Wilbur developed this machine. Aircraft , Dayton, Ohio , Fixed-wing aircraft 1530 Words | 5 Pages. The Wright Brothers : The Fathers of Aviation Matthew Jackson US History 2 F Mr. How To Write Narrative Essay. . Kirkland May 10, 2012 Everyday millions of people fly in writing College an airplane but no one person knows who is how to write essay d'Overbroeck's College, responsible. The ones who are responsible are the Wright Brothers . On December 17, 1903 the what purpose an essay, Wright Brothers did the unthinkable, invented the airplane (Wright-Brothers.Org). The airplane is still widely used today and every day. As a result of the invention. Aircraft , Dayton, Ohio , English-language films 813 Words | 3 Pages. work.

But where did the first fairytales come from? No one really knows. Story telling began as an how to write narrative essay oral tradition and persuasive Windermere School fairy tales were a way to write essay College interest . children in these stories that would subconsciously teach them lessons for later in essay writing guides life. The Brothers Grimm wrote hundreds of fairy tales in their life time and in how to write a great essay College these works they used their childhood experiences and their creativity to mold these classic tales and make some of their own that would be passed on. Majority of these tales are the most. Brothers Grimm , Fairy tale , Family 2585 Words | 6 Pages. Medical Problem: High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Patient: Megan Crozier 1. Define the health issue (the impact on the body) ­ . Hypertension is persuasive essay Windermere School, sustained elevation of resting systolic BP (? 140 mm Hg), diastolic BP (? 90 mm Hg), or both. ­ High blood pressure is a common condition in which the force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease. ­ Blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood your heart pumps and the . Blood , Myocardial infarction 837 Words | 3 Pages. Decoding the Grimm Brothers Once Upon a Time is a very common introduction to a fairy tale. Many fairy tales are well known by people . throughout the narrative, globe. People may know these tales but they do not actually know what they mean.

The Grimm Brothers ’ fairy tales contain much symbolism and unique stylistic trends which have the ability to drastically change the meaning of each story that the brothers wrote. Some of these symbolic aspects include childhood innocence, justice and essay titles Windermere Preparatory vengeance. A common. Brothers Grimm , English-language films , Fairy tale 2114 Words | 5 Pages. In this particular essay, I am going to attempt to inform you about the disease called high blood pressure. In this three to four page report I . How To Essay D'Overbroeck's College. will discuss what causes it, how it can be treated and when you know it is too high. Hopefully, after reading this piece, you will be more aware of what high blood pressure is. Essay Guides Wycliffe College. To begin with, the disorder or disease that I will be doing my report on is High blood pressure; also known as hypertension. The system that the disorder comes from how to write a great narrative College, is the cardiovascular. Critical Thinking Anglia University. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Blood 823 Words | 3 Pages. donate blood . General Purpose: To persuade the audience why they should donate blood . Write A Great Essay College. Specific Purpose: To persuade the guides Wycliffe, . audience why they should donate blood by telling them some surprising statistics about donating blood and what they can do to help solve the problem.

I. How To Write A Great Narrative Essay D'Overbroeck's College. Introduction 1.Imagine your father has just suffered a heart attack and must undergo an open-hearth surgery. 2.imagine your little brother or sister was born with a heart defect and requires daily transfusions of blood in. Tips School College. Blood , Blood bank , Blood donation 551 Words | 3 Pages. When blood is removed from a vein, it is called venipuncture or phlebotomy. Venipuncture should be performed with care. The veins of a patient . are the main source of how to essay d'Overbroeck's specimens for testing, the entry point of persuasive essay titles Windermere medications, and the site for IVs and blood transfusions. Because there are only how to write essay d'Overbroeck's, a limited number of easily accessible veins in a patient, it is important that everything be done to Queen's College preserve their good condition and availability. Universal precautions should be observed at all times.

Gloves should. How To Write Essay D'Overbroeck's. Artery , Blood , Dorsal venous network of hand 1565 Words | 4 Pages. The Street Gang the Bloods Violence is a substantial problem that has attracted increased attention over the past decade. Many forms of . violence are seen on a daily basis however; street gang violence has grown to become the Monkton School, most pervasive form. Street gangs refer to groups of individuals who share a common identity and, in current usage, engage in illegal activities in a particular area. According to data presented by how to write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there are at essay School, least 30,000 street. How To A Great Narrative Essay D'Overbroeck's. Bloods , Crime , Crips 905 Words | 2 Pages.

Anatomy amp; Physiology II Summer II Kelsie Doran August 9, 2012 Describe Blood Clotting and When One or More Factors are Missing, What . Will Happen? Examples are needed Blood clotting also known as coagulation prevents excessive bleeding from taking place when a blood vessel is injured. Coagulation is a complex process that involves a cellular and a protein component. The blood clotting process involves blood changing from a liquid to critical thinking foundation University a solid. This process involves 20 different plasma proteins. Blood , Coagulation , Hematology 1809 Words | 5 Pages. A Great Narrative D'Overbroeck's College. Computation. The human heart | Normal heart soundsMENU0:00Normal heart sounds as heard with astethoscope | Problems listening to is the purpose School this file?

See media . help. How To College. | Real-time MRI of the human heart The heart is foundation, a hollow muscle that pumps blood throughout the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions. It is found in all animals with a circulatory system (including all vertebrates).[1] The term cardiac (as in cardiology) means related to the heart and comes from the Greek ??????, kardia, for. Artery , Blood , Cardiac anatomy 1972 Words | 6 Pages. In Dostoevsky’s novel “The Brothers Karamazov” Dostoevsky deals with numerous aspects of life. A Great. More importantly, the novel allows a glimpse . into the mind of essay tips school Hudson man and its response to a great narrative essay College the influence of good and evil in the form of death. The characters dismiss the reality of death in persuasive essay titles Windermere some way, and only those who can accept the suffering find justification. In addition to the theme of death, the novel acts as an autobiography of Dostoevsky, expounding his diverse beliefs and how to a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College values.

His ability to explain. Fyodor Dostoyevsky , Good and evil , Human 1122 Words | 3 Pages. ?Tiara Marquez Pr. Oldenburg HIS 122 11/19/13 Band of Brothers Summer, 1942 a group of is the purpose an essay Abingdon School citizen soldiers would embark on an adventure . none would soon forget. How To. Coming from all walks of life they all came together in Camp Toccoa, Georgia, where they would endure the most intense training of essay tips their lives; not only how to write essay College, was it intense but these brave Easy Company men, of the506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101at Airborne Division trained under the toughest officer imaginable Lt. Sobel. Luckily enough.

101st Airborne Division , Air assault , Airborne forces 981 Words | 4 Pages. Blood lactate profile report Trained -v- Untrained The purpose of articles to write this test was to determine individuals, (trained and untrained) lactate . Write A Great Narrative College. threshold and contoh text Combe subsequently interpret the results. This will allow for a comparison in how training affects the accumulation of blood lactate by using the results from the trained versus the untrained individual. When the rate of lactate production exceeds the rate of uptake, lactic acid accumulates in the blood volume, and then we see the onset of blood . Anaerobic exercise , Blood , Cardiac muscle 1466 Words | 5 Pages. Cerebral vascular accident or a stroke is the destruction of brain substance, resulting from thrombosis, intracranial hemorrhage, or embolism, which causes . vascular insufficiency. In addition, it is an area of the how to a great d'Overbroeck's, brain denied blood and oxygen that is required and thinking foundation Anglia Ruskin (Navitas) damage is done to a part of the narrative essay, cells. Critical Thinking Foundation Anglia (Navitas). The effect of the patient depends upon where the damage occurs and how to write a great essay College the severity of the stroke. Each year alone about 150,000 people in persuasive Windermere Preparatory America die from a stroke or are seriously disabled. Stroke. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Blood 1151 Words | 4 Pages.

Blood For Sale Plasma International Blood retail company is primarily buying and selling blood even . there’s a volunteer donations through out the USA and UK. I could definitely relate this company and Sol Levin to write d'Overbroeck's College egoistic theory. All company care about is to making the most profits possible from the blood sales. Especially they bought blood from the people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Some of these drug addicts might even have diseases like Aids if they share. Blood , Blood donation , Donation 404 Words | 3 Pages. ? Homeostasis: The process of the body maintaining a constant internal environment, despite any external changes. Homeostasis ensures that the following are . kept the same: Body temperature Amount of water in our body Blood glucose levels Breathing rate Heart rate How are things kept the what purpose of writing an essay, same? 1. Receptors: They detect a change in the things such as temperature 2. Processing: Centre receives information and how to write a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College coordinates a response 3. Effects: Produce a response that ensures our body temperature stays.

Blood , Capillary , Kidney 1028 Words | 4 Pages. Produce two flowcharts showing how a) salt and b) water are regulated by persuasive essay Windermere Preparatory the body. Meets 12/P2 Task 3: Write a single page (A4) document explaining the role . of write a great essay College hydrogen carbonate ions in maintaining the correct pH of the blood . This should include details of essay tips high Hudson how acid levels in the blood are detected and write narrative College regulated. Then add two questions at the end of the document to test that the new apprentices have understood your document. Meets 41/D1 Sources of information Lesson notes and worksheets Physiology. Acid , Blood , Distal convoluted tubule 638 Words | 6 Pages. ? On September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. With $639 billion in assets and $619 billion in debt, Lehman's bankruptcy . Critical Anglia. filing was the largest in history, as its assets far surpassed those of previous bankrupt giants such as WorldCom and Enron.

Lehman was the fourth-largest U.S. investment bank at a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's, the time of its collapse, with 25,000 employees worldwide. Lehman's demise also made it the largest victim, of the U.S. subprime mortgage-induced financial crisis that swept through global. Bear Stearns , Hedge fund , Lehman Brothers 1322 Words | 4 Pages. Blood Pressure Woes What supports the diagnosis of chronic renal failure instead of acute renal failure? Give reasons from George’s . history; his signs/symptoms. The terms acute and chronic are terms used by purpose of writing medical specialist to describe the a great narrative d'Overbroeck's College, amount of critical thinking University (Navitas) time that the illness as lasted. Chronic meaning a long time such as a month or longer while acute means a short period of time from days up to a couple of write a great College weeks. So the fact that George began noticing issues with his blood pressure. Blood , Chronic kidney disease , Dialysis 1144 Words | 4 Pages. Sepsis: Blood and Fluid Resuscitation. nurse’s role in the process. Sepsis is a complex disease, or response to a disease process that can lead to patient mortality rates up to critical thinking foundation Ruskin University 60%.

Gram negative . infectious organisms invade the blood stream, and activate a systemic response. This systemic response exacerbates the problem, leading to disproportionate blood flow, alterations in write a great essay tissue perfusion, and eventually multiple organ failure. Sepsis screening begins in the ER, signs and of writing an essay Abingdon School symptoms that are indicative of sepsis, or early indications of. Bacteremia , Blood , Immune system 1387 Words | 4 Pages. ?The skill I was observed on was for undertaking a blood pressure measurement. A Great. In undertaking this assignment, I have maintained . confidentiality and I asked the patient for her consent to carry out procedure for measuring blood pressure according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008). I was directly supervised and observed by foundation Anglia Ruskin my mentor for all the a great narrative College, activities undertaken.

I will discuss how I took blood pressure of a patient and further explain rationale behind doing specific way. I will. Artery , Blood , Blood pressure 943 Words | 3 Pages. ? Blood Flow Through The Human Body Amber N Culpepper Med 251 Clinical Skills Professor Cornett April 30, 2014 . This paper is submitted in partial fullfillment of the Associate of Science degree in the Medical Assisting program at Southern Technical College The heart is made up of four chambers the Right Atrium, Left Atrium, Right Ventricle Left Ventricle. Blood flows a particular path through. Artery , Blood , Blood vessel 536 Words | 4 Pages. 1.11 ‘ Brother ’ Smashproof Jacob Daly Introduction: The music video of ‘ Brother ’ by Smashproof and directed by contoh text School Chris Graham . has many different film tec hniques to help get across the how to a great narrative essay, message to the viewers during the music video. The main part of the visual text is to ask the essay College, people of South Auckland ‘Why are you doing this.’ The main idea is to change the how to write d'Overbroeck's College, way people live in South Auckland. I will be analysing six still shots from the ‘ Brother ’ music video, I will be explaining how the text. Bad , Boy , Brother 1069 Words | 3 Pages. The understanding of blood spatter patterns is not a widely recognized forensic practice.

Bloodstain pattern interpretation (BPI) is commonly . used in murder investigations, but could be utilized in everything from guides College, simple assault to mass murders if the number of trained professionals increased. BPI can reveal critical information into how to d'Overbroeck's College, reinventing a given crime scene. Everything from the number of blows, stabs or shots a victim was given, the persuasive Windermere Preparatory, movement that was undergone by the victim and assailant. Blood , Blood residue , Bloodstain 1554 Words | 5 Pages. you need to look at the first body system of musculoskeletal. Here you need to how to narrative essay College identify all of the essay writing tips school, acute changes that take place within this system and then . relate this to a sporting example. Some of the changes you need to how to narrative essay d'Overbroeck's discuss are: Increased blood supply, increase in muscle pliability, increased range of movement and muscle fibre micro tears.

Example Answer Increases the range of movement – when we start to exercise the movements of our joints means that synovial fluid starts to secrete. Blood , Cardiac muscle , Circulatory system 1193 Words | 5 Pages. Persuasive Windermere Preparatory School. Blood and Organism Physiology Paper. nervous system, reproductive system, Respiratory system, urinary system, and the vestibular system. • Circulatory system: pushing and directing plasma and . commencing the body and lungs with the central part of the human which is the write a great essay College, heart, and blood vessels. • Digestive System: ingestion and dispensation nourishment with salivary glands, throat, abdominal, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, your guts, rectum, and anus. 1. Endocannabinoid system: neuromodulator lipids and receptors intricate in. Blood , Circulatory system , Endocrine system 752 Words | 3 Pages. How Is Blood Pumped Throughout the Queen's College, Body. How To Write A Great Essay D'Overbroeck's College. Blood is pumped through the tips high school Hudson, body by the heart by two different circuits, one of the circuits in the systemic circuit and the second circuit is . the pulmonary circuit. A Great D'Overbroeck's College. The system circuit, starts via the left atrium and passing the mistral valve down into guides, the left ventricle. The ventricle will then contract shortly after the atria have started relaxing and followed by the closing of the atrioventricular valves, so blood does not back wash into the atrium.

Pressure will becoming higher in the left. Blood , Cardiac anatomy , Cardiovascular system 935 Words | 3 Pages. Hormones can react to increase blood pressure when it becomes low, the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system uses several ways . to temporarily increase blood pressure when it has dropped for example during the fight or flight response. During the response, the sympathetic division is needed to stimulate the d'Overbroeck's College, adrenal glands to release the hormones epinephrine and norepineprine which stimulate the high College, heart to beat faster and for blood to flow more forcefully, this effect makes most of the. Aldosterone , Blood , Blood pressure 719 Words | 3 Pages. Hypertension: Abnormal blood pressure above 120/80, Prehypertension systolic pressure ranging from how to write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, 120 to 139 mm Hg or a diastolic pressure . ranging from 90 to titles Windermere 99 mm Hg. Sage 1 Hypertension: Systolic pressure ranging from 140 to 159 mm Hg, diastolic pressure ranging from 90 to 99 mm Hg. Stage 2 Hypertension: Systolic pressure of 160 mm Hg or higher a diastolic pressure of how to write a great 100mm Hg or higher. ( blood -pressure ) Blood pressure is the amount of blood your heart pumps and. Artery , Atherosclerosis , Blood 1172 Words | 4 Pages. disability of organism to regulate the concentration of glucose in the blood . The level is under control of persuasive titles Preparatory insulin, a hormone which secreted . by ?-cells of Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. There is another hormone, which is secreted by ?-cells of this Islets, it is a glucagon.

These two hormones are maintains the homeostasis (stability in the body). So the ?-cells failure causes the how to write a great essay College, deficiency of released insulin into persuasive titles Preparatory School, the blood and how to write a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's glucose concentration increases, this may lead to the stroke, kidney. Blood , Cardiac muscle , Cellular differentiation 1571 Words | 5 Pages. Heart Sounds 21:1 Determining Blood Pressure 21:2 -Lab book report 1, 2 - do and turn in- get from blackboard (10 pts) **Take Computer . Physiology Online Quiz before next lab- 10pts No labs Jan. 20-22th- MLK holiday 1 Jan. Is The Abingdon. 27-29 Feb 3-5 Feb 10-12 LAB 3 (Quiz 2 on Ex.20- dissection, 21) Computerized Physiology Lab Lesson 5: ECG I (Components of ECG) - Turn in lab report (10 pts) LAB 4 (Quiz 3 on Computer Physiology Lesson 5) Anatomy of the blood vessels Cardiovascular Dynamics. Write A Great Narrative Essay D'Overbroeck's College. Anatomy , Biology , Blood 556 Words | 6 Pages. Synopsis Project : Blood Bank Management System INTRODUCTION: The project entitled BLOOD BANK MANAGEMENT is articles to write Queen's, a . pilot project for write a great narrative essay new Blood bank to be start soon in what of writing an essay Abingdon the city. The management planned this blood bank to operate on a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's the next month. They have a big plan to collect the blood from critical thinking foundation University (Navitas), many different sources and distribute the same for the needy.

To manage all these they require a full fledged software which will take care all these. PROJECT: BLOOD BANK MANAGEMENT is. .NET Framework , Blood , Blood type 844 Words | 5 Pages. movies, films, documentaries, and books on how to write a great narrative d'Overbroeck's these theories, each one trying to get a better understanding than the one before it on why our crime rate is of writing School, so . high. One of the documentaries is Crips and write a great essay College Bloods : Made in America. This was basically a documentary based on the history of the Crips and Bloods gangs in the United States, and just figuring out how they came to Windermere Preparatory School be. While watching this video you will feel insanely terrible for a great essay d'Overbroeck's the adolescent children growing up in such conditions; however, the. Bloods , Crime , Criminology 1576 Words | 4 Pages. ? Crips and Bloods Made in America Crips and Bloods Made in America To start with, a vast number of . neighborhoods suffer from gradual increase of thinking Ruskin University criminal activities. Black teenagers still build their own street-based gangs that provoke crime.

Nevertheless, there are number of social theories that can explain such behavior. The documentary filmed by Stacy Paraeta, named “Crips and Bloods : made in America” reveal some vital facts about the reasons of criminal behavior in. A Great Narrative Essay College. African American , Black people , Bloods 1346 Words | 4 Pages. Marathon Man - a Good Example a Bad One. two characters, building suspense and leading the critical thinking foundation Ruskin (Navitas), reader to wonder: what is the connection between these two men? The answer comes about a third of . the how to a great narrative College, way through the book.

It turns out that Scylla is Babe’s older brother . Babe, however, has no idea what his older brother actually does for a living. High School. While visiting Babe in how to write a great d'Overbroeck's New York City, Scylla is murdered by a rival assassin and what of writing an essay dies in Babe’s arms. However, the how to write, killer believes that Scylla told Babe about essay writing tips College a hidden stash of diamonds just. Brothers , Character , English-language films 946 Words | 3 Pages.

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Make Money Online – Earn Money Online Magazine. Education is not only write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College a name for all round development of human personality but also an effective means for national and social progress. Articles Queen's College! Not only does it mould the character of new generations. It also connects them with their past because no future can be brighter if divorced from its past. Education is the only means of transmitting cultural heritages from one generation to the next one. How To A Great! The pivot of this education process is teacher who is writing College also responsible for the education process and a great development of human personality. The role of a teacher is very significant in essay writing guides Wycliffe College, our home land-Pakistan. Which is a strong and stable ideological base? Here the responsibility of how to write a great narrative essay College a teacher becomes manifold. He has to train the new generation on ideological lines and College he is also entrusted with the responsibility of enabling them to accept the challenges of write a great narrative modern times.

This can be possible only to write Queen's College if his/her own ideological background is steeped in the undying values of Islam and he has a strong grasp of the art of teaching. Write A Great D'Overbroeck's College! Before embraking upon the ideological role he is to play. From a practical and School ideological point of view. He/ she is how to d'Overbroeck's not only to be open-minded but should have also a strong ideological base he has to be well versed in the practical aspects of teaching. For an under training teacher. It is very important to train him on ideological lines.

For meeting these specific goals, it is important that there should be an institution. Which can train teachers on lines? Government Elementary Teachers Training College is such an institution that has been catering to the training needs of Dera Ghazi Khan divisions. In the beginning it was established as “Normal School D.G.Khan”. Then it was named as “Govt.

Elementary Teachers Training College D.G.Khan”. Guides College! In the beginning B.Ed classes were taught. But now M.Ed classes have also been introduced in this college. In B.Ed programme there are 200 seats for male and female. Science and arts divided equally. Write Essay D'Overbroeck's! But in M.Ed programme 100 seats are reserved for morning and evening class without discriminating male and female applicants. Good institutions always appraise their programmers and follow up their products i.e therefore.

Researcher preferred the follow-up study of M.Ed graduates of Govt. Elementary Teachers Training College D.G.Khan because follow up studies are conducted to see the effectiveness, of the outcomes and results of any programme. Mistily such type of studies is conducted in critical thinking Ruskin University, he field of guidance. Counseling, and placement. The institute of Education and narrative College Research (I.E.R) University of the Punjab, Lahore is the pioneer institute in Punjab, which has conducted the follow up studies of its graduates to see the placement value. Essay Titles Preparatory! Studies of its graduates to see the placement value, Govt. Elementary Teachers Training College D.G.Khan has M.Ed programme.

It is considered seriously that such a study must be conducted to write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, find the of writing Abingdon School, placement of its graduates and appraisal of the programme. The problem proposed for investigation as a follow up of the graduates of how to a great narrative essay Govt. Elementary Teachers Training College, D.G.Khan. De-limitation of the problem. Four divisions out of eight selected randomly. Wycliffe College! Thirty-four students out of 250 were selected by use of how to write essay College convenient sampling from session 2005-2006. The study is further delimited to the investigation of respondents. Job satisfaction.

Professional growth. Usefulness of Govt. Elementary Teachers Training College, D.G.Khan programme. Satisfaction with the financial benefits of M.Ed. Degree. Contribution to the general cause of writing tips school education. The attitude of the headmaster’s pupils, parents, community and colleagues towards the graduates.

Economic or financial benefits of the degree. Participation of the graduates in educational and related activities and; Professional growth of the graduates. signigicance of the study. This study is significant as it attempts to answer the following questions: i) What is the placement position of the M.Ed (Secondary) graduates of Govt. Write A Great Essay D'Overbroeck's! Elementary Teachers Training College D.G.Khan. ii) To what extend graduates of Govt. Critical Thinking Foundation Anglia! Elementary Teachers Training College D.G.Khan are succeeded in realization of the objectives for which they were prepared and trained at Govt. Elementary Teachers Training College, D.G.Khan. What are problems and difficulties faced by the Govt.

Elementary Teachers Training College D.G.Khan graduates in the field in the pursuit of these objectives? Is study may provide information about the performance of M.Ed (Secondary) graduates of Govt. Elementary Teachers Training College D.G.Khan working in different schools. This study may provide feed back for education department and Govt. Elementary Teachers Training College, D.G.Khan to improve M.Ed (Secondary) programme. This study was further intended to make suggestions and recommendations regarding the improving in the M.Ed (Secondary) programme. How To Write D'Overbroeck's! The study may help in further research. Going through the following steps completed the study: The related literature was reviewed. The questionnaire was developed under supervisor’s guidance and was validated through expert’s opinion. Name and addresses of selected M.Ed graduates from 1192to 1998 were obtained from the college record.

The data was collected through personal contact from the subjects of the study residing in traveling range. Questionnaire was mailed to tips College, the subject of the study residing at distant places along with the purposed of the study. A reminder was sent to the defaulters to send back the filled in questionnaires. The data collected as presented and tabulated. It was analyzed by applying simple percentage and interpreted. There is a dearth of literature about following facilities. However, in the literature available about how to write essay d'Overbroeck's, follow-up study, Mr. Morris L. Bigg has defined it as follow up study is a research activity, guidance and purpose of writing an essay Abingdon counselor develop follow-up studies as a systematic programme for maintaining content with their former students and clients (6:4) Generally speaking follow-up study is a programme of continuous evaluation of the programmes and individuals with regular intervals of time.

Procedures of follow-up studies have always a very logical connection with the how to College, original programme. It represents and evaluation of the success of the entire programme under study. Thus follow up study of former students infect is and interesting and essay tips high Hudson College significant function of write a great narrative essay College any school programme. Lefever says that, there are two essential aspects of is the purpose of writing follow-up procedure. A Questionnaire to all formers students, weather graduates or drop-outs or weather placed in job or not. A check among employers regarding their degree of satisfaction with products of write a great narrative College school or programme (8:546:). Follow-up is more closely concerned wit school. The follow up counseling and guidance programmers.

Medanil has stated that process for school counselor involves occasional investigation of the subsequent records of professional value for the counselor. Teacher and students (10: 15). Follow-up studies are widely used in different areas for different purposes. Some of such purposes are as follows: 1) To evaluate the activities of the school particularly to judge the curriculum, administration and level of achievement of school. 2) To evaluate the guidance and counseling programme. 3) To evaluate placement poison and performance of tips school College former students. Follow-up study can also be used to College, identify those former students in need of further assistance from the school (11: 15). Follow-up studies usually provide accurate information in concentration with curriculum.

These studies provide accurate information concerning vocational, avenges, economic opportunities and social status. Green made use of follow-up study as research valuable out and causes failure (11: 6). Kelly maintained that, “The results of follow-up study can be used to substantiate that proposed changes in the school programme”. The results can also be used for essay writing College the following purposes. To improve the public relations. To increase the essay, public motivation. To provide content for class and for home work. To provide material for discussions and units of essay writing school Hudson work on occupations. (6: 159).

Follow-up study is conducted to determine the status of a group of interest after some period of time. How To D'Overbroeck's! Like school surveys follow-up studies are often conducted by educational institutions for the purpose of high Hudson College internal or external evaluation of their instructional programmers or some aspect of it. Accreditation agencies for example typically require systematic follow-up efforts typically seek objective information regarding the how to narrative d'Overbroeck's, current status of the former students (are you presently employed?) as well as attitudinal and opinion data concerning the graduates perception of persuasive titles Preparatory there training if a majority of graduates should indicate, for example’ that they fell the a great d'Overbroeck's, career counseling they receive was poor, this finding would suggest an tips high school Hudson, area in of improvement. Similarly, if a number of how to write narrative graduates should indicate that they have unable to obtain employment due to a lack of certain competencies. This information would also be valuable input for riview text Monkton Combe School the upgrading for the upgrading of the programme interest. Follow-up studies may be conducted solely for write a great d'Overbroeck's College research purpose. A researcher may be interested, for example, in assessing the degree to which initial treatment effects have been maintained overtime (3: 253-253). Project Talent (1965) was a follow-up survey conducted by University of Pittsburgh with support from the co-operative research program of the writing, U.S office of education, the national Institute of health, the national science foundation, and the department of defense. Five basic purposes of the study wee mentioned by this survey.

To obtained an inventory of the narrative, capacities and potentialities of American youth. To establish a set of standards for Educational Psychological measurement. To provide a comprehensive counseling guide indicating patterns of titles Windermere Preparatory career success. To provide information on how to write how youth choose their life work. To provide better understanding of the educational experiences which prepare students for their life work. Project talent descried as an example of educational survey as well as a follow-up study. One phase of the longitudinal study reported by Combs and Colley (1968) involved the follow-up study of the ninth-grade group who failed to complete the high school programme. This group, which represented by random sample of the ninth grade secondary school population, provides an essay, estimate of the characteristics of the dropout population compared with those of a random sample of students who graduated but did not enter a junior college or A-year learning of higher. Learning, these two samples were compared on number of characteristics. How To Write A Great! Such as, academic achievement, participation in extra-curricular activities work experiences, hobbies, contacts with school counselors, and writing Wycliffe College self reported personal qualities.

The students who graduated score significantly higher on most of the characteristics, except self-reported qualities of leadership and impulsiveness. One unusual finding indicated that the dropouts earned as much as those who had finished high school and had been earning it longer. It was pointed out, however, that economic advantages of finishing high school could not be adequately evaluated until later in how to narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, life. Many of the students expressed dis-staisfaction with their schooling and they had not gone to college or vocational school and those they has married too early. More that half still lives within 30 miles of their high schools. Hudson College! The more mobile halves wee the high academic achievers.

Eighty percent of the men but only 65 percent of the women, expressed satisfaction with their jobs in meeting their long-range goals. (5: 87-88). Mr. How To Essay College! Michael Emmanuel Paradise of Colorado state college conducted a follow-up study of the college mathematics graduates in 1959. The purposes of the study were: To ascertain the effectiveness of the titles Preparatory, mathematics programme of the Colorado state college. To identify the strength in weakness of its preparatory programme for mathematics teachers. To study the general, professional, social and vocational adjustment of the how to write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, graduates. The researcher with the consultation of the mathematical Facility of Colorado State College developed a questionnaire.

The questionnaire was mailed to students who had majored in mathematics. It was completed and returned by what is the purpose an essay 30% of the graduates. The graduates were in general stable individual in terms of family life, social, vocational and professional status. The graduates were in general satisfied with the services in the college. The method course for write d'Overbroeck's mathematics majors and the student teaching supervision needed improvement. The mathematics curriculum for secondary school teachers was adequate except in the area of applied mathematics (9: 42-47). Mr. Gerald Modesty of Indiana University conducted an appraisal of the writing high school, programme leading to the Doctor of Education degree at Indiana University based on a follow-up study of its graduates in 1962. The purposes of this study were:

To evaluate quality and effectiveness of the programme leading to Doctor of Education Degree at Indiana University. To make recommendations for how to write the strengthening of that programme based on the findings of the study. Data was gathered through questionnaire from the graduates who received their degree during the articles to write Queen's, years 1950-60. It includes 445 graduates in the group to how to write a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's, be studied, 417 i.e. 97% of persuasive Windermere Preparatory School these completed and returned the questionnaire. Graduates had broad and varied background of professional and educational experience. Write A Great! Most graduates combined teaching or administration with other professional activities.

Graduates hold many important position of trust and responsibility and a reasonably well paid in their professional field. Graduates are reasonably satisfied with their professional, social and financial status. The doctoral programmer held in high esteem by most of the graduates (4: 14-31). Mr. Arthur Engel of Colorado state college conducted a follow-up study to evaluate the teacher education programme at Huron College to supply information about the essay guides College, effectiveness of its person programme. The population of the study included the students, who had graduated between June 1961-june 1964. The purpose of follow-up-study wee as follow: To obtain an appraisal of how to a great narrative essay each graduate’s general academic background, teaching abilities and social characteristics. To evaluate these data and recommend desirable revision or continuation of practices as valuable. This research was conducted through the administration of questionnaire 87% of the graduates responded.

The majority of graduates believed that were adequately prepared to teach and to meet the problem, which arose in the classroom. More than two-third of the graduates considered there on the job teaching is a greater factor than the under graduate preparation at Huron College in essay writing guides Wycliffe, making them effective teachers (1: 52-62). Miss Perveen Sheikh conducted “A follow-up study of the Master of Arts (M.A) Education Graduates of institute of Education Research, Punjab University Lahore in June 1965. i) To determine whether the graduates are satisfied with their present job or not. ii) To find if the how to a great narrative College, Master of Arts in articles to write, education programme contribute toward proceeding leader in how to write a great narrative College, the field of education. The following procedure was adopted: A questionnaire was developed to gather data need for the study from the graduates of institute of education and research University of the Punjab, Lahore who hold the degree of Master of Arts in critical thinking Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), Education. Names and list of the home addresses of the graduates were secured from the Central Record Office of the institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

It was mailed along with stamped and self addressed envelopes tom each graduate who was out of Lahore. The researcher herself met the few graduates who were in Lahore, though if was not easy to contact them. No remainders were sent as the graduates were coming to attend the annual conversation to contact them personally. 1) The graduates were scattered in the types of schools. It was that those graduates in the semi government or private schools got comparatively more pay, more adjusted and more satisfied to their jobs. 2) It was also found that the Master of Arts in Education programme contributed towards procedure producing leaders in the field of how to a great essay College education a Assistant District inspector of schools (11: 6,7,21,22). Miss Rubina Hussain conducted “A follow-up study of female graduates from Lady Meclagan Training College, Lahore for the year 1966-68 in 1970.

the specific objectives of the study. 1) The determine the unemployment status of the graduates. 2) To determine the ratio of the Queen's College, graduates still unemployed and the reasons for they’re being unemployment. The information was collected by mailing a questionnaire to write essay, the home address of the of writing an essay School, graduates wee passed out from Lady Maciagan Training College, Lahore from 1966-68. The questionnaire was developed in such a way that comprehensive information regarding the mode of employment of the graduates could be obtained. It may also be mentioned that duly stamped envelopes wee also enclosed with the questionnaire for returning the same of the author. Moreover, two subsequent remainders were also sent to the graduates after an interval of ten days in each case. Major findings of this study were as follows: Out of the total respondents 61.2% were employed and 38.8% were unemployed.

Out of the write narrative, total 61.2% employed graduates 71.1% employed in their home districts and essay writing Wycliffe College 29.9% were employed in other districts. The highest proportion of the graduates, i.e. A Great College! 44.9% was unemployed because they had not succeeded in the getting a job. The smallest proportion, i.e. 1.4% worker as A.D. Social Workers and guidance associates. Out of those who wee in teaching profession 7.2% was Assistant Mistresses, 17.3% were Headmistresses 1.4% were lecturers. The study shows that 50% of the employed graduates were in government service and 32.5% and 17.4% were in private and essay tips school Hudson semi-government employment respectively. It was found that only 38.5% employed graduates were satisfied with their present job and 61.5% dissatisfied.

The highest proportion i.e. 56.4% of the employed graduates were dissatisfied with their present job because of in how to College, sufficient salary and essay tips school Hudson College the second most important reason was place of work being far away from home, 44.9% had given this reason. The smallest proportion i.e. Write Essay College! 5.1% was dissatisfied with their present jobs. Because of non co-operative attitude of the inhabitants of that locality and 5.1% also due to ask of contoh riview interest in this profession. Ch. Khadim Hussain conducted “A follow-up study of M.Ed. (primary secondary) graduates of institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore” in 1975. the purposes of the study to how to a great d'Overbroeck's, investigate. Job satisfaction of the persuasive Preparatory School, graduates of institute of Education and Research, Lahore. The attitude of the graduates of institute of Education and write narrative essay College Research Lahore towards their profession. Usefulness of the courses studied by the graduates of writing tips school Hudson institute of Education and how to write a great Research, Lahore.

Economic or financial benefits of the degree. A questionnaire was developed by the researcher to collect data needed for the follow-up study of the M.Ed. Contoh Text School! (primary and secondary) graduates of the institute of Education and Research, Lahore. The researcher collected the questionnaire personally from some of the graduates, the others were received back through mail. A Great! The data were thus analyzed and findings were drawn. Findings of the study were as follows:

Majority of the respondents indicated job satisfaction. Most of the graduates under study were satisfied with courses taught at institute of Education and Research, Lahore. Fairly large number of the respondents observed that the teaching methods learnt at the institute of Education and Research, Lahore were applicable in actual classroom situation. Some of the respondents observed that the higher authorities. Some times display cynical attitude towards them. The graduates of institute of Education and is the School Research, Lahore was in lack of both financial benefits and write a great narrative chances of promotion in the department concerned on the account of the degree (7: 8,9,30,31). A team of students of Government College of Education for persuasive essay titles School Science Township, Lahore conducted a follow-up study of the B.S.Ed. graduates of their own college in 1989. the objectives of the how to a great essay, study were. To know the essay writing Hudson, placement position of B.S.Ed graduates. To know the total number of students who successfully completed the B.S.Ed. How To Write A Great Essay D'Overbroeck's! course from 1983 to 1988 in Punjab.

To know the performance of B.S.Ed. graduates. The data was collected through a questionnaire from the 343 passed out male and female B.S.Ed graduates of the Government College of Education for Science Town ship, Lahore of the first five session’s i.e. from 180-83 to 1985-888. The team collected the questionnaire personally from some of the graduates. Articles To Write! The others were received back through mali. How To A Great Narrative! The data were thus analyzed and findings were drawn. Majority of graduates who applied for job was selected. Majority of the students i.e. 94% was employed as S.S.T teacher in B.P.S-16 in Education Department.

Almost all the B.S.Ed. graduates wee teaching science subjects to science and arts group at secondary level. A few were also teaching to middle classes. The performance of the graduates as indicated by is the of writing an essay School their results was quite encouraging. The results was of how to write a great essay all the graduates ranged between 80 = 90% (2: 21,22) M. Aslam conducted a follow-up study of B.S.Ed Graduates of of Sargodha and Fiasalabad Division of Government College of Education for writing school Hudson 5 science Township, Lahore in 1983. objectives of the study were: To assess the total number of students/ graduates who successfully completed B.S.Ed course from 1989 to 1991 in how to a great essay, Faisalabad and what purpose Sargodha Division in different years.

Assess the placement position of B.S.Ed graduates. How To A Great Narrative D'Overbroeck's! To assess the performance of B.S.Ed graduates. The data was collected through a questionnaire from all passed out persuasive Windermere Preparatory School, 31 male and female students of B.S.Ed programme at Government College of Education for Science Township, Lahore residing in Faisalabad and Sargodha Division. A few contacted personally. Questionnaire was mailed to all graduates with a stamped and self-addressed envelope. The data collected was analyzed, organized and tabulated. The consuls on were drawn. There were 28 graduates of Faisalabad and 3 graduates of Sargodha Division who successfully completed B.S.Ed. course from 1989 to 1991 majority of the graduates got through the B.S.Ed. course in normal course time.

A few made one or two extra attempts. Majority of graduates who applied for job wee not selected. Majority of the graduates 5 i.e. A Great Essay D'Overbroeck's! 71.42% was employed as S.S.T. teachers in B.P.S-16 in articles, Education Department. Write D'Overbroeck's! Mostly 5 i.e. 71.42 graduates received the foundation Ruskin, job after the declaration of B.S.Ed. result. However, there were few examples of those 2 i.e. 28.57% who received job few months before B.S.Ed. How To Write Narrative! result. Almost all B.S.Ed. Thinking Foundation Ruskin! graduates were teaching science subjects to science and how to write a great d'Overbroeck's arts group at secondary school level. A few were also teaching to middle classes. The performance of all the graduates s indicated by their result was quite encouraging.

The result was of all the graduates ranged between 80 = 90% (2: 6,7,8,38,39). Can you plz give me the cover page nd bibliography of this thesis coz i need this for my assignment i wana evaluate and summarize this thesis plz reply watting for ur ans. Enter your email address below to receive updates whenever we publish new content.

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A Comparison of Realism in Uncle Vanya and A Doll#x27;s House Essay. A play serves as the author's tool for critiquing society. One rarely encounters the essay ability to transcend accepted social beliefs. These plays reflect controversial issues that the audience can relate to because they interact in articles Queen's the same situations every day. As late nineteenth century playwrights point out the flaws of mankind they also provide an answer to the controversy. Unknowingly the hero or heroine solves the problem at the end of the play and indirectly sends a message to the audience on how to solve their own problem.

Realism in A Doll#x27;s House Essay examples. Write A Great Narrative Essay D'Overbroeck's! Holst, a member of the Christiana Theatre, Ibsen says that every scene and every picture ought as far as possible to be a reflection of reality. There must be equal truth to life on all counts. (Ibsen.Net) When one thinks Ibsenism, one thinks realism. In a letter written to Hans Schroeder, Director of the Christiana Theatre, Ibsen stresses, truth to life - the illusion that everything is real and that one is sitting watching something that is taking place in real life. He goes on to say, every A Comparison of Antigone and A Doll#x27;s House Essay. In A Doll's House, Nora too must decide where the line between right and wrong is drawn. In order to save her husband's life, Nora forges her father's name on a promissory note. Writing Guides College! Both women thus break the law using similar justifications. Antigone does so under the write a great essay d'Overbroeck's College premise that the school Gods dictated that all men deserved a proper burial. Likewise, Nora commits her crime with the belief that since it is saving a life, her situation is an exception to the rules.

The leading men in both works A Comparison of Irony in write essay d'Overbroeck's Crime and Punishment and A Doll#x27;s House. In A Doll's House the reader is Windermere aware that Nora borrowed money from Krogstad without her husband's permission. Essay! Nora also forged her father's name to gain the money. She says, You don't know all. I forged a name. (Isben 44) In the riview Monkton Combe School following conversation between Nora and Christine it is clearly stated that Torvald does not know of Nora's actions: Mrs. Linde. And since then have you never told your secret to your husband? Nora. Good heavens, no! (Isben 13) Another example of how to d'Overbroeck's, dramatic irony

A Comparison of Moral Conflict in critical foundation (Navitas) Antigone and A Doll#x27;s House. oppose the state's laws, and should just follow them, but then they will never get to have their own beliefs and never have a better understanding of themselves in how to write essay College the end. In Antigone there is the state and its laws, but in A Doll's House we see more of the society, and the laws it enforces on the individual. The society's rules prevent the characters from seeing and expressing their true nature. When Krogstad tells Nora that the law takes no account of good motives, she cries, A Comparison of Gender-Roles in A Doll#x27;s House and A Streetcar named Desire. caring for the children, doing housework, and working on her needlepoint. A problem with her responsibilities is that her most important obligation is to please Torvald, making her role similar to that of a slave. The problem in A Doll's House lies not only with Torvald, but also with the entire Victorian society. Females were confined in every way imaginable. When Torvald does not immediately offer to help Nora after Krogstad threatens to expose her, Nora realizes that there is foundation Anglia a Realism and Ibsen#x27;s a Doll#x27;s House Essay. Torvald wants Nora to know that he is the one “on top” in the relationship; he is the bread winner, the man, and the more powerful person. He is always trying to suppress Nora and keep her dominance over him at write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's bay. Not only must women be submissive to articles Queen's College their husbands but they were expects to a great narrative be obedient to him as well.

Torvald is always telling this wife not to eat her favorite treat, macaroons, because her teeth with rot and fall out. When Nora buys the dessert in town, she hides them from Torvald A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen Essay. In Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House, pointedly captures the reality of the Victorian Era within the play. Nora Helmer, the protagonist of the story, represents the typical women in writing high school Hudson College society during that era. The audience’s first impression of Nora is a money obsessed, childish, obedient house wife to her husband, Torvald Helmer. How To Write A Great Narrative D'Overbroeck's! However, as the what is the an essay School play progresses one can see that Nora is far from being that typical ideal trophy wife, she is an write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College impulsive liar who goes against society’s norm to persuasive Preparatory School be whom Symbolism of Houses in a great College A Doll#x27;s House and A Rose For Emily Essay. The pairing of the contoh text Combe symbols of the house and the character Emily is write a great similar to critical Ruskin the way that Mansfield portrays Kezia and the dollhouse.

Kezia is one of the how to a great narrative essay College central images in essay tips Hudson College the story; she symbolizes the silent opposing side to the influence of a social hierarchy. The story deals with the division of social and economic classes, and narrative essay d'Overbroeck's it is greatly amplified with the simplified setting of contoh riview text Monkton Combe School, a childhood peer group. Mansfield uses the dollhouse to symbolize all of narrative essay College, society. The higher-class, the Burnells A Doll#x27;s House and essay writing guides Wycliffe the House of Bernarda Alba Essay. (Lorca 142) Likewise, Nora of Doll’s House assumes the write essay d'Overbroeck's mask of her husband Torvald’s “pretty little thing” (Ibsen 22), a “little squirrel” (Ibsen 46), and a submissive “dolly-wife.” (Ibsen 82) She does so because Torvald expects her to guides Wycliffe College accept that he is right in write narrative College not indulging her “little whims” (Ibsen 21) and expects her to see her “dancing” and “reciting” (Ibsen 22) as per his wishes – he expects her to be a doll under his control. So, she finds “a way [herself]” (Ibsen 21) – the way of deception Essay on Henrik Isben#x27;s A Doll#x27;s House. you would have it so. You and to write College father have done me a great wrong. It’s your fault that my life has been wasted…[O]ur house has been nothing but a play-room. D'Overbroeck's College! Here I have been your doll-wife, just as at home I used to be papa’s doll-child…I thought it fun when you played with me… Here, Nora pulls together the tragic circumstances.

She sees that she was never truly happy in the house, just content. Her father kept her as a child would a doll, and Torvald continued this when they were married. They formed

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essay on cyber dom Freedom of Expression on the Internet. By William Fisher. Last Updated June 14, 2001. The Internet offers extraordinary opportunities for speakers, broadly defined. Political candidates, cultural critics, corporate gadflies -- anyone who wants to express an opinion about anything -- can make their thoughts available to a world-wide audience far more easily than has ever been possible before. A large and growing group of Internet participants have seized that opportunity. Some observers find the resultant outpouring of speech exhilarating. They see in it nothing less than the narrative d'Overbroeck's College revival of democracy and the restoration of Ruskin, community. Other observers find the amount -- and, above all, the kind of speech -- that the Internet has stimulated offensive or frightening.

Pornography, hate speech, lurid threats -- these flourish alongside debates over the future of the Democratic Party and exchanges of views concerning flyfishing in Patagonia. This phenomenon has provoked various efforts to limit the kind of how to narrative essay, speech in which one may engage on the Internet -- or to develop systems to filter out the articles Queen's College more offensive material. This module examines some of the legal issues implicated by the increasing bitter struggle between the advocates of free speech and the advocates of how to essay College, filtration and control. Before plunging into the details of the proliferating controversies over freedom of writing school College, expression on the Internet, you need some background information on two topics. The first and more obvious is the how to write narrative d'Overbroeck's College Free-Speech Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The relevance and authority of the First Amendment should not be exaggerated; as several observers have remarked, on essay writing tips high school Hudson the Internet, the First Amendment is just a local ordinance. However, free-expression controversies that arise in the United States inevitably implicate the Constitution. Write A Great Essay. And the arguments deployed in the course of American First-Amendment fights often inform or infect the handling of free-expression controversies in other countries. College. The upshot: First-Amendment jurisprudence is worth studying. Unfortunately, that jurisprudence is how to essay College large and essay tips school arcane.

The relevant constitutional provision is simple enough: Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the how to College press . . .. But the case law that, over persuasive Windermere School, the course of the twentieth century, has been built upon this foundation is complex. An extremely abbreviated outline of the how to a great narrative d'Overbroeck's College principal doctrines would go as follows: If a law gives no clear notice of the kind of speech it prohibits, it?s void for vagueness. If a law burdens substantially more speech than is necessary to tips high Hudson advance a compelling government interest, it?s unconstitutionally overbroad. A government may not force a person to endorse any symbol, slogan, or pledge. Governmental restrictions on the time, place, and manner in how to narrative College, which speech is permitted are constitutional if and only if: they are content neutral, both on thinking foundation Anglia (Navitas) their face and as applied; they leave substantial other opportunities for speech to take place; and they narrowly serve a significant state interest. On state-owned property that does not constitute a public forum, government may restrict speech in any way that is reasonable in light of the nature and purpose of the property in write a great d'Overbroeck's, question.

Content-based governmental restrictions on speech are unconstitutional unless they advance a compelling state interest. To this principle, there are six exceptions: 1. Essay Wycliffe College. Speech that is likely to lead to imminent lawless action may be prohibited. 2. Fighting words -- i.e., words so insulting that people are likely to fight back -- may be prohibited. 3. Obscenity -- i.e., erotic expression, grossly or patently offensive to an average person, that lacks serious artistic or social value -- may be prohibited. 4. Child pornography may be banned whether or not it is legally obscene and whether or not it has serious artistic or social value, because it induces people to engage in lewd displays, and the creation of it threatens the a great narrative College welfare of children. 5. Defamatory statements may be prohibited. (In other words, the making of such statements may constitutionally give rise to contoh text Monkton Combe civil liability.) However, if the target of the defamation is a public figure, she must prove that the defendant acted with malice. If the target is not a public figure but the statement involved a matter of how to write essay d'Overbroeck's, public concern, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant acted with negligence concerning its falsity. 6. Commercial Speech may be banned only if it is misleading, pertains to illegal products, or directly advances a substantial state interest with a degree of suppression no greater than is reasonably necessary.

If you are familiar with all of these precepts -- including the various terms of art and ambiguities they contain -- you're in good shape. If not, you should read some more about the First Amendment. Titles. A thorough and insightful study of the how to a great narrative field may be found in Lawrence Tribe, American Constitutional Law (2d ed.), chapter 12. Good, less massive surveys may be found at the websites for The National Endowment for the Arts and the Cornell University Legal Information Institute. The second of the two kinds of contoh Combe School, background you might find helpful is a brief introduction to the current debate among academics over the character and desirability of what has come to be called cyberdemocracy. Until a few years ago, many observers thought that the Internet offered a potential cure to the related diseases that have afflicted most representative democracies in write narrative College, the late twentieth century: voter apathy; the narrowing of the range of political debate caused in what purpose an essay, part by the inertia of a system of political parties; the growing power of the media, which in write narrative, turn seems to reduce discussion of complex issues to a battle of sound bites; and the increasing influence of private corporations and other sources of wealth. Essay College. All of these conditions might be ameliorated, it was suggested, by the ease with which ordinary citizens could obtain information and then cheaply make their views known to one another through the how to write essay College Internet. A good example of this perspective is a recent article by persuasive titles Windermere Preparatory, Bernard Bell, where he suggests that ?[t]he Internet has, in how to a great essay d'Overbroeck's, many ways, moved society closer to the ideal Justice Brennan set forth so eloquently in New York Times v. Sullivan. It has not only made debate on public issues more 'uninhibited, robust, and wide-open,' but has similarly invigorated discussion of non-public issues. By the what is the of writing an essay same token, the write narrative College Internet has empowered smaller entities and even individuals, enabling them to widely disseminate their messages and, indeed, reach audiences as broad as those of established media organizations.?

Recently, however, this rosy view has come under attack. The Internet, skeptics claim, is not a giant town hall. The kinds of information flows and discussions it seems to foster are, in some ways, disturbing. One source of trouble is that the Internet encourages like-minded persons (often geographically dispersed) to essay Preparatory cluster together in bulletin boards and other virtual clubs. When this occurs, the participants tend to reinforce one another's views. The resultant group polarization can be ugly. More broadly, the Internet seems at a great College, least potentially corrosive of persuasive essay Windermere Preparatory, something we have long taken for granted in how to write College, the United States: a shared political culture. When most people read the same newspaper or watch the same network television news broadcast each day, they are forced at least to glance at stories they might fight troubling and become aware of persons and groups who hold views sharply different from their own. The Internet makes it easy for people to avoid such engagement -- by Windermere School, enabling people to how to a great narrative d'Overbroeck's College select their sources of what is the of writing, information and their conversational partners. The resultant diminution in the power of a few media outlets pleases some observers, like Peter Huber of the Manhattan Institute.

But the how to write narrative concomitant corrosion of community and shared culture deeply worries others, like Cass Sunstein of the University of Chicago. An excellent summary of the riview text literature on this issue can be found in a recent New York Times article by Alexander Stille. If you are interested in how to write College, digging further into these issues, we recommend the following books: Cass Sunstein, (Princeton Univ. Press 2001) Peter Huber, Law and riview text Monkton School Disorder in Cyberspace: Abolish the F.C.C. and Let Common Law Rule the Telecosm (Oxford Univ. Press 1997) Andrew Shapiro, The Control Revolution (Public Affairs 2000) To test some of these competing accounts of the how to write a great essay d'Overbroeck's character and persuasive essay Preparatory School potential of discourse on the Internet, we suggest you visit - or, better yet, participate in - some of the sites at write d'Overbroeck's College, which Internet discourse occurs. Here's a sampler:

1. Restrictions on Pornography. Three times in the past five years, critics of pornography on the Internet have sought, through federal legislation, to prevent children from critical Anglia (Navitas) gaining access to write a great narrative d'Overbroeck's it. The first of these efforts was the foundation (Navitas) Communications Decency Act of narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, 1996 (commonly known as the critical foundation University (Navitas) CDA), which (a) criminalized the knowing transmission over how to a great narrative essay, the Internet of essay writing school College, obscene or indecent messages to any recipient under 18 years of age and (b) prohibited the write knowin[g] sending or displaying to a person under 18 of any message that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards, sexual or excretory activities or organs. Persons and organizations who take good faith, . . . effective . . . actions to restrict access by minors to is the purpose of writing an essay School the prohibited communications, or who restricted such access by requiring certain designated forms of age proof, such as a verified credit card or an adult identification number, were exempted from write narrative essay these prohibitions. The CDA was widely critized by civil libertarians and soon succumbed to a constitutional challenge. In 1997, the United States Supreme Court struck down the statute, holding that it violated the First Amendment in several ways: because it restricted speech on the basis of its content, it could not be justified as a time, place, and critical thinking foundation Anglia University manner regulation; its references to how to narrative College indecent and patently offensive messages were unconstitutionally vague; its supposed objectives could all be achieved through regulations less restrictive of speech; it failed to exempt from its prohibitions sexually explicit material with scientific, educational, or other redeeming social value. Two aspects of the Court's ruling are likely to have considerable impact on future constitutional decisions in this area. First, the Court rejected the Government's effort to analogize the Internet to traditional broadcast media (especially television), which the Court had previously held could be regulated more strictly than other media. Unlike TV, the Court reasoned, the tips Hudson Internet has not historically been subject to extensive regulation, is not characterized by a limited spectrum of available frequencies, and is not invasive. Consequently, the Internet enjoys full First-Amendment protection.

Second, the Court encouraged the development of technologies that would enable parents to write a great College block their children's access to Internet sites offering kinds of material the parents deemed offensive. A year later, pressured by vocal opponents of Internet pornography -- such as Enough is Enough and the National Law Center for Children and Families -- Congress tried again. The 1998 Child Online Protection Act (COPA) obliged commercial Web operators to restrict access to material considered harmful to minors -- which was, in foundation Anglia, turn, defined as any communication, picture, image, graphic image file, article, recording, writing or other matter of any kind that is obscene or that meets three requirements: (1) The average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find, taking the how to d'Overbroeck's material as a whole and with respect to minors, is Windermere Preparatory designed to appeal to, or is designed to pander to, the prurient interest. (2) The material depicts, describes, or represents, in a manner patently offensive with respect to minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or sexual conduct, an how to narrative essay College actual or simulated normal or perverted sexual act or a lewd exhibition of the genitals or post-pubescent female breast. (3) The material, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors. Title I of the statute required commercial sites to evaluate material and to enact restrictive means ensuring that harmful material does not reach minors.

Title II prohibited the collection without parental consent of personal information concerning children who use the Internet. Affirmative defenses similar to those that had been contained in the CDA were included. Once again, the courts found that Congress had exceeded its constitutional authority. In the judgment of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, the critical defect of COPA was its reliance upon is the purpose Abingdon School the criterion of contemporary community standards to determine what kinds of speech are permitted on the Internet: Because material posted on how to write essay the Web is accessible by all Internet users worldwide, and because current technology does not permit a Web publisher to restrict access to its site based on the geographic locale of a each particular Internet user, COPA essentially requires that every Web publisher subject to the statute abide by the most restrictive and conservative state's community standard in order to avoid criminal liability. The net result was to impose burdens on permissible expression more severe than can be tolerated by the Constitution. The court acknowledged that its ruling did not leave much room for constitutionally valid restrictions on high school Internet pornography: We are forced to recognize that, at present, due to technological limitations, there may be no other means by which harmful material on the Web may be constitutionally restricted, although, in light of rapidly developing technological advances, what may now be impossible to regulate constitutionally may, in the not-too-distant future, become feasible. In late 2000, the anti-pornography forces tried once more.

At their urging, Congress adopted the Children's Internet Protection Act (CHIPA), which requires schools and how to write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's libraries that receive federal funding (either grants or e-rate subsidies) to install Internet filtering equipment on essay titles library computers that can be used by children. This time the Clinton administration opposed the law, but the outgoing President was obliged to how to write narrative essay College sign it because it was attached to a major appropriations bill. Opposition to CHIPA is intensifying. Opponents claim that it suffers from all the constitutional infirmities of the CDA and COPA. In addition, it will reinforce one form of the digital divide -- by subjecting poor children, who lack home computers and must rely upon public libraries for access to tips school the Internet, to restrictions that more wealthy children can avoid. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has organized protests against the statute.

In April of this year, several civil-liberties groups and public library associations filed suit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania seeking a declaration that the statute is unconstitutional. It remains to a great narrative be seen whether this statute will fare any better than its predecessors. The CDA, COPA, and essay writing high CHIPA have one thing in common: they all involve overt governmental action -- and thus are subject to challenge under the First Amendment. Some observers of the Internet argue that more dangerous than these obvious legislative initiatives are the efforts by private Internet Service Providers to install filters on their systems that screen out write essay d'Overbroeck's College, kinds of content that the ISPs believe their subscribers would find offensive. Because policies of this sort are neither mandated nor encouraged by the government, they would not, under conventional constitutional principles, constitute state action -- and thus would not be vulnerable to constitutional scrutiny. Such a result, argues Larry Lessig, would be pernicious; to contoh riview Monkton Combe avoid it, we need to revise our understanding of the state action doctrine. Charles Fried disagrees:

Note first of all that the state action doctrine does not only limit the power of courts to protect persons from private power that interferes with public freedoms. It also protects individuals from the write a great narrative d'Overbroeck's courts themselves, which are, after all, another government agency. By limiting the First Amendment to protecting citizens from articles College government (and not from each other), the state action doctrine enlarges the sphere of unregulated discretion that individuals may exercise in how to write a great d'Overbroeck's College, what they think and say. In the name of First Amendment values, courts could perhaps inquire whether I must grant access to my newspaper to opinions I abhor, must allow persons whose moral standards I deplore to join my expressive association, or must remain silent so that someone else gets a chance to reach my audience with a less appealing but unfamiliar message. Such inquiries, however, would place courts in the business of deciding which opinions I would have to publish in my newspaper and which would so distort my message that putting those words in my mouth would violate my freedom of speech; what an organization's associational message really is and whether forcing the organization to accept a dissenting member would distort that message; and which opinions, though unable to attract an audience on essay Preparatory their own, are so worthy that they must not be drowned out by more popular messages.

I am not convinced that whatever changes the Internet has wrought in our environment require the courts to mount this particular tiger. The United States may have led the how to write narrative essay College way in essay College, seeking (unsuccessfully, thus far) to restrict the flow of pornography on the Internet, but the governments of other countries are now joining the fray. For the status of the struggle in a few jurisdictions, you might read: Joseph C. Rodriguez, A Comparative Study of Internet Content Regulations in how to d'Overbroeck's, the United States and Singapore, 1 Asian-Pacific L. Pol'y J. 9 (February 2000). (Singapore) Mark Konkel, Internet Indecency, International Censorship, and Service Providers' Liability, 19 N.Y.L. Sch.

J. INt'l Comp. Riview Text School. L. 453 (2000). (Canada, Maylasia, and China) In a provocative recent article, Amy Adler argues that the effort to curb child pornography online -- the write a great essay kind of pornography that disgusts the most people -- is fundamentally misguided. What Is The Of Writing Abingdon School. Far from how to write d'Overbroeck's College reducing the incidence of the sexual abuse of children, governmental efforts to curtail child pornography only increase it. A summary of her argument is available here.

The full article is available here . When does speech become a threat? Put more precisely, when does a communication over the Internet inflict -- or threaten to inflict -- sufficient damage on its recipient that it ceases to persuasive titles Windermere Preparatory School be protected by the First Amendment and properly gives rise to criminal sanctions? Two recent cases addressed that issue from a great essay different angles. The first was popularly known as the contoh riview text Monkton School Jake Baker case. In 1994 and 1995, Abraham Jacob Alkhabaz, also known as Jake Baker, was an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan. During that period, he frequently contributed sadistic and sexually explicit short stories to a Usenet electronic bulletin board available to the public over the Internet.

In one such story, he described in detail how he and a companion tortured, sexually abused, and killed a young woman, who was given the write narrative d'Overbroeck's name of one of Wycliffe, Baker's classmates. (Excerpts from the story, as reprinted in the Court of Appeals decision in the case, are available here. WARNING: This material is how to write a great College very graphic in critical foundation Anglia University (Navitas), nature and may be troubling to some readers. It is presented in order to essay College provide a complete view of the guides College facts of the case.) Baker's stories came to the attention of another Internet user, who assumed the name of Arthur Gonda. Baker and Gonda then exchanged many email messages, sharing their sadistic fantasies and write essay discussing the methods by which they might kidnap and torture a woman in Baker's dormitory. When these stories and email exchanges came to light, Baker was indicted for violation of 18 U.S.C. 875(c), which provides: Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. Federal courts have traditionally construed this provision narrowly, lest it penalize expression shielded by the First Amendment. Contoh Text. Specifically, the courts have required that a defendant's statement, in order to trigger criminal sanctions, constitute a true threat -- as distinguished from, for example, inadvertent statements, hyperbole, innocuous talk, or political commentary.

Baker moved to quash the indictment on the ground that his statements on the Internet did not constitute true threats. The District Court agreed, ruling that the class of women supposedly threatened was not identified in Baker's exchanges with Gonda with the degree of specificity required by the First Amendment and that, although Baker had expressed offensive desires, it was not constitutionally permissible to infer an intention to write narrative act on a desire from articles to write College a simple expression of desire. The District Judge's concluding remarks concerning the character of threatening speech on the Internet bear emphasis: Baker's words were transmitted by means of the Internet, a relatively new communications medium that is itself currently the subject of write narrative, much media attention. The Internet makes it possible with unprecedented ease to titles Preparatory School achieve world-wide distribution of material, like Baker's story, posted to write essay d'Overbroeck's College its public areas. Essay Tips High School. When used in such a fashion, the Internet may be likened to a newspaper with unlimited distribution and no locatable printing press - and with no supervising editorial control. But Baker's e-mail messages, on which the superseding indictment is based, were not publicly published but privately sent to Gonda. How To Write A Great D'Overbroeck's. While new technology such as the Internet may complicate analysis and may sometimes require new or modified laws, it does not in this instance qualitatively change the analysis under the statute or under the First Amendment. Whatever Baker's faults, and persuasive Preparatory School he is to be faulted, he did not violate 18 U.S.C. § 875(c). Two of the write a great essay College three judges on the panel that heard the appeal agreed.

In their view, a violation of 875(c) requires a demonstration, first, that a reasonable person would interpret the communication in question as serious expression of an intention to inflict bodily harm and, second, that a reasonable person would perceive the communications as being conveyed to effect some change or achieve some goal through intimidation. Essay Writing Wycliffe College. Baker's speech failed, in their judgment, to how to a great d'Overbroeck's College rise to essay Wycliffe College this level. Judge Krupansky, the third member of the panel, dissented. In a sharply worded opinion, he denounced the majority for compelling the prosecution to meet a standard higher that Congress intended or than the First Amendment required. How To Write A Great Narrative Essay. In his view, the pertinent inquiry is whether a jury could find that a reasonable recipient of the communication would objectively tend to believe that the contoh riview School speaker was serious about his stated intention. A reasonable jury, he argued, could conclude that Baker's speech met this standard -- especially in how to write a great narrative College, light of the fact that the woman named in the short story had, upon learning of it, experienced a shattering traumatic reaction that resulted in recommended psychological counselling. The second of the two decisions is popularly known as the Nuremberg files case. Is The Purpose School. In 1995, the American Coalition of how to d'Overbroeck's College, Life Activists (ACLA), an anti-abortion group that advocates the use of force in their efforts to curtail abortions, created a poster featuring what the ACLA described as the Dirty Dozen, a group of articles, doctors who performed abortions.

The posters offered a $ 5,000 [r]eward for information leading to arrest, conviction and revocation of license to how to write a great essay practice medicine of the doctors in question, and listed their home addresses and, in some instances, their phone numbers. Versions of the poster were distributed at anti-abortion rallies and later on television. In 1996, an expanded list of abortion providers, now dubbed the Nuremberg files, was posted on the Internet with the assistance of an anti-abortion activist named Neil Horsley. The Internet version of the list designated doctors and clinic workers who had been attacked by anti-abortion terrorists in two ways: the names of people who had been murdered were crossed out; the names of Monkton Combe School, people who had been wounded were printed in grey. (For a version of the Nuremberg Files web site, click here. WARNING: This material is very graphic in how to a great narrative essay College, nature and may be disturbing to many readers. It is presented in order to provide a complete view of the facts of the case). The doctors named and described on the list feared for their lives. In particular, some testified that they feared that, by publicizing their addresses and descriptions, the ACLA had increased the Combe School ease with which terrorists could locate and attack them -- and that, by write d'Overbroeck's, publicizing the names of doctors who had already been killed, the ACLA was encouraging those attacks. Some of the doctors sought recourse in the courts. They sued the foundation University (Navitas) ACLA, twelve individual anti-abortion activists and an affiliated organization, contending that their actions violated the how to a great d'Overbroeck's federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994 (FACE), 18 U.S.C. §248, and articles Queen's College the Racketeer Influenced and how to write a great Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), 18 U.S.C. §1962.

In an essay writing guides Wycliffe College effort to write narrative d'Overbroeck's College avoid a First-Amendment challenge to the suit, the trial judge instructed the jury that defendants could be liable only if their statements were true threats. The jury, concluding that the ACLA had indeed made such true threats, awarded the to write plaintiffs $107 million in actual and punitive damages. The trial court then enjoined the defendants from making or distributing the posters, the write narrative essay College webpage or anything similar. This past March, a panel of the essay writing high Hudson College Court of write essay, Appeals for the Ninth Circuit overturned the an essay School verdict, ruling that it violated the First Amendment. Judge Kozinski began his opinion by likening the anti-abortion movement to other political movements in American history, such as the Patriots in the American Revolution, abolitionism, the labor movement, the anti-war movement in how to a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, the 1960s, the animal-rights movement, and the environmental movement. Text Combe. All, he argued, have had their violent fringes, which have lent to the language of their non-violent members a tinge of menace. Write A Great Narrative Essay. However, to avoid curbing legitimate political commentary and agitation, Kozinski insisted, it was essential that courts not overread strongly worded but not explicitly threatening statements. Specifically, he held that:

Defendants can only be held liable if they authorized, ratified, or directly threatened violence. If defendants threatened to commit violent acts, by working alone or with others, then their statements could properly support the verdict. Tips High School College. But if their statements merely encouraged unrelated terrorists, then their words are protected by the First Amendment. The trial judge's charge to the jury had not made this standard adequately clear, he ruled. More importantly, no reasonable jury, properly instructed, could have concluded that the how to a great d'Overbroeck's standard had been met. Accordingly, the trial judge was instructed to dissolve the injunction and enter judgment for the defendants on all counts. In the course of purpose an essay School, his opinion, Kozinski offered the how to a great d'Overbroeck's College following reflections on the fact that the defendants' speech had occurred in contoh Monkton, public discourse -- including the Internet: In considering whether context could import a violent meaning to ACLA's non-violent statements, we deem it highly significant that all the statements were made in the context of public discourse, not in direct personal communications. Although the First Amendment does not protect all forms of essay d'Overbroeck's College, public speech, such as statements inciting violence or an imminent panic, the Monkton School public nature of the speech bears heavily upon a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College whether it could be interpreted as a threat. As we held in McCalden v. California Library Ass'n, public speeches advocating violence are given substantially more leeway under the First Amendment than privately communicated threats. Essay Writing Tips Hudson. There are two reasons for this distinction: First, what may be hyperbole in a public speech may be understood (and intended) as a threat if communicated directly to the person threatened, whether face-to-face, by telephone or by letter.

In targeting the recipient personally, the speaker leaves no doubt that he is sending the recipient a message of some sort. In contrast, typical political statements at rallies or through the media are far more diffuse in their focus because they are generally intended, at least in part, to shore up political support for the speaker's position. Second, and more importantly, speech made through the normal channels of group communication, and concerning matters of public policy, is given the maximum level of protection by the Free Speech Clause because it lies at the core of the First Amendment. The First Amendment forbids Congress to make any law ?abridging the freedom of speech.? The copyright statute plainly interferes with certain kinds of speech: it prevents people from ?publicly performing? or ?reproducing? copyrighted material without permission. In other words, several ways in which people might be inclined to ?speak? have been declared by narrative d'Overbroeck's, Congress illegal.

Does this imply that the copyright statute as a whole ? or, less radically, some specific applications of it ? should be deemed unconstitutional? Courts confronted with this question have almost invariable answered: no. Two justifications are commonly offered in support of the compatibility of copyright and persuasive essay titles Windermere ?freedom of speech.? First, Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the Constitution explicitly authorizes Congress ?To promote the write a great d'Overbroeck's Progress of Science and the useful Arts, by securing for contoh School limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries,? and how to write a great essay there is no indication that the drafters or ratifiers of the First Amendment intended to riview Monkton Combe School nullify this express grant of lawmaking power. Write Essay D'Overbroeck's. Second, various doctrines within copyright law function to to write Queen's ensure that it does not interfere unduly with the ability of how to write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, persons to persuasive Windermere School express themselves. Write Narrative Essay D'Overbroeck's College. Specifically, the principle that only the Wycliffe particular way in which an idea is ?expressed? is copyrightable, not the how to a great narrative essay idea itself, ensures that the citizenry will be able to titles School discuss concepts, arguments, facts, etc. without restraint. Even more importantly, the fair use doctrine (discussed in the first module) provides a generous safe harbor to people making reasonable uses of copyrighted material for educational, critical, or scientific purposes. These considerations, in combination, have led courts to turn aside virtually every constitutional challenge to the enforcement of copyrights. Very recently, some of the how to a great essay d'Overbroeck's College ways in which copyright law has been modified and writing tips high school Hudson then applied to activity on the Internet has prompted a growing number of scholars and litigants to suggest that the how to narrative College conventional methods for critical foundation Anglia Ruskin reconciling copyright law and the First Amendment need to be reexamined. Two developments present the issue especially sharply: (1) For reasons we explored in the second module, last summer a federal court in how to a great essay, New York ruled that posting on articles a website a link to another website from which a web surfer can download a software program designed to break an encryption system constitutes ?trafficking? in anti-circumvention technology in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The defendant in the case contended (among other things) that the DMCA, if construed in this fashion, violates the First Amendment.

Judge Kaplan rejected this contention, reasoning that a combination of the Copyright Clause and an generous understanding of the Necessary and Proper clause of the Constitution provided constitutional support for write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's the DMCA: In enacting the DMCA, Congress found that the restriction of technologies for the circumvention of thinking foundation University (Navitas), technological means of protecting copyrighted works facilitate[s] the robust development and world-wide expansion of electronic commerce, communications, research, development, and education by mak[ing] digital networks safe places to disseminate and exploit copyrighted materials. That view can not be dismissed as unreasonable. Section 1201(a)(2) of the a great d'Overbroeck's DMCA therefore is a proper exercise of Congress' power under the Necessary and Proper Clause. This conclusion might well dispose of defendants' First Amendment challenge. Given Congress' justifiable view that the DMCA is instrumental in carrying out the objective of the Copyright Clause, there arguably is no First Amendment objection to prohibiting the critical thinking foundation Anglia Ruskin University dissemination of how to essay d'Overbroeck's, means for circumventing technological methods for controlling access to copyrighted works. But the Court need not rest on this alone.

In determining the constitutionality of governmental restriction on speech, courts traditionally have balanced the articles College public interest in the restriction against the public interest in the kind of speech at issue. This approach seeks to write essay d'Overbroeck's determine, in light of the goals of the First Amendment, how much protection the speech at issue merits. It then examines the contoh riview Combe underlying rationale for the challenged regulation and assesses how best to accommodate the relative weights of the interests in write College, free speech interest and essay tips high Hudson College the regulation. As Justice Brandeis wrote, freedom of speech is important both as a means to a great achieve a democratic society and as an end in writing tips school Hudson College, itself. How To Write D'Overbroeck's College. Further, it discourages social violence by permitting people to seek redress of their grievances through meaningful, non-violent expression. These goals have been articulated often and consistently in the case law. The computer code at contoh Combe School, issue in this case does little to serve these goals. Although this Court has assumed that DeCSS has at least some expressive content, the expressive aspect appears to be minimal when compared to its functional component. Write A Great Narrative College. Computer code primarily is a set of instructions which, when read by the computer, cause it to function in a particular way, in persuasive titles Preparatory, this case, to render intelligible a data file on a DVD.

It arguably is best treated as a virtual machine . . . How To Write D'Overbroeck's. . On the other side of this balance lie the interests served by the DMCA. Abingdon School. Copyright protection exists to encourage individual effort by personal gain and thereby advance public welfare through the promot[ion of] the Progress of Science and useful Arts. The DMCA plainly was designed with these goals in mind. It is a tool to protect copyright in the digital age. It responds to the risks of technological circumvention of access controlling mechanisms designed to protect copyrighted works distributed in how to write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's, digital form.

It is designed to further precisely the goals articulated above, goals of essay high College, unquestionably high social value. This is quite clear in the specific context of how to write essay d'Overbroeck's College, this case. Plaintiffs are eight major motion picture studios which together are largely responsible for the development of the American film industry. Their products reach hundreds of millions of viewers internationally and doubtless are responsible for a substantial portion of the critical thinking Ruskin University (Navitas) revenue in the international film industry each year. To doubt the how to narrative d'Overbroeck's contribution of plaintiffs to essay writing high the progress of the arts would be absurd. Narrative Essay D'Overbroeck's. DVDs are the newest way to purpose of writing Abingdon distribute motion pictures to the home market, and their popularity is growing rapidly. The security of DVD technology is central to the continued distribution of motion pictures in this format. The dissemination and use of how to d'Overbroeck's College, circumvention technologies such as DeCSS would permit anyone to make flawless copies of DVDs at little expense. Without effective limits on these. technologies, copyright protection in the contents of DVDs would become meaningless and essay titles Preparatory School the continued marketing of how to a great narrative essay College, DVDs impractical. This obviously would discourage artistic progress and undermine the goals of copyright.

The balance between these two interests is what purpose of writing an essay Abingdon clear. Executable computer code of the how to write narrative type at issue in this case does little to further traditional First Amendment interests. The DMCA, in contrast, fits squarely within the goals of copyright, both generally and as applied to DeCSS. In consequence, the balance of what of writing an essay School, interests in this case falls decidedly on the side of plaintiffs and the DMCA. One of the axes of how to a great College, debate in the ongoing appeal of the lower-court ruling concerns this issue. For a challenge to articles Judge Kaplan's discussion of the First-Amendment, see the amicus brief submitted to how to write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College the Second Circuit by a group of critical foundation Anglia University (Navitas), law professors. (2) Some scholars believe that the ambit of the a great narrative essay fair use doctrine should and will shrink on the Internet. Why? Because, in their view, the principal purpose of the doctrine is to enable people to use copyrighted materials in ways that are socially valuable but that are likely, in the absence of a special legal privilege, to be blocked by transaction costs. The Internet, by enabling copyright owners and persons who wish access to persuasive Windermere Preparatory their works to negotiate licenses easily and cheaply, dramatically reduces those transaction costs, thus arguably reducing the need for the fair-use doctrine.

Recall that one of the how to write a great justifications conventionally offered to explain the compatibility of copyright law and the First Amendment is the safety valve afforded critical commentary and educational activity by the fair use doctrine. If that doctrine does indeed shrink on the Internet, as these scholars predict, then the question of whether copyright law abridges freedom of essay titles Preparatory School, expression must be considered anew. 1. Are you persuaded by the judicial opinions declaring unconstitutional the write d'Overbroeck's College CDA and COPA? Should CHIPA suffer the same fate? Are there any ways in essay writing guides Wycliffe College, which government might regulate the how to a great essay d'Overbroeck's Internet so as to shield children from pornography? 2. Some authors have suggested that the best way to respond to pornography on the Internet is what of writing School through zoning.

For example, Christopher Furlow suggests the how to a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's use of ?restricted top-level domains? or ?rTLDs? which would function similarly to area codes to identify particular areas of the Internet and of writing an essay School make it easier for parents to control what type of material their children are exposed to online. See Erogenous Zoning on a great d'Overbroeck's The Cyber-Frontier, 5 Va. J.L. Articles. Tech. 7, 4 (Spring 2000). Do you find this proposal attractive? practicable? effective? 3. A Great Essay D'Overbroeck's. Elizabeth Marsh raises the following question: Suppose that the Ku Klux Klan sent unsolicited email messages to critical Ruskin (Navitas) large numbers of African-Americans and Jews. Those messages expressed the KKK's loathing of blacks and Jews but did not threaten the recipients. Under the laws of the United States or any other jurisdiction, what legal remedies, if any, would be available to the recipients of such email messages? Should the how to narrative d'Overbroeck's First Amendment be construed to shield hate spam of this sort? More broadly, should hate spam be tolerated or suppressed?

For Marsh's views on the matter, see Purveyors of Hate on the Internet: Are We Ready for Hate Spam?, 17 Ga. St. U. L. Rev. 379 (Winter 2000). 4. Were the Jake Baker and Nuremberg Files cases decided correctly? How would you draw the writing high College line between threats subject to criminal punishment and speech protected by the First Amendment? 5. Does the First Amendment set a limit on the permissible scope of copyright law? If so, how would you define that limit? 6. Lyrissa Lidsky, points out that the ways in which the Supreme Court has deployed the First Amendment to limit the application of the tort of defamation are founded on the assumption that most defamation suits will be brought against relatively powerful institutions (e.g., newspapers, television stations). The Internet, by enabling relatively poor and powerless persons to broadcast to how to narrative essay the world their opinions of powerful institutions (e.g., their employers, companies by which they feel wronged) increases the likelihood that, in is the purpose an essay Abingdon School, the future, defamation suits will be brought most often by formidable plaintiffs against how to a great narrative d'Overbroeck's College, weak individual defendants. Essay Writing Tips High School Hudson. If we believe that [t]he Internet is . . . Essay College. a powerful tool for equalizing imbalances of power by giving voice to the disenfranchised and by allowing more democratic participation in public discourse, we should be worried by text Monkton Combe, this development.

Lidsky suggests that it may be necessary, in this altered climate, to reconsider the shape of the constitutional limitations on defamation. Do you agree? If so, how would you reformulate the relevant limitations? 7. Like Lessig, Paul Berman suggests that the how to write a great Internet should prompt us to reconsider the essay writing high College traditional state action doctrine that limits the kinds of interference with speech to which the how to write a great d'Overbroeck's First-Amendment applies. Berman supports this suggestion with the following example: ??an online service provider recently attempted to take action against an entity that had sent junk e-mail on its service, a district court rejected the e-mailer's argument that such censorship of e-mail violated the First Amendment. The court relied on the state action doctrine, reasoning that the service provider was not the state and therefore was not subject to the commands of the First Amendment.? Such an outcome, he suggests, is unfortunate. To avoid it, we may need to rethink this fundamental aspect of Constitutional Law. Do you agree? See Berman, Symposium Overview: Part IV: How (If At All) to Regulate The Internet: Cyberspace and the State Action Debate: The Cultural Value of Applying Constitutional Norms to Private Regulation, 71 U. Colo. L. Rev. What Is The Purpose School. 1263 (Fall 2000).

ACLU offers various materials relating to the Reno v. ACLU case. Electronic Frontier Foundation (Browse the Free Expression page, Censorship Free Expression archive and the Content Filtering archive.) The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) offers links to narrative essay College various aspects of CDA litigation and discussion. Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) (Skim the PICS and Intellectual Freedom FAQ. Browse What Governments, Media and Individuals are Saying about PICS (pro and con).) provides a guide to cyberstalking that includes a very helpful definitions section. Cyberstalking: A New Challenge for Law Enforcement and Industry ? A Report from the riview Combe School Attorney General to the Vice President (August 1999) provides very helpful definitions and explanations related to how to essay College cyberstalking, including 1 st Amendment implications; also provides links to additional resources. The Anti-Defamation League web site offers a wealth of resources for dealing with hate online, including guides for parents and filtering software. The filtering software, called Hate Filter, is designed to give parents the ability to make decisions regarding what their children are exposed to online.

The ADL believes that ?Censorship is not the answer to thinking Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas) hate on the Internet. ADL supports the write a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's free speech guarantees embodied in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, believing that the best way to combat hateful speech is with more speech.?

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law resume Writing your law school personal statement is a daunting task. But at least you can quickly realize that you don’t have to boil your entire life down into two pages – you can tell a single story that had a profound impact on you. The resume, on the other hand… You have one page to tell me what you’ve done with your life. Write Essay. Go. A lot of people view the law school resume as superfluous. While it doesn’t carry the weight of other elements, it does represent a whole lot more. College. You’ll be showing the law school what type of student you are, what you spent your time doing, and what accomplishments you can list. It sets the tone of your life, and how to write College if it doesn’t create a good impression, admissions officers will be going through your law school application with a sour taste in their mouths. So how can you make a great resume?

Key #1 to a Great Law School Resume: Cut anything from high school. You were captain of your school’s baseball team and drove a sweet Camaro. Articles College. Good for write a great narrative essay College, you. Now cut that stuff from your law school resume. If you have high school achievements on is the an essay Abingdon your law school resume, schools will think you peaked in high school (which is just sad). They’ll also view you as immature, since you’re lending more weight to things than they should have. Unless it’s an Olympic medal, it’s gone. Key #2 to a Great Law School Resume: One page.

Seriously. I’ve edited hundreds of resume going to law schools. Two of them have warranted a second page. One person had spent a decade doing missionary work overseas. The other was a decorated military veteran. If you aren’t either of these people, get it down to one page.

I don’t need a description of your job as an administrative assistant. I don’t need to know what programs you worked with when you were managing payroll. How To Write A Great Narrative College. Let me know what you spent your time doing, and leave it at essay tips school, that. Key #3 to how to a Great Law School Resume: This is an academic resume. What’s this mean? Your academic achievements should be highlighted. Education information up top, cut work achievements to fit in academic ones, and include relevant coursework/papers if you need to fill in some space. Key #4 to a Great Law School Resume: I don’t care that you’re good at MS Word. Throwing a section in the bottom letting me know that you’re proficient in Word, Excel, or Powerpoint is articles College, a waste of space. Including an Objective section is a waste of space.

I assume you’re proficient in Word at a level that law school work requires because you’re submitting an essay written in Word. How To Write A Great D'Overbroeck's College. I know your objective in applying to law school – to get into law school. That being said, I almost always recommend including an Interests section. You never know who’s going to share your love of crafting homemade butter churns and become a cheerleader for you during the to write, process. Key #5 to a Great Law School Resume: Add depth to your other elements. A resume should create depth to the rest of your law school application package. Talk about your desire to go into public interest?

I better see something on your resume to back this up. How To Write Narrative. Want to use your degree to go into some type of corporate law? (*cough* sell-out *cough*) Make sure to highlight your internships and role in your school’s business club. Whatever you talk about in your personal statement should be backed up in what is the an essay Abingdon the resume. Check in essay d'Overbroeck's next week for some law school resume formatting tips! Photo Credit: W Nicolai Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) I did Running Start, a program that allows Juniors and Seniors in high School the opportunity to take college classes, and graduated High School with my AA. Due to this should I include information about Queen's, my high school activities during those years? I am 33 years old and applying to law school. I will graduate with my Bachelor degree in May, 2014, and how to narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College work full-time. I have actually been pursuing my education since 2003, with 4 years off between 2006 and 2010, and have always worked full-time.

My jobs during my periods of Anglia University, education have been law-related (for example, I’ve worked as a paralegal at a medium-sized law firm for how to write a great narrative College, the last 4 years), but those during my hiatus were in contoh riview Combe Human Resources. Should I include ALL of how to a great narrative essay College, my work experience while attending school since 2003, or just the law-related jobs? Definitely focus on the law-related jobs, but feel free to essay writing Wycliffe include any others that required helpful skills necessary for how to a great essay d'Overbroeck's, law school. To add to Windermere School what Hank said: Most law schools will ask for your full work history through the LSAC’s online application. So you can make your resume shorter and more focused, since they’ll be able to see your full work history anyway. I have previously qualified and worked as a lawyer in Ireland. However in 2009 my son was diagnosed with autism. I have been out how to narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College of the profession since then , being a stay at contoh text Monkton School, home parent and caring for his needs. How To A Great Narrative Essay College. I am now in articles to write College a position to how to write d'Overbroeck's College return to law. I have since moved to the USA and am anxious to apply to law school.

I am unsure though how to address the previous five years in writing guides Wycliffe College my resume and/or statement. Congratulations on returning to how to write a great the profession. If you’re anxious about the gap in your resume, my advice would be to consider the work you’ve done with your son as a strength. Use your personal statement or optional essay as an opportunity to writing high be forthcoming about why you made that choice and how to narrative what perspective you’ve gained from foundation University (Navitas), it, particularly if it’s influenced the way you view the law in some way. That pure fact alone, absent any additional context, indicates to how to a great d'Overbroeck's me that you’re a loving and responsible father, which is certainly not going to hurt your application.

As an older (and foreign) applicant, your resume is already going to look much different than the undergrads who you’re competing with, so don’t sweat about it too much – just state your life experience as honestly as possible. Is The Purpose Of Writing An Essay School. The fact is that you have a unique and compelling story, and write narrative that can certainly be advantageous in riview Monkton School your applications. Take a look at these articles, which may be helpful in formulating your statement: Any advice would be appreciated.thank you. I just completed a mission trip called The World Race. We went to 11 countries in narrative essay College 11 months partnering with local ministries and organizations. In each country we did different work (visited orphanages, taught English, cleaned neighborhoods, spoke at churches, helped with children’s programs). How should I address this in essay writing College my resume? Should I include it as part of my experience so that I can elaborate or add it to community work? If it’s part of my experience, how do I adequately describe it? First of narrative d'Overbroeck's College, all, sounds like a great program.

Either way, it’s going to look good on your application. As to Windermere School specifics, if that’s pretty much all you’ve been doing for the last 11 months, I’d say it’s fair to a great narrative essay College include it in your work experience – otherwise it will look like you’ve been twiddling your thumbs for a year at first glance. However, if it was something along the lines of one weekend per contoh riview Monkton Combe, month for 11 months, it probably belongs in your community service section, since describing at ‘work’ might come off as disingenuous. Another variable to weigh is the strength of different facets on your resume. You want to look well-rounded, so if your resume is lacking on how to a great essay d'Overbroeck's other forms of community involvement, it might behoove you to place it in that section either way. I have read from multiple sources that the best practice for law school resumes was to have around 2 pages to go more into Combe School detail about various honors organizations, work experience, etc. I originally had my resume at 1 page as you suggest but I recently went into more detail after hearing from essay d'Overbroeck's College, various counselors, law school websites’ suggested best practices, and what an essay Abingdon online forums that a longer resume than a 1 page job application resume is how to essay, preferred. Why is there such conflicting information on writing high school Hudson this front? Thanks for write essay d'Overbroeck's, your help. It’s unlikely that your resume is going to be the thing that makes or breaks your law school application either way. So don’t stress about it TOO much.

But the titles School, reason many people suggest trying to keep your resume to one page is how to write essay d'Overbroeck's, because it forces you to edit yourself; law schools simply don’t need to know that you were drum major in high school, or that you were the writing school, Chipotle Employee of the Month in how to write d'Overbroeck's College June 2009. That kind of stuff is a waste of their time. You want to writing tips present information that is productive and write narrative relevant. Most law school applicants don’t have two pages worth of experience that fits those criteria. Of Writing An Essay. So we recommend you shoot for a one page resume for a great College, the same reason that you don’t start your personal statment with the articles College, sentence “I spent the first two years of my life learning English.” If you think you have more than one page of distinguishing accomplishments, by write narrative essay d'Overbroeck's all means submit a two page resume. Our advice isn’t so much as “ONE PAGE AND ONLY ONE PAGE” so much as it is what is the School, “be judicious.” I had to put law school on hold for a couple years to take care of my grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer. I decided to how to write a great narrative essay College take on a job as my grandmother’s home health aide. I have put home health aide in my resume, however, I’m worried law schools will not take that job as serious as others who graduate after college taking on critical thinking foundation (Navitas) careers. Write A Great D'Overbroeck's. Also, the other jobs on my resume are not very serious, career driven jobs, such as being a server, sales associate, attendant, house staff, etc.

Is there something I can put on what is the purpose School my resume that will not make my resume look down on? My personal statement is already written. It does not go into write narrative College details about my job choices. First, that’s a very noble thing that you did, and articles College you should take pride in how to it. Don’t try to diminish your choice in any way. On the flip side, don’t try to what purpose School exaggerate your accomplishments — that’s a slippery slope that can get you into trouble down the line. Narrative D'Overbroeck's College. Your work history is your work history, plain and simple. There’s no magic resume bullet. You have some options. Riview Text School. If the write a great essay, schools you’re applying to accept optional essays, you could take that additional space to go a little bit deeper into why you chose to take care of your grandmother and what you gained out of it. Writing High School College. Alternatively, you could revise your personal statement to focus on that choice.

And finally, if you’re extremely concerned about your work history, you can delay your applications to how to write a great narrative essay the next cycle to gain some more work/volunteer experience. But honestly, resumes are a small part of the admissions puzzle. If you nailed your LSAT and writing guides Wycliffe College have a solid undergraduate GPA, a light resume won’t hurt you much, if at all. I worked full time as an how to essay d'Overbroeck's College assistant manager at a convinence store for all 4 years of essay guides Wycliffe, college. Write A Great D'Overbroeck's. This didnt allow much time for any other law related internships or voluneer work. After college I joined the Army for 4 years. Essay Writing. Now as im preparing for law school, I have the feeling of not being able to put together a strong or relevant resume. Write A Great Narrative D'Overbroeck's College. Any suggestions?

So I am actually an Active Duty Military member and I was wondering if I should put some of the military awards I’ve gotten one the resume (like Leadership awards, meritorious promotions, medals, etc.) or is thinking Anglia University (Navitas), this type of information better left off the Law School Resume? Thanks for any help. Yes, you absolutely should. I’ve been out of college for 5 years, mostly working for and volunteering for nonprofits relevant to the work I want to do as a lawyer. However, during those 5 years I also held outdoor educational, waitressing and administrative jobs to pay the how to write a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, bills while I volunteered. Do I need to purpose an essay School account for every job I’ve held since college? If I don’t include them, will admissions officers look askance at the gaps in work history? My current job is excellent and what I want to focus on in the how to a great narrative essay College, resume, but I don’t want to omit things I should be including. It’s probably a good idea to include at least some of those other jobs, both to give depth to the resume and to answer any questions about how you’ve been spending your time. That said, as Matt mentioned in Wycliffe College the post, you don’t need to provide a description for those types of jobs unless there’s something worth noting. Also, if you’ve had a lot of those side jobs, I’d suggest picking just the a great narrative essay, jobs that you had for articles to write Queen's, the longest period of time.

You’re right that the volunteer experience that is more relevant to law school should be emphasized — you could even do “relevant experience” and how to write a great essay College “other work experience” sections. So, the tl;dr is essay writing guides Wycliffe College, that it would be good to mention those other jobs as space permits, but definitely not at the expense of essay College, highlighting the more directly applicable volunteer experience. I worked both a full-time job as a bartender and a part-time job as a kitchen worker in a sorority house for the last 3 years of undergrad. Some people have been telling me to leave it off of essay guides Wycliffe College, my law school resume because they aren’t “real jobs.” But I feel like it shows that I at least have some time management skills. Any thoughts? I’d say include it — not only does it show that you have time management skills, but it also serves to make your GPA (whatever it may be) look even more impressive. Hello, I am a junior in Rutgers University majoring in d'Overbroeck's College global business management and i am applying to top 25 law schools in the U.S. My gpa is 3.83 and my last is 173/180.

I am on deans list for thinking University (Navitas), all 3 years and a great d'Overbroeck's College a member of essay writing guides Wycliffe, 2 honor society’s. However I have had only 2 internship experiences over the summer and narrative essay 1 extrenship. Articles To Write. Is that enough? My goal is Columbia Law school. In high school I was an Eagle Scout and I also was a regional officer for a youth group which regularly had me plan all the logistics and schedule for weekend long and week long events for a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's, 50-400 attendees and what is the an essay School give public speeches.

I was flying all over the country for this, and it was a huge time commitment, that really taught me to work on a great a team, how events are run and gave me a lot of speaking time. Articles. Should I include these two things on my resume? They seem pretty big. I have them after my two internships and my senior thesis. Also, where is the best place to address interests and how should relevant course work be highlighted? Hi Chase. Narrative Essay. I think it’s great to put both of those things on guides College your resume unless it pushes it over a great narrative d'Overbroeck's College a page. Admissions officers read literally thousands of essay titles Windermere Preparatory School, resumes, and you want to keep yours punchy and a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's not too dense. I think you can choose to thinking University list interests or not. If an how to write a great narrative essay College interest is not relevant to law school or the practice of law, then it should probably end up on the cutting room floor. And, really, the interests important to law school ought to get some kind of mention in your personal statement.

Again, with relevant coursework, if there’s room in your resume, it’s fine there, toward the bottom. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s terribly important. So I feel like I’m in a unique position in that my decision to apply to law school is what School, a total career change. How To A Great. I studied journalism and worked as a reporter for is the of writing Abingdon, four years before making the write a great narrative essay d'Overbroeck's College, leap this summer, quitting the paper and tips College taking a job as a paralegal. Naturally, my resume will be all my newspaper jobs and internships in college at media companies except my new job and a recent start with the local ACLU chapter. How can my resume be strong despite the severe lack of law-related jobs/organizations/internships? Law schools operate on a great narrative the assumption that they’re taking people who don’t know anything about law and making lawyers out of them.

So, while they certainly like to see legal experience when you have some, a whole bunch of time in a law office doesn’t necessarily mean a lot more to them than experience elsewhere. Instead, what they want to know is that you’ll be a good student with a strong work ethic. So, if your resume reflects that, it might be considerably stronger than someone who had a law office job for six months. One last thing, it might be good to mention in thinking foundation Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas) your personal statement how your work in journalism relates to your ideas about law school and practicing law. If you’ve been a journalist and now work for the ACLU, it seems like you’d be a good First Amendment scholar, which might look better than a stint as a legal assistant.

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